how to share zong balance

Zong balance share – How to share Zong balance INSTANTLY!

Zong Yaari Load has brought how to Zong balance share to your fingertips with a very easy process. If your friend and family is in need of urgent balance, you can send him balance with minimal charges making Zong services in Pakistan extraordinary.

Zong 4g Pakistan is leading the balance share process from the front with its simple yet reliable methods. So, in times of trouble how to Zong balance share technique can prove to be a life saver. Moreover, with this service you can both share balance as well as request for it if in need.

Let’s check out how it is done.

how to zong balance share

Step by Step process of how to Zong balance share:

Step. 1. Unlock your phone

Step.2. Go to phone dialer

Step. 3. Dial *828#

Step. 4. A message will prompt asking the number with which you want to share, enter that number

Step. 5. After entering the number you will be asked about the amount of balance you want share. Enter the amount and click send.

Step.6. After clicking send the amount will be shared with the number.

There you go six simple steps about how to  Zong Yari load

Step by Step process of how to request Zong balance share:

Step. 1. Unlock your phone

Step.2. Go to phone dialer

Step.3. Dial *829#

Step.4. Enter phone number of the person from whom you want to get balance

Step.5. Input the required amount you want

Some terms and conditions applied:

Always consider terms and conditions while using mobile phone packages.

Receiving and sending  balance share applies only to pre-paid services not post paid. Whereas, a minimum of Rs. 10/- and Rs. 200/- can be transferable while availing balance share. Customers can only make five transactions per day and Rs. 5/- applies to a transaction.



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