Zong free internet codes

How to enjoy free internet with Zong free internet codes 11 easy tricks!!

Zong free internet codes

You might have heard the famous saying “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” meaning you can’t get anything for free. But we are about to tell you the opposite. In this article we shall discuss ways and methods of how to use Zong free internet codes if you are in dire need of free internet.

Zong free internet codes

Zong is probably one of the best internet service providers in Pakistan. Zong 4g gives you Zong free internet codes that allows you to use internet with any cost.

Indeed, an unbelievable feature for its consumers. Moreover, besides, its top notch call quality, the quality of internet is second to none. No wonder it is hugely famous in more than 61.34 million internet users of Pakistan.

So let’s check out how we can use Zong free internet:

Table of contents:

  1. Zong free internet 2021 (4GB)
  2. Zong free internet codes
  3. My zong app free internet method
  4. Free Facebook on zong free internet
  5. Proxy for free zong internet 2021
  6. Youtube code 2021 free internet
  7. Without balance free Facebook code Zong free internet
  8. Free internet code Whatsapp
  9. Zong free internet new sim method
  10. UC handler free internet Zong setting
  11. Zong free internet vpn settings and tricks
  12. Conclusion

Zong free internet 2021 (4GB):

With this easy and new technique you can enjoy free Zong internet 4gb. You just have to follow the simple step given below:

  • Take out your smartphone
  • Go to playstore
  • search for zong app and download it
  • register your zong number
  • you will get an sms after a few minutes that you got 4 GBs of internet.
  • there you go enjoy zong free internet.

Zong free internet codes:

Zong also offer Zong free internet codes enabling you to enjoy internet without any cost. By applying these free internet codes you will get free sms, free data, free internet and minutes on zong. Codes are given below:

  • to get 4gb free internet, with your phone dial *102# or *568#*11# or *44#
  • avail 1500 mbs Zong free internet simply dial *537*2#
  • for 500 mbs dial *56*8*23# and use Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp for free.
  • enter *7863*86# for 1 gb of free zong internet.
  • you can enjoy free zong internet for entire week by simply dialing *563*85*23#
  • Lastly, in zong free internet code *117*111*2# for 2 gb internet all for free.

My zong app free internet method:

Recently Zong has introduced free internet to its user through my zong app daily reward. Steps given below shall be followed to benefit from this option.

Step.1. Go to Playstore on your phone and download my zong app

Step.2. Enter your number and get registered

Step.3. If you already have the app you need to update it.

Step.4. once it is done, on the from of the app you will find reward section

Zong free internet codes

Step.5. Click on it and choose any card

Step.6. As a result you will get free internet with this method

Step.7. Moreover, you will get internet with this method on daily basis.

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Free Facebook on zong free internet

Let’s admit it, Facebook has become an integral part of our lives. As soon as you wake up you check it and when you go to bed you check your Facebook feeds.

Further, without going into the debate that whether Facebook is good or bad, It is pretty much existent everywhere. So, we have a consensus that we all use it regularly.

Thus, keeping this in mind, Zong provides its valued consumers free internet.

Firstly, go to Facebook.

Secondly, go to login account in Facebook

Lastly, set drop menu and enable free Facebook and enjoy using Facebook.

Visit Zong official website here

Proxy for free Zong internet 2021

In order to enjoy free Zong internet proxy you need to generate a new access point on your phone. Follow these step:

  • go to your mobile setting and make a new Access point
  • Enter new apn: Zong Internet
  • redirect the original proxy
  • write: http
  • ¬†server of the real proxy:
  • choose: 80
  • finally, download vpn app, connect it and start using Zong proxy for free internet.

YouTube code 2021 free internet

This technique is quite simple yet very effective. Through this you can get Zong free unlimited Youtube whenever you want and enjoy all sorts of videos. The technique is given below:

  • You might have heard of “screen recorder”. Download any of the screen recorder you want.
  • open Youtube in it and save it
  • as a result, you can now download any video from Youtube at any time.

Zong free internet codes

Without balance free Facebook code Zong free internet

To avail this option following steps are required

a) install opera mini on your android phone through play store

b) go for the search of M.basic.facebook.com

c) in order to use facebook for free, open facebook in opera mini and allow the feature of facebook flex

d) bingo! start using free facebook for some chill time.

Zong free internet code Whatsapp

If you are a zong whatsapp user then there is good news for you. You can use whatsapp for one month free using zong by adapting the following steps:

  • dial with your phone *247# to activate the offer
  • it is valid for 30 days. You can enjoy unlimited Whatsapp
  • (the offer cost Rs. 25/- which is negligible)

Zong free internet new sim method

if you just bought a new sim you can avail Zong free internet and enjoy for 4 days straight.

  • with your phone dial *10# and take 2gb of free internet. Not a bad start with Zong 4g!

UC handler free internet Zong setting

Through UC handler you can relish free Zong internet. It is simple yet effective method. I tell you how it is done below:

  1. Download UC handler in your phone (android)
  2. open setting of UC Handler
  3. choose genuine proxy
  4. write http and reach out genuine proxy server and port 80
  5. Further, download vpn and get linked with default setting
  6. There you go now you can enjoy zong free net.

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Zong free internet vpn settings and tricks

With zong internet vpn settings you can get 10gb of free zong net by following steps

  • Go to playstore download and install vpn
  • go to settings create an access point and enter name Zong vpn, apn: internet
  • MCC. 410, MNC.01
  • now connect the internet and start using it


To sum it all, in this article we showed you how to use Zong internet for free. Moreover, amongst the methods discussed above you can choose anyone that works for you. Point is you have ample internet at your hand and that is for free!!!





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