Top 10 best Pakistani Youtubers to follow

Are you on the lookout for engaging content, entertainment, and knowledge, all wrapped up in one? Look no further, because in this blog post, we’re diving into the vibrant world of YouTube and uncovering the Best Pakistani YouTubers to Follow. These content creators have captured the hearts of viewers with their unique styles, diverse topics, and relatable personalities. Whether you’re into comedy sketches, travel vlogs, educational videos, or lifestyle tips, these YouTubers have something special to offer. Join us as we introduce you to these talented individuals, promising you a delightful journey through the best of Pakistani YouTube. Get ready to hit that subscribe button and embark on an adventure of entertainment and learning!

10 best Pakistani Youtubers to follow

Ducky Bhai:

Ducky Bhai, also known as Saad ur Rehman, stands tall as one of the most prominent YouTubers in Pakistan’s digital landscape, particularly capturing the attention of the younger audience. Embarking on his YouTube journey in 2017, Ducky gained initial recognition through his witty roasting videos targeting fellow creators and individuals. Eventually, he diversified his content, delving into the realm of gaming, a move that further expanded his fan base. Noteworthy was his recent headline-making event: his marriage to Aroob Jatoi, which resonated widely across social media. Presently, Ducky Bhai commands a substantial following of 4.68 million subscribers, a number that continues to grow steadily as he consistently engages and entertains his audience.

Video Wali Sarkar:

Bilal Munir, famously known as VideoWaliSarkar, stands as a prominent vlogger and YouTuber hailing from Faisalabad, whose digital odyssey commenced in 2016. Bilal delves into the realm of cutting-edge technology, captivating his audience with intriguing content centered around the latest smartphones, smartwatches, gadgets, and technological advancements in Pakistan. Initially, Bilal’s channel garnered a modest following, but his videos swiftly gained traction within the Pakistani audience, propelling his channel into the limelight in early 2018. Presently, his channel boasts a substantial subscriber base of approximately 2.22 million enthusiasts.

Beyond his role as a successful content creator, Bilal wears the hat of an entrepreneur, steering the ship of an e-commerce venture named, where tech enthusiasts and gadget aficionados converge to explore and acquire the latest technological marvels.

Kitchen With Amna:

Amna, a culinary virtuoso and a trailblazing female Pakistani YouTuber, has etched her name in the digital realm with her channel ‘Kitchen with Amna.’ With a staggering 4.3 million followers, Amna stands as a testament to culinary prowess and gender equality. Contrary to the confines of regional boundaries, Amna’s channel ventures into an international culinary odyssey, embracing flavors from around the globe. While rooted in Pakistani cuisine, her repertoire spans continents, featuring delectable recipes from India, Italy, China, and beyond. Beyond the mere art of cooking, Amna’s channel acts as a melting pot of cultures, where food becomes a universal language, connecting people across borders. Her ability to transcend culinary boundaries makes her channel not just a culinary haven but a vibrant tapestry of global flavors, enriching the palates of her viewers worldwide.

P 4 Pakao:

Nadir Ali stands as a luminary in the realm of Pakistani comedy and pranks, earning his stripes as one of the most beloved entertainers in the country. His fame is intricately woven with his wildly popular YouTube channel, “P 4 Pakao,” where he orchestrates uproarious prank videos that consistently tickle the funny bones of his audience. Since embarking on his YouTube journey in 2016, Nadir Ali has cultivated a dedicated following, amassing an impressive subscriber count of over 3.94 million. In addition to his pranks, Nadir also extends his creative talents to another YouTube channel, where he hosts engaging podcasts featuring renowned Pakistani actors, singers, and influencers, further solidifying his position as a multifaceted entertainer.

Village Food Secrets:

In a nation enamored with gastronomic delights, Mubashir Saddique has carved his niche with the delectable offerings of his YouTube channel, “Village Food Secrets.” With an evident passion for food and an innate talent for culinary artistry, Mubashir shares mouth-watering desi recipes, captivating the taste buds of his dedicated fanbase. His channel, boasting an impressive 3.89 million subscribers, has become a haven for food enthusiasts seeking authentic and flavorful dishes rooted in Pakistani culinary traditions. Mubashir’s culinary expertise not only satiates appetites but also serves as a testament to the enduring love affair between Pakistanis and their food.

Baba Food RRC:

Ramesh Rizwan Chaudhary, a culinary virtuoso, graces the digital landscape with his expertise through the YouTube channel, “Baba Food RRC,” amassing a devoted following of 3.92 million subscribers. Dedicated to the art of gastronomy, this channel becomes a tapestry of diverse culinary experiences, weaving together an array of recipes ranging from traditional delights to health-conscious creations and indulgent desserts. Ramesh’s creations foster a profound connection with his viewers, making the culinary journey a delightful exploration for food enthusiasts. Through “Baba Food RRC,” Ramesh extends a warm invitation to savor the rich tapestry of flavors, creating a harmonious blend of tradition, health, and indulgence for his audience’s gastronomic pleasure.

Maaz Safder World:

Maaz Safder emerges as a beloved figure in the realm of Pakistani YouTube, captivating audiences with his daily vlogs that offer a glimpse into his life. While he initially gained fame as a TikTok personality, Maaz seamlessly transitioned into the YouTube sphere in 2020, a move that proved to be incredibly fruitful. Despite his relatively short tenure on the platform, Maaz has managed to amass an impressive following, with a subscriber count of 3.01 million. Through his engaging vlogs, Maaz offers his viewers an intimate look into his daily experiences, weaving a digital narrative that resonates with his audience.

Mr. How:

At the helm of Mr. How is Malik Hajar, an educator and content creator, steering a tech-centric educational channel with a dedicated subscriber base of 1.29 million. This channel serves as a beacon of knowledge, illuminating the intricate pathways of earning money online. Through insightful and valuable content, Mr. How has become a trusted source, imparting wisdom to thousands, guiding them on various methods and opportunities to venture into the realm of online income. With a focus on tech education, this channel stands as an empowering platform, equipping individuals with the tools and understanding needed to thrive in the digital landscape.

Food Fusion:

In the vibrant landscape of Pakistani YouTube, Food Fusion emerges as a culinary behemoth, securing a coveted spot in the Top 10 Pakistani YouTubers of 2023 with a substantial following of 4.19 million subscribers. This channel serves as a delectable hub, tantalizing taste buds with a diverse array of food recipes spanning various cuisines. While the videos predominantly maintain brevity, offering concise culinary glimpses, the channel compensates by providing comprehensive cooking tips and techniques within the video descriptions. This thoughtful approach not only showcases mouth-watering dishes but also ensures viewer convenience, making Food Fusion a go-to destination for culinary enthusiasts seeking delightful and accessible recipes.

Ijaz Ansari Food Secrets:

In the realm of culinary excellence, Ijaz Ansari emerges as a revered figure, captivating audiences with his gastronomic expertise in both traditional Pakistani and Western cuisine. His YouTube channel, ‘Ijaz Ansari Food Secrets,’ became a culinary haven for food enthusiasts since its inception in 2019. With a delectable array of videos showcasing his mouth-watering recipes, Ansari’s channel has cultivated a devoted community, amassing an impressive subscriber count of over 5.26 million. His culinary creations not only tantalize taste buds but also offer a captivating visual experience, making his channel a go-to destination for food lovers seeking both inspiration and satisfaction.

Final Thoughts on Best Pakistani Youtubers to Follow

The world of Pakistani YouTube is brimming with talent and creativity, and the Best Pakistani YouTubers we’ve highlighted in this blog post are just a glimpse of the incredible content waiting to be explored. Whether you’re seeking laughter, knowledge, inspiration, or simply a dose of entertainment, these content creators have you covered.

By following these Pakistani YouTubers, you’re not just subscribing to channels; you’re joining communities, experiencing diverse perspectives, and supporting local talent. We hope this guide has introduced you to some fantastic creators and that their videos bring joy and value to your online experience.

So, don’t hesitate to hit that subscribe button, like their videos, and engage with the content. Here’s to a world of endless entertainment, learning, and laughter, courtesy of the best Pakistani YouTubers. Happy watching!

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