Top 11 Formal Shoes Brands In Pakistan 2023

A fantastic pair of dress shoes is not only a wise purchase, but also essential. Yes, sneakers have their place, but sometimes even the nicest pair won’t cut it. Some circumstances call for footwear that is both elegant and classic. Whether it be for a wedding, a job interview or a meeting with business executives you would need formal shoes.

For any style, there are alternatives available. Don’t be scared to spend a little more money if you can when it comes to pricing. Paying extra for quality doesn’t need you to go over your spending limit, but it does ensure that the shoes you purchase will last you years rather than just a few months.

What is the greatest strategy to make sure you are wisely using that money? Recognize the field of play. By doing so, you’ll discover something that complements your outfit well and won’t break the bank. So, before going into the list of best formal shoes brands in Pakistan, here are the eight essential dress shoe designs that every man has to be familiar with right now and forever: the oxford, derby, brogue, loafer, chukka, Chelsea boot, monk strap, and Venetian slipper.

Top 13 Formal Shoes Brands in Pakistan

There are numerous Formal Shoes Brands In Pakistan, but the following are our top 12 picks. These brands of Pakistani formal shoes were selected on multifarious qualities including, price build quality, sole etc.

1. Insignia men’s formal shoes Pakistan

Formal Shoes Brands In Pakistan

Insignia has developed quite a reputation over the years through to appearances in pop culture, fashion weeks, periodicals, and red carpets. The company makes shoes, purses, and clutches, and its design aesthetic is contemporary.

Both men’s and women’s shoes are made by Insignia. And an additional section for ladies that has a variety of bags. Each season, the company introduces new collections, giving customers new possibilities.

2. Urbansole

Formal Shoes Brands In Pakistan

Since 1998, the Pakistani brand Urbansole has been producing quality shoes. They make footwear that feels high-end but is reasonably priced.

Urbansole carry a huge selection of formal shoes for men in a variety of price points. Prices for formal shoes range from Rs. 3,500 for the most affordable pairs to Rs.15,000 for the most expensive ones. Whether you opt for the most affordable or the most expensive, you’ll be getting great quality shoes that will last you a long time.

3. Bata

Bata is a classic. If you’ve grown up in Pakistan, you’ve heard of Bata. It has been in business since 1951. They’re an international firm headquartered out of Pakistan and create fantastic quality shoes for everyone!

The prices of their men’s formal shoe collections range from Rupees 1,500 (or much less during discount season) to Rupees 10,000. Even while the quality of their lowest priced shoes improves dramatically as the price goes up, they are still of excellent quality, providing you the freedom to purchase numerous pairs and play around with colors and designs!

4. Mocciani Footwear

Formal Shoes Brands In Pakistan

A high-end, cutting-edge shoes brand offering amazing men’s shoe designs. The founders of Mocciani had a vision for contemporary, sophisticated men and women. As a footwear brand, Mocciani is committed to finding luxurious comfort. The Brand is active Since 2008 and has made a commitment to developing and concentrating on new trends. The brand develops comfy shoes that also offer you an exquisite appearance while also adhering to international standards. It will give your outfit an enticing casually macho touch and enable you to deftly reveal your ankles. You may be sure to find the ideal pair of shoes for you among Mocciani’s collection of some of the most opulent formal footwear available. Therefore, Mocciani Shoes are your best choice if you want to get a high-end shoe that complements your sense of style.

5. Hush Puppies

Formal Shoes Brands In Pakistan

Hush Puppies uses the slogan “Be True, Be Comfy, Be Bright, Be Bold” as their logo. They introduced colourful rainbow suedes into the mix, giving feet all across the globe a new way to express emotion. Hush Puppies reinvented these conventional designs in the 1990s and introduced a creative range of colours that included Pepto Bismol Pink and Day-Glo Green. The Brand is always experimenting with colour and self-expression, and they are on the search for styles and hues that will make your feet more enjoyable. Hush Puppies makes shoes for men that are not just inexpensive but also long-lasting and robust. If you only frequently polish your Hush Puppies, they will last you for years.

6. Ndure Formal Shoes Brands In Pakistan

Formal Shoes Brands In Pakistan

Another new yet well-established brand is Ndure. It was founded in 2017 and has changed the shoe industry dramatically! They provide footwear for all ages, including children, women, and adults. Their objective is to provide footwear that is stylish, reasonably priced, and durable.

Men’s formal shoes of the highest caliber are available at Ndure for costs ranging from Rs. 999 to Rs. 5,500. The nicest thing about purchasing shoes from Ndure is that you can get stylish shoes in their more affordable price range as well, so you don’t have to spend a fortune to look nice.

7. Metro

Since its founding in 1986, Metro has produced goods in Pakistan. They produce everything, including clothes, shoes, and accessories.

All of the shoes in their line of formal shoes for men are made from leather of the highest quality and come in every style and color. Men’s dress shoes may be purchased at Metro for as little as 1600 Rupees and as much as 10,000 Rupees. Don’t miss taking a look at our carefully prepared list if you want to know which formal mens shoes brand in Pakistan will best complement your style and make you appear more gorgeous.

8. Arino

Formal Shoes Brands In Pakistan

For a few years now, the shoe brand Arino has been selling its collections in a variety of shoe stores. They put a lot of effort into controlling Pakistan’s online shoe marketplaces.

Genuine leather of the highest grade is used to make Arino shoes. Due to their high build quality, their shoes are both imported and marketed in Pakistan. Arino is an expert in men’s footwear. Their most costly pairs of formal shoes cost up to 15,000 rupees, with the average pair costing roughly 4,500 rupees. Regardless of the price range you purchase, their shoes maintain a high level of quality.

9. Borjan Formal Shoes Brands In Pakistan

Another name we’re all acquainted with is Borjan. The fact that it hasn’t been around for very long is unexpected. When they initially started operating in 2014, they swiftly established themselves as a name that many people came to know and adore, especially for Pakistani men’s wallet online purchasing.

Both men’s and women’s shoes are made by Borjan. There is a huge selection of formal shoes for men in their store. Depending on the style and workmanship, their shoes range in price from roughly Rupees 3,000 to Rupees 8,000.

10. Soloto

In Pakistan, one of the most well-known brands for online shoe purchasing is Soloto. They carry both big and small names under their brand. Soloto is the finest option if you’re searching to purchase your formal shoes online.

At Soloto, you can get men’s formal shoes of excellent quality and premium leather for as little as 1,300 rupees! There is something for everyone, even their most costly formal shoes may only costs Rs. 4,000!

11. CAT Shoes

We are all acquainted with the name CAT. They provide waterproof shoes of the highest calibre that are designed to withstand the roughest terrain. Despite being most well-known for their boots, they also produce a huge selection of other shoes, including formal shoes for men!

Their dress shoes are likewise in the middle level. The costs typically range from approximately Rupees 11,000 to roughly Rupees 14,000 in the beginning. However, while wearing CAT shoes, you can be certain that you’ll be prepared for anything and that your shoes will hold up without issue.

Types of formal shoes in Pakistan


Formal Shoes Brands In Pakistan

Consider an oxford first if you’re only going to have one pair of dress shoes in your wardrobe. You’ll never be stuck for a large business event—or if you need to put on a Suit—because it can go with your most formal alternatives. This is made possible by the “closed-throat” structure of the oxford shoe, in which the leather used to cover the laces joins the leather used to cover the vamp at the base.

You really don’t need to spend much time on the terminology, however. Just take a quick glance at the eyelets and top of the shoe. Instead of being a series of parallel lines, does it create a “V”? With your oxford, you’ll seem sharply put-together for any dressy event thanks to its sleek form.


Don’t let the fact that derbies are technically a touch less formal than oxfords scare you too much. If you’re going to be surrounded by black-tie traditionalists, it may not be appropriate with a tux. Additionally, the open-throat silhouette—where the leather surrounding the laces continues parallel and over the vamp—works well with both jeans and tweed pants. Derbies are a good choice if you’re the sort of man who sometimes wears a suit but also wants a pair of shoes on hand for a date night at the weekend.


Brogues men’s formal shoes in Pakistan don’t have a certain shape; rather, the intricacy is what makes them unique. The distinctive holes were initially created as a practical feature to allow water to escape from shoes used to walk through Irish bogs. It is now just decorative but is nevertheless a staple of contemporary dress shoes.

There’s a solid reason why brogues are often known as wingtips. Two of the common shoe types contain ornamental “wings” that extend from the shoe’s toe. They wrap around to the rear of the shoe with longwings. They wrap to around mid-foot with shortwings. Of course, cap-toes and other design components also have brogueing. A pair of derbies, oxfords, monk straps, or even ankle boots could have such components. Everything about brogues is a question of personal preference.


Some people formerly believed loafers were too informal to be worn with a suit. Thankfully, those times are a distant memory. The slip-on design is now available in styles that are fashionable and elegant enough to go with even your finest two-button. The two variations that you’ll most often encounter are penny loafers and bit loafers. According to loafer mythology, there is a strap across the shoe with a cutout on coins that was intended to hold a penny (it probably wasn’t, but it’s still a funny tale). Bit loafers include a decorative metal component across the foot that nonetheless has a stylish appearance.


They are just as sophisticated as the other fashions on our list. The key is to concentrate on a sleek shape and superior craftsmanship. The boots with shorter shafts will often feature a smaller toe and clean lines going up to an ankle that will fit comfortably beneath a pair of suit pants. You’ll be in good shape if you look for that and a sole that isn’t too thick.

Chelsea Boots

The Chelsea boot has been worn by the largest British trendsetters, including Queen Victoria, Mods, and Daniel Craig. Although it was named after a posh district in London and favored by WASPs, the design has now evolved into one of the most egalitarian and universal shoes available. It is an ankle-height boot that may be worn in the summer or the winter, for work or play and is often made of leather or suede. In particular, the Chelsea boot looks fantastic with a tailored suit and tapered pants.

Monk slings

The straps, which wrap over the vamp and are secured at the ends by buckles, give the shoe its distinctive appearance. There are certain cases where there are additional straps. According to legend, it was first worn predominantly by monks in Europe in the fifteenth century, thus its name. Later, especially in the 1920s, the monk strap emerged as the chosen shoe for gentlemen who, because of history, wanted something dignified and restrained. Although that notion is still valid today, numerous companies have started to recreate the look in recent years by using exotic leather and vibrant colors in their creations.

Venetian Loafers


It is the most opulent shoe available; the sort that would be worn to a meal with place cards and an excessive quantity of cutlery. For this precise reason, certain variations of the Venetian loafer are referred to as smoking or supper slippers. It is a shoe that exemplifies luxury at its purest. The upper, which is often made of leather or velvet, is distinguished by its absence of any ornamentation.

Now that you know all the major types of formal shoes, it’s time to check out the top formal shoe brands in Pakistan.

Final Thoughts on Top Formal Shoe Brands In Pakistan:

You’ll find it simple to focus your search now that you are aware of the many formal shoe kinds and which shoes to wear for specific occasions. By consulting the shoe size chart and the price range that the shoes should fall within, you can then determine the appropriate size. Using this list, you can quickly identify the top shoe brands in Pakistan that fit your spending plan and begin your shoe search! Considering that the majority of these businesses offer both physical locations and online purchase options.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQS

Which dress shoes for guys are the best?

You should get a pair of oxford, brogue, derby, or monk strap shoes for formal men’s dress shoes, ideally made of high-shine leather. The most dressy of these types are oxfords. The Chelsea, lace-up, and chukka styles of men’s dress boots are all fantastic selections that go well with a variety of outfits. Finally, for less formal events, loafers are great options.

What do men’s dress shoes go by?

The most formal style of men’s dress shoes, Oxfords, is often mentioned when the term is used. The brogue, derby, and monk strap are other styles. These are all Oxford-like shoes with variations in the detailing and heel height.

How must a man treat his dress shoes?

You should begin by using a soft cloth to remove any extra dirt from your dress shoes if they are made of leather. After that, apply polish in a complementary shade and remove any extra polish with a horsehair brush. Applying a drop of water to the leather and aggressively cleaning it with a towel can give it more gloss. This is sometimes referred to as a “spit shine.” Use a suede brush to remove debris. To avoid further damage, apply a couple of coatings of waterproof as the last step. Finally, keep your shoes clean and dry.

Are these formal shoe brands suitable for women as well?

Absolutely! Although this article primarily discusses men’s formal shoes, many of these brands offer a wide range of options for women too.

What considerations should I keep in mind when choosing formal shoes?

When selecting formal shoes, factors such as comfort, style, material, and occasion should be taken into account. Opt for shoes that not only enhance your outfit but also provide a comfortable fit.

Can I find formal shoes for special events within these brands?

Certainly! These brands showcase a diverse array of formal shoes, including designs tailored for special occasions like weddings, corporate functions, and parties.

Do these brands offer online shopping options?

Yes, most of these brands have embraced online shopping, providing customers with the convenience of exploring and purchasing their preferred formal shoes from the comfort of their homes.

Are these brands exclusively available in major cities?

While some brands may have flagship stores in major cities, many have expanded their presence through numerous retail outlets, ensuring accessibility throughout the country.

What distinguishes these formal shoe brands from others in the market?

The top 10 formal shoe brands in Pakistan have earned their reputation through a combination of factors, including exceptional craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, the use of quality materials, and a commitment to meeting customer preferences.

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