How to use Ufone balance save code 2021 for balance protection?

Quite often it is observed that you lose your balance without any prior warning or notice whilst using the internet. Such situations leaves you in anger and disgust. But through Ufone balance save code you can avoid such debacles.

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ufone balance save code

Furthermore, if you surf on the internet about the above mentioned issue you will stumble upon the famous *3344# which is totally misleading. *3344# is basically used to internet 3G coverage in the area you are currently in.


So don’t be fooled with *3344* read the article and know how to dodge wasting balance by Ufone balance save code 2021.

For Android users: Ufone balance save code 2021

Follow these simple steps

  • Open your phone
  • go to google playstore
  • download NetGuard app
  • open the net blocking app and turn off the applications which are not backed by packages
  • here you go now you won’t lose your balance

For iphone users ufone sim balance save:

iphone users need not to worry! You can save your ufone balance using iphone using the following method:

  • open your phone and go to settings
  • click mobile data
  • after that turn on the apps who are backed by internet packages
  • similarly, turn the apps off which are not secured by package
  • mission accomplished


This short, yet to the point articles tells us how you can save your balance from wasting if you are using ufone services. In fact we also highlighted some of the misleading methods of fooling people that are out there, so  beware of that. Thus, adapt the abovementioned techniques to save your time and money.


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