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Zong Call Packages Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly

There are four major telecom operators vying for customers’ attention in the Pakistani mobile market. These operators provide a range of daily, weekly, and monthly call packages because they understand the continuing allure of phone calls in our hectic lives. Zong sets the standard by offering a variety of solutions to satisfy different needs. Zong provides the ideal plan for you whether you communicate frequently or maybe sometimes. You may be confident that Mobizilla will keep you informed and offer the best answers for your mobile requirements. Keep in touch, remain informed, and let us take care of your mobile needs with ease. Let’s check out each of these Zong call packages in detail.

List of Zong Call Pacakeges

We have selected some of the best daily, weekly, monthly, and miscellaneous Zong call packages for you so continue reading

Zong Daily Call Packages

Package NameFree On-Net MinsFree Off-Net MinsFree SMSFree MBsValidityPriceActivation Code
Zong Full Gup Package75--100301 DayRs.5118*1#
Zong Daily Voice Offer20------1 DayRs.5*45#
Zong Sixer Plus PackageUnlimited--500--1 DayRs.8*666#
Zong Non Stop PackageUnlimited------1 DayRs.10*777#
Zong Flutter Package120--120501 DayRs.12*369#
Zong Perfect Package10000--500401 DayRs.12*118*2#
Zong Hello 1 DIN150--150501 DayRs.13type 'SUB30' and send it to 4952
Zong Shandaar Daily PackageUnlimited--800501 DayRs.17*999#

Some customers need call packages on a daily basis. Zong provides an excellent selection of packages to fulfill the daily demand of its customers. By providing 75 free on-net minutes, 30 MBs of internet, and 100 SMS for just PKR 5 (plus tax) Zong Daily Full Gup package is outstanding. These features are valid for 24 hours. To sign up, just dial 1181#. You may sign up for the Zong Non Stop Package by dialing *777# for PKR 10, which includes Unlimited on-net minutes good for one day. With a membership code of *999#, Zong is offering a daily deal that includes unlimited on-net minutes, 50 MBs of internet, and 800 SMS for PKR 14 plus tax.

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Now let’s talk about the Zong Hello 1 Din deal. For PKR 13 plus tax, you may receive 150 on-net minutes, 50 MBs of internet, and 150 SMS good for 24 hours. With the given code, the subscription is simple. For just PKR 12 plus tax, the Zong Flutter bundle includes 50 MBs of the internet for a day, 120 on-net minutes, and 120 SMS. With the Zong Sixer Plus Package, you get 500 SMS, 1 MB of data use, and unlimited on-net minutes from 6 am to 6 pm every day.  With a price of PKR 10 plus tax, the Zong Daily Non-Stop service gives limitless on-net minutes for use between 10 and 7 pm every day. Refer to the subscription code in the table to take advantage of this promotion.

Zong Weekly Call Packages

Package NameFree On-Net MinsFree Off-Net MinsFree SMSFree MBsValidityPriceACTIVATION CODE
Zong New SIM Offer1000----40007 DaysRs.0*10#
Zong 4G SIM Upgrade Offer400----40007 DaysRs.0*44#
ZONG APNA SHEHR SEHWAN30030--50007 DaysRs.80*4466#
ZONG APNA SHEHR SANGHAR30030--50007 DaysRs.90*4466#
ZONG APNA SHEHR FAROOQABAD30030--50007 DaysRs.90*4466#
ZONG APNA SHEHR HASILPUR30030--50007 DaysRs.90*4466#
ZONG APNA SHEHR QAMBAR30030--50007 DaysRs.100*4466#
ZONG APNA SHEHR THUL30030--50007 DaysRs.100*4466#
Zong Shandaar Weekly Package500405005007 DaysRs.120*7#
LAHORE SUPER OFFER100040100050007 DaysRs.120*4466#
ZONG APNA SHEHR PLUS CHINIOT200060200080007 DaysRs.150*4466#
MALAKAND OFFER1000100100030007 DaysRs.160*595#
HAFTAWAR PUNJAB OFFER1000100100030007 DaysRs.160*476#
ZONG KASHMORE PLUS OFFER2500802500120007 DaysRs.200*4466#
WEEKLY AIO500060500040007 DaysRs.220*6464#
Zong Punjab Offer150----60007 DaysRs.230*2222#
Zong Karachi Offer500075500050007 DaysRs.250*54#
Zong Haftawar Load OfferUnlimited80Unlimited9007 DaysRs.270*70#
Zong WEEKLY HLOUnlimited100Unlimited120007 DaysRs.340102#
Zong Super Weekly PremiumUnlimited180Unlimited300007 DaysRs.385*225#
ZONG WEEKLY PROunlimited250unlimited400007 DaysRs.399 *794#

Zong offers you a thrilling selection of weekly packages that are excellent and reasonably priced. For just PKR 220 plus tax, the Zong WEEKLY AIO offers a complete package for 7 days that includes 5000 on-net minutes, 50 off-net minutes, 4000 MBs of internet, and 5000 SMS. Dial *7# to sign up. The Zong All-in-1 Weekly bundle, which costs just PKR 200 and offers 1000 on-net minutes, 40 off-net minutes, 1000 SMS, and 2.5 GB of internet, is the best option for a comprehensive package that lasts a week. Call *6464# to take advantage of the promotion.

Let’s now examine the 7-day Zong Haftawar Load Offer, which is intended to meet your communication demands. 5000 on-net minutes, 80 off-net minutes, 5000 SMS, and 12 GB of the internet (with 6 GB set aside for use between 1 am and 9 am) are all included in this bundle. This offer, which can be had for just PKR 270, is ideal for individuals looking for extended connections. Seeking additional information? With a staggering 30 GBs of internet and 100 All-net minutes for a week for PKR 330, the Zong Super Weekly Premium is now available. To subscribe and begin an amazing internet experience, dial *225#.

Introducing the Hello 7 Day Bundle, a bundle that offers 100 on-net minutes, 100 SMS daily, and 1MB daily for a tempting price of PKR 45 plus tax. This deal is valid for 7 days. To sign up, just dial 310. The Zong Combo Pack is the ideal option for people who need to strike a balance between internet usage and off-net minutes. Offering 50 off-net minutes and 3 GBs of internet space for PKR 200 plus tax, it is good for 15 days. To sign up and take advantage of a flexible plan that meets your communication and browsing needs, dial *15#.

Zong Monthly Call Packages

Package NameFree On-Net MinsFree Off-Net MinsFree SMSFree MBsValidityPriceActivation Code
ZONG MAHANA VOICE OFFER100------30 DaysRs.130*36#
ZONG MONTHLY WHATSAPP PLUS20030200500030 DaysRs.160*4000#
ZONG MONTHLY SOCIAL250502501200030 DaysRs.240*6000#
Zong Shandaar Monthly Package10001001000100030 DaysRs.300*1000#
STAR PRE-LOAD MONTHLY POWER PACK SIM 5001000501000250030 DaysRs.500*1313#
MAHANA PUNJAB OFFER30004003000400030 DaysRs.575*676#
Zong MONTHLY SUPER CARDUnlimited250Unlimited1000030 DaysRs.699*6464#
Zong Supreme Offer500035050002000030 DaysRs.999*3030#
MONTHLY SUPREME500035050002000030 DaysRs.999*3030#
Zong Monthly Power Pack 100020001501500500030 DaysRs.1000*1313#
Zong Monthly Pro10000600100004000030 DaysRs.1249*1500#
MONTHLY PRO PLUS1000006001000006000030 DaysRs.1249*7088#
ZONG MONTHLY SUPER OFFER500045050002000030 DaysRs.1299*4567#
Zong Supreme Plus Offer10000600100001000030 DaysRs.1732*1500#


15000600150004000030 DaysRs.2000*505#

The outstanding array of monthly packages offered by Zong is well-known to the customers. Let’s start with the substantial 30-day package offered by the Zong Shandaar Mahana promotion. For just PKR 305 plus tax, you can get this bundle, which includes 1000 on-net minutes, 100 off-net minutes, 1000 SMS, and 1 GB of internet. To sign up, just dial *1000#. The Monthly Zong Super Card, which costs PKR 650 and provides 3000 on-net minutes, 180 off-net minutes, 3000 SMS, and 6 GB of data for 30 days, is ideal if you’re searching for a complete monthly choice. To receive this deal, dial *6464#.

Zong provides the Supreme deal for people looking for the highest level of connection. You get 5000 on-net minutes, 300 off-net minutes, 5000 SMS, and 12 GB of internet for 30 days with this bundle, which costs PKR 1000. To subscribe, use the table’s given subscription code. Looking for a bundle with more data for WhatsApp and YouTube? The solution is the Zong Monthly Super Offer, which offers a 30-day period of PKR 1300 for 5000 on-net minutes, 300 off-net minutes, 5000 SMS, 20 GB of internet, 6 GB of YouTube bandwidth, and 4 GB of WhatsApp data.

Examining Zong’s Monthly Voice Min Bundles will follow. The Voice 425 Min Bundle costs PKR 600 for 30 days and includes 500 SMS in addition to 425 minutes for all networks. To sign up, just dial 310. The Voice 900 Min Bundle offers 900 All-net minutes and 1000 SMS for 30 days if you need even more minutes. To take advantage of this deal and experience flawless communication all month long, dial 310.

Miscellaneous Zong Call Packages

Package NameFree On-Net MinsFree Off-Net MinsFree SMSFree MBsValidityPriceActivation Code
Zong Sim Lagao Offer60002060004000Rs.0*2244#
Zong 2 Hour Non Stop Offer120----10002 HoursRs.12*5555#
Zong Super Recharge Offer3002570015003 DaysRs.50*3454#
ZONG 3 DAY BUNDLE1000----10003 DaysRs.70*3433#
Zong Combo Pack--50--300015 DaysRs.200*15#
Zong Sindh Offer50007550005000Rs.250*22#
Zong 3 Months Power Pack 15008000200300080003 MonthsRs.1000*1313#
MONTHLY SUPREME PUNJAB5000400500022000Rs.1000*4545#

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the call package of Zong?

Customers who purchase these packages may take advantage of special discounts from Zong, a well-known mobile network provider in Pakistan, that lower the cost of voice calls.

How to do a call package in Zong?

To subscribe to a call package in Zong, you can follow these simple steps:
  1. Dial *310# from your Zong SIM card.
  2. A menu will appear on your screen with different options for call packages.
  3. Select the desired call package by entering the corresponding option number.
  4. Confirm your selection and subscription by following the instructions provided.
  5. Once successfully subscribed, you will receive a confirmation message.

How can I subscribe to Zong call packages?

Simply dial *310# from your Zong SIM card and select the preferred plan to sign up for a Zong call package. As an alternative, you can subscribe via the My Zong app or the Zong website.

Can I subscribe to multiple Zong call packages at the same time?

You may subscribe to many Zong call packages at once, which is fantastic news. Therefore, you may mix and match according to your needs!

How long does Zong call packages last?

Depending on the plan, Zong call packages can last for a variety of lengths of time. While some packages are just good for a day, others are good for a week or even a month.

Can I use Zong call packages for international calls?

Calls within Pakistan are the main focus of Zong’s call bundle designs. However, some plans could only provide you with a certain number of minutes to call abroad.

Can I check my remaining minutes for Zong call packages?

Simply dial *102# from your Zong SIM card to see how many minutes are left in your Zong call plan. It is speedy and practical!

Can I unsubscribe from Zong call packages?

By dialing *310# from your Zong SIM card and using the supplied unsubscribe option, you can cancel your Zong call packages at any moment.

How to make free calls on Zong?

The use of third-party apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Skype, which make use of internet access to provide low-cost or free calling alternatives, maybe a possibility even if Zong does not officially provide a way to make entirely free calls.

How to get free minutes in Zong?

There isn’t an approved way to get Zong free minutes. On the Zong website or My Zong app, keep an eye out for any current specials or deals. Zong periodically gives extra minutes to consumers that use their services or top up their accounts.

Take advantage of the comfort and adaptability of Zong call packages, which are designed to match your communication needs.

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