Top 15 clothing brands of Pakistan you can’t miss out!

You are probably aware of the fact that Pakistan is sanctuary to some of the best clothing brands out there. In fact top clothing brands of Pakistan are famous across the world especially in subcontinent and middle east.

Their aesthetics and beauty is a melting pot of styles, portraying the country’s rich cultural diversity and origins.

Moreover, with a few exceptions, top clothing brands of Pakistan have one thing in common that is the affordable price.

Yes, these top clothing brans of Pakistan not only have reasonable prices but also good quality. You can surly rely on them, with some exuberant prints.

Let’s check out these top fashion brands in Pakistan.

Note: The listing is random, not based on top ranking.


Sapphire is one of the top brand of Pakistan in Textile and clothings. It is famous for combining 100% pure fabric with unparalleled designs at an affordable price.

Moreover, it offers something for everyone ranging from unstitched cloths to daily wear, scarves, silk tunics, party and daily wears.

Top Clothing Brands Of Pakistan


Sapphire claims that their top-notch quality is one of their key components and it is not something that is to be compromised.


2. Khaadi:

It almost feels like women are crazy about Khaadi.


There is always a big crowd gathered at Khaadi outlets. Reason for such good reputation is good quality at affordable price.

Similarly, Khaadi makes it to top clothing brands of Pakistan due to the kind of thread they use in their clothings which does not wear off so easily.

Over the years another trait I notices about Khaadi which is probably missing amongst some of the other top 20 clothing brands in Pakistan is behavior of dealing staff. They are super polite and guide you properly without agitating you.

Some of the other top brands of Pakistan need to work on that.

Top Clothing Brands Of Pakistan


3. Limelight:

The enchanting limelight is one of the most loved ladies’ clothing brands in Pakistan.

Similarly, it offers one-of-a-kind eastern and western wear assortments at reasonable costs.

Top Clothing Brands Of Pakistan

The unstitched fabrics have excellent prints that any lady will succumb to. The cost astonishingly is pretty much as low as PKR 900 to 1000.

4. Generation:

The greater part of individuals loves Generation in Pakistan because of their limited but diverse. If you are unable to discover your style anyplace, you will definitely get something at Generation.

Moreover, among the top clothing brands of Pakistan, Generation never neglects to analyze and convey recent colors and trends each season.

Top Clothing Brands Of Pakistan

Generation is exclusively a ladies’ brand that takes pride in being a women’s brand. Their beginning cost is by and large 1350 which is quite astonishing. 

5. Sana Safinaz:

Sana Safinaz is a pioneer when it comes to fashion and one of the most renowned and enhanced clothing brands of Pakistan.

The brand is considered as innovation-loving among the top fashion brands of Pakistan by setting up a high standard for the market when it comes to style and fashion



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Moreover, its prices also range in affordable brackets for the masses. You should definitely have a go at it.

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6. Nishat:

Among the top clothing brands of Pakistan, Nishat has a predominant spot in the list of top fashion brands of Pakistan. Nishat enterprise has portrayed its image with an assortment of embellishments. It is a remarkable mix of styles dynamically.

top 20 clothing brands in Pakistan

Nishat has been serving our general public since 1992 by opening its first outlet in Lahore. You can purchase ready-to-wear and sewed garments relying on your decision and spending plan.

Indeed, they are giving Material, Yard, Cotton, Cambric, Khaddar, Silk and Thick texture with an excellent shading mix. 

7. Edenrobe:

Edenrobe is an eastern clothing brand that is a combination of legacy and advancement.

Though, with time, they have managed many clothing and apparel styles since 1988 and have intrigued individuals as well as masses with their splendid arrangements.

As one of the top clothing brands of Pakistan, they have introduced Women, Gentlemen, and Children’s collections in sewed and unstitched forms.

Top Clothing Brands Of Pakistan

Specifically, they have put in an extra effort in bringing out premium quality ready to wear dresses. These dresses are intended to guarantee the ideal metropolitan look by a mix of value, solace, catchy styles, and astounding tones. (Top fashion brands in Pakistan, top brands of Pakistan, Top Clothing Brands Of Pakistan)

8. Gul Ahmad:

Gul Ahmed, the name of “Dependability and heritage” started in 1953 and is in the top clothing brands of Pakistan. Without a doubt, it is in top fashion brands in Pakistan simultaneously famous both in Women and men by delivering their sewed and unstitched clothing.

Fundamentally, it is famous that summers are not summers without Gul Ahmad. They are giving quality items at reasonable costs.

Most incredibly it generally gives a huge variety of dress plans with beguiling colors very famous among People of every age.

9. Zellbury

Zellbury offers a wide scope of dressing in ladies, men as well as children with beginning costs as low as Rs. 690 and so on.

Their items are really moderate and cozy to wear.

Moreover, the texture for ladies kurtis is beyond words: very delicate and light-totally ideal for the environment of Pakistan!



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10. J.

Junaid Jamshed was claimed by a popular pop singer turned Islamic icon who had an obvious passion for classic attire. The  ready made clothes feel like they are made for your body specifically.

Furthermore, J. have clothing for youngsters and men too. The costs start from PKR 1800, which is adequate for such sublime quality.

11. Bonanza:

With more than 40 years of involvement, Bonanza proceeds with its tradition of giving predominant texture, value for money, and popular attire to its customers.

Everything started in 1976 when the textile business had not prospered to its total potential, while Bonanza started winter wear, especially weaves for men, ladies and kids.

From that point on, Bonanza turned into a renowned brand and won regard as the expert of detail in the domain of top clothing brands of Pakistan. 

top brands of Pakistan


With over 80+ outlets across Pakistan, Bonanza stands as a gigantic clothing leader today.

In 2012 it created an exclusive line of clothes for ladies that is Bonanza Satrangi that is quite famous these days.

Now Bonanza deals in both men’s and women’s clothing which is equally famous and of good quality.

12. Maria B

Maria B is one of the renowned and costly clothing brands in Pakistan. The struggle of Maria Butt began long ago, a style fashioner, who began her dress line in 1999 for a low scope yet these days it is an elite brand among the top brands of Pakistan.

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Their high rates guarantee the best quality and deliver easygoing, western, and marriage collection lines.

Their essential objective is quality and oddity.

From easygoing to semi-formal outfits, they are giving finished fulfillment to young ladies, homemakers, and working women too.

13. Ego

Ego is considered as the one of the pioneers which started the trend of modern clothing in top brands of Pakistan.

Its collection is a combination of both classy as well as modern outlooks with wonderful fabric used. The prices are reasonable, starting from PKR 2000  to PKR 10,000.

14. Ethnic:

Ethnic is also among top clothing brands of Pakistan which is basically an extension to famous Outfitters. Their clothings include both a mixture of western and eastern looks.

Ethnic attracts people who are more outgoing and willing to try and think out of the box. Prices begins from Rs1250/- 

15. Al-Karam:

Al-Karam is another famous fashion brands of Pakistan with outlets spread across the country. Moreover, it is famous both in men and women.

Aks is know for it quality fabric and exquisite designs. It is best know for its 3 pieces suits in women which provides a dhupatta, a shit and trouser. Al-Karam provides both stitched and unstitched fabrics.


A gaze at top clothing brands of Pakistan reveals the fact that there a tough competition among them.

This ensure good quality fabric which lasts long and retains its original colors.

In addition, high competition also serves as a check on prices control. Obviously, every brand has its own brand equity, yet with high competition prices tend to be more reasonable, hence good for consumers.

If you have any other favorite Pakistani clothing brand and we missed it in this article, make sure you share with us in the comment section below.


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