Jazz balance share

Jazz balance share | How to share Jazz balance QUICKLY!!!

If you are not tech savvy and do not know how to share Jazz balance, so don’t worry. We are here to educate you about how to Jazz balance share in few and simple steps. Balance share is a feature which almost all cellular companies are offering these day. Because it provides you an opportunity to instantly share with your loved ones without delays and communicate on.

Mobilink Jazz is the pioneer in telecommunication in Pakistan and no doubt one of best service provider in the telecom sector. Mobilink is also leading the race in introducing 5G in Pakistan with successful trial across the country. Moreover, its how to Jazz balance share feature in quite popular among the users because of its easy nature to operate.

jazz balance share
Jazz balance share

So, without further ado let’s dive in how to  share balance….

First and foremost you should know how to check Jazz balance because if there isn’t ample balance, then it won’t work obviously

Now, balance share method is presented to you.

Step. 1. Check you Jazz balance first.

Step. 2. Open your phone’s dialer

Step. 3. With your phone dial *100*Jazz number*amount# 

Example: *100*03001234567*250#

Step. 4. After you have inserted the number the amount to be sent and proceeded, you will get a message on your screen for confirmation.

Step. 5. Then type 1 and proceed.

Step. 6. You’ll see the Jazz transfer completed.

  • An amount of Rs.5.70 will be charged per transaction
  • There’s a limit to Jazz balance sharing that is Rs.500/-
  • All prices are subject to Jazz changes
  • Maximum limit is Rs.500 and minimum is Rs.15 .

Note: This feature can only be availed by Jazz to Jazz users

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Thus, here it was a very simple and convenient method of how to share balance using with your loved ones!

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