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How to check Zong number? (LATEST METHODS)

On occasions, with the passage of time you get indulged in your life so much that you forget your sim number. In that situation it becomes tricky how to check Zong number which you own. There are multifarious methods through which you can check your zong number easily without wasting any time, money and energy.

This article will enlighten you about all the methods and techniques available on hand to find your missing number.

All techniques given below:

 Technique No. 1.

This is the first method includes the following steps

Step. 1: Open your phone dialer

Step.2: Dial *8#

Step. 3: your number will appear on the screen

check zong number


Technique No. 2.

To find out your number use the second method given below

Step.1. Go to your message

Step. 2. Open and type MNP

Step.3. Send it to 667 from your zong sim

You will get all necessary information as result. While finding your zong number through this technique will also get you CNIC number, sim own and address.


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Technique No.3 to check Zong number

This method include three simple steps

Step.1. Unlock your phone

Step.2. Go to your phone dialer

Step.3. Dial *100#

There you go, your Zong number is available now.

"check zong number

Among the cellular phone companies in Pakistan, Zong is one of the largest and innovative one. It customers are spread across the country and are one of the most satisfied customers in the ilk. Moreover, Zong is the brand of CMPak Limited operation in Pakistan. Zong in 2008 bought Millicom which resulted in its rapid expansion across the country. It is one of the pioneers of fast internet in Pakistan. Furthermore, currently it is providing 4G services to all it customers and is eyeing 5G in the country going through testing phase. Based on its reputation it will soon achieve the 5G benchmark.


To find your number (Zong) can use any method give above in the article. It will save you time and energy and get you the correct and needed information.


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