Top 100+ Friendship poetry Urdu – Dosti poetry shayari

Friendship poetry Urdu builds upon one of the most unique relationship in the world i.e “friends“.

Indeed, the mesmerizing journey of friendship begins at at very early age and reaches its climax in adolescence.

Friendship poetry Urdu is full of exuberant poetry directed towards beloved friends but interestingly the tone is mostly melancholic.

In fact,

a friend is someone who is sometimes more close to you than your blood relatives. Because you open up to him and speak from your heart.

Whereas, with family you may not be able to express yourself that way. In addition Urdu poetry sad also engulfs the subject of will take you to some new level of friendship poetry in urdu two lines and unmatched Urdu poetry images…

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friendship poetry urdu

sachi dosti poetry sms

Tm par utri nahi hijar ki andhi raatain

Tm nay daikha hi nahi chaand ka kala hona

تم پر اتری ہی نہیں ہجر کی اندھی راتیں

تم نے دیکھا ہی نہیں چاند کا کالا ہونا


sachi dosti poetry

Dost khush hotay hn jb dost ka gham daikhtay hn

Kesi dunya hai elahi jisay hm daikhtay hn

دوست خوش ہوتے ہیں جب دوست کا غم دیکھتے ہیں

کیسی دنیا ہے الٰہی جسے ہم دیکھتے ہیں


urdu poetry on friendship

dosti poetry in urdu

Taab nigh thi to nazara bhi dost tha

Is chisham nargis ka ishara bhi dost tha


urdu poetry on friendship

dosti poetry

Doston say rasai souchian gain

Sb say ho aashnai sochain gain


Urdu poetry on friendship

Dost dost na raha

wafa may wafi na rahi

As matter of fact it is not the same as before. Loyalties have changed. Those whom I trusted and relied on have shown their backs.

Friendship Poetry Urdu


sachi dosti poetry in urdu

Dosti aam hai lekin aye dost

Dost milta hai bari mushkil say


friendship poetry urdu

fake friends quotes in urdu

Wo koi dost tha achay dino ka

Jo pechli raat say yaad a rha hai

وہ کوئی دوست تھا اچھے دنوں کا

جو پچھلی رات سے یاد آ رہا ہے

We were together in the school spending ten years together. Though, as soon as we were done with the school you never looked back.

On the contrary I missed you every moment. There doesn’t go a day when I don’t think about you my friend. Moreover, I have no clue where to find you. I wish I can get in contact and speak to you for once…


friendship poetry urdu

Sun meray dil ki zara awaz dost

Aye meray mohsin meray hm raz dost

سن مرے دل کی ذرا آواز دوست

اے مرے محسن مرے ہم راز دوست

Friendship poetry in Urdu 


dost poetry in urdu

Dil is liay hai dost kay dil may hai jaye dost

jb ye na ho baghal may hai dushman bajaye dost


dosti shayari urdu

Muntazar hun kay sitaron ki zara aankh lagay

Chand ko chat pay bulahun may ishara kr kay


friends poetry in urdu

Kharqa hai nahi koi hai poshaq meray dost

Darwaish nahi dil may hai idraq meray dost

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urdu poetry about life

Khyal hijar kay souchay thay peron nay

Libas zard say pehnay hoay thay peron nay

13. Friendship Poetry Urdu

dosti shayari in urdu

Teray may ab to rahi baat wo nahi hai dost

Hoi ye apni mulaqat wo nahi hai dost

They say a “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. That was true once but it doesn’t apply to you my friend anymore.

You know why? because you gave up the scared friendship over money and material.


urdu poetry on friendship

Kar pyar muhabbat ka to izhar meray dost

Banna hi parega tujhay fankar meray dost

Patras Bukhari elaborates a friend as a person with who you are just sitting and no talking yet you are happy. Whenever your and his/her clashes he/she back off. And moreover he does all to forward your interest not his.

15. (Dosti shayari, Dosti poetry)

Kaan dikhanay lgi hn tmari batain aye dost

Kaash tm sirf hamari suntay to kitna acha hota

کان دکھانے لگی ہیں تمھاری باتیں اے دوست

کاش تم صرف ہماری سنتے تو کتنا اچھا ہوتا


urdu poetry on friendship
Dosti shayari, Dosti poetry

Baat dil ki bata gia hai wo

Dost ulfat badha gia hai wo

17. Friendship poetry Urdu

urdu poetry on friendship

Dost khush hotay hn dost ka gham daikhtay hn

Kesi dunya hai elahi jisay hm daikhtay hn (Friendship poetry urdu) 


friendship poetry in urdu two lines sms

Teray may ab to rahi baat wo nahi hai dost

Hoi ye apni mulaqat wo nahi dost


friendship poetry urdu

friendship poetry

Khuda karay ye dosti itni gehri ho

Waqt tera aye aur moot meri ho


friendship poetry urdu

Puranay sehr kay manzr naye lagnay lagay mujh ko

Hai teray aanay say kuch aisi fazaye sehr badli

21. Urud poetry 2 lines

fake friends poetry in urdu

Mana kay doston ko paas dosti nahi

Ye kia kia kay gheron ka ehsan lay lia

When you my friend were absent when I needed you. So, how come you mad on for taking help from strangers? Obviously I took it because I needed it.

(Dosti shayari, Dosti poetry)


friend poetry in urdu

Hamain to janab ki izat ki pamali ka dar hai

Hamian to janab ki khush khyali ka dar hai

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friendship poetry urdu

Janay kis ki gali may chod aya hun

Jagti hoi ratain hastay hoay dost

جانے کس گلی میں چھوڑ آیا ہوں

جاگتی ہوئی راتیں ہنستے ہوئے دوست

24. Friendship poetry in urdu two lines

Zinda rehnay kay bahanay dhundain

Aao mil kay kuch dost puranay dhondain


Dosti to aam hai lekin aye dost

Dost miltay bhi to naseeb say hn

No matter how many transition words like however. Nonetheless. Perhaps. So. Thus. Therefore. Although. Consequently. Besides. Furthermore and what not, it will not change your thought process. In fact this will worsen the matters. So, leave it to luck.


Hai mukhtasr si apni dosti ki dastan

Ik dost ko caha hai zindagi ki taran

ہے مختصر سی اپنی دوستی کی داستاں

اک دوست کو چاہا ہے زندگی کی طرح

Friendship Poetry in Urdu Two Lines


urdu dosti shayari

Sachi dosti hr kisi ka muqadar nahi hoti

Milay koi sacha dost to uski qadar karna

سچی دوستی ہر کسی کا مقدر نہیں ہوتی

ملے کوئی سچا دوست تو اسکی قدر کرنا

Not to mention, I am a very lucky person that I have you. Reason is, you don’t find honest friends these days. Most of the time they fake buddies will stab you in the back when push comes to shove.

Thus, having you is truly a charm.


Yun lagay dost tera mujh say khafa ho jana

Jis taran phol say khusbo ka juda ho jana

Again, you being sad devastates me. There is no reason for you to be sad because I am all yours. Please meet hallway with me again otherwise I will further plunge into darkness.

If that’s what you want then go on and destroy me…

Friendship poetry in Urdu


Daway dosti kay mujay nahi atay yar

Aik jaan hai jb dil cahay maang lena


(Dosti shayari, Dosti poetry)

Dosti shayari, Dosti poetry

Dil say khyal dost bhulaya nahi jaye ga

Senay may daagh hai kay mitaya na jayega

دل سے خیالِ دوست بھلایا نہ جائے گا

سینے میں داغ ہے کہ مٹایا نہ جائے گا


sachi dosti poetry sms in urdu

Dosti to aam hai lekin aye dost

Dost miltay bhi to naseeb say hn


best friend poetry in urdu

Hazaron mehfilain hn lakhon melay hn

Par jahan tm nahi wahan hm akelay hn


dosti friendship poetry in urdu

Doston ki zuban ko khulnay do

Bhool jao gay zakham khanjar kay

(Dosti shayari, Dosti poetry)

دوستوں کی زباں کو کھلنے دو

بھول جاؤ گے زخم خنجر کے


dosti friendship poetry in urdu

friendship shayari in urdu

Iskay har zakham pay dil nisar hota hai

Zalim kitna bhi ho yar to yar hota hai


friendship poetry in urdu two lines

urdu shayari, dosti ki

Aye dost teri dosti misal angor hai

Milna to cahta hun lekin manzil bht dur hai

اے دوست تیری دوستی مثل انگور ہے

ملنا تو چاہتا ہوں لیکن منزل بہت دور ہے


Hm waqt daikh kr yaar nahi badltay

Hm yaar kay kehnay par waqt badal daitay hn

Fake friend poetry in urdu


friendship poetry in urdu two lines

poetry for best friend in urdu

Dost ko dolat ki nigh say ma daikho

Wafa karnay walay dost aksar gharib hotay hn

دوست کو دولت کی نگاہ سے مت دیکھو

وفا کرنے والے دوست اکثر غریب ہوتے ہیں

Money isn’t everything. As a matter of fact, honesty is what matters and poor are mostly honest.

Thus, this isn’t a sweeping statement but a correct representation of facts.


Dosti shayari, Dosti poetry

dosti shayari in urdu 2 line

Aisay dost say haat dho lena behtr hai

Jo teray dushmano kay sat bethta ho


friendship poetry in urdu two lines

Zindagi kay udas lamhon may

Be wafa dost yaad aatay hn

Friendship Poetry in Urdu Two Lines


Dost jb ze waqar hota hai

Dosti ka mayar hota hai.

(Friendship poetry urdu, Dosti shayari, Dosti poetry)


friendship poetry in urdu two lines

Dost kuch aur bhi hn teray ilawa meray dost

Kai sehra meray hm dm kai darya meray hm dm

Fake friend poetry in urdu


friendship poetry urdu

dosti par shayari in urdu

Mat aziyat do warna nuqsan may ajaun kahin

Fart-e-jazbat teri jan may ajaun kahin


hm na honagay to kon manaye ga tumhay

Ye bari baat hai kay hr baat pay rotha na karo

missing friends poetry in urdu


true friend poetry in urdu
(Dosti shayari, Dosti poetry)

Dushmano ki jafa ka khof nahi

Doston ki wafa say dartay hn

دُشمنوں کی جفا کا خوف نہیں

دوستوں کی وفا سے ڈرتے ہیں


Friendship poetry urdu

true friend poetry in urdu

sachi dosti quotes in urdu

Yun lagay dost teray mujh say khafa ho jana

Jis tarah phol say khushbo ka juda ho jana


true friend poetry in urdu

best friendship poetry in urdu

Aiish kay yaar to aghyar bhi bn jatay hn

Dost wo hn wo buray waqt may kaam aatay hn


friendship poetry in urdu two lines

Ab wo tatli hai na wo umar taqab wali

May na kehta tha bht dur nahi jana meray dost

(Dosti shayari, Dosti poetry)


urdu poetry 2 lines

Tujhay kon janta tha meri dost say pehlay

Tera hussan kuch nahi tha meri shayari say pehlay

49. True friend poetry in urdu

friendship poetry in urdu two lines

poetry about fake friends in urdu

Wohi weshat wohi herat wohi tanhai hi hai

Teri ankhain meray khwabon say kitni milti julti hn


attitude friendship poetry in urdu

Tumhain yaad karna bhi aik ehsas hai

Aisa lgta hai kay jesay to hr pl meray saat hai

Friendship and poetry in Urdu because both are interlinked.

For example, the friend discussed in friendship poetry Urdu is often the beloved lover who is missing from the scene.

Or deep down you love her but you are being friendzoned. Either way a friend is someone who you can count on and can help you in the times of worry.

Otherwise he isn’t your friend, he is just an imposter…


Friendship Poetry Urdu

Khud ko ba wazu kia teray tasawor say bhi pehlay

May nay is darja teray ishq ko pakiza rakha

Friends love poetry in urdu


fake friends quotes in urdu copy paste

Meri dosti ki hd is pay khatam hai

Zamin pay rehta hai magar chand jesa hai

میری دوستی کی حد اس پہ ختم ہے

زمیں پہ رہتا ہے مگر چاند جیسا ہے


dosti shayari urdu text

Yahan qadm qadm pay naye fanqar miltay hn

Magar kismat walon ko sachay yaar miltay hn


May nay sb ko delete kr dia

Mery dost meray bewafa

I have litteraly deleted you from my life. Time to move on…

Friend missing poetry in urdu


sad dosti poetry

Khuda say duaun may tumhay apnay liay maang lun

Mhari ijazat ho to may apnay liay dua maang lun


sad poetry in urdu for friends

Tm takaluf ko bhi ikhlas samjthay ho faraz

Dost hota nahi hr haat milanay wala

تم تکلف کو بھی اخلاص سمجھتے ہو فرازؔ

دوست ہوتا نہیں ہر ہاتھ ملانے والا


Pehlay din milay thay anjan thay jo

Aaj aik dosray ki jaan hogai

58.True friend poetry in urdu

friendship quotes in urdu shayari

Aap ko bhulana hai na saat chos jana hai

Ehad pura karna hai aapka saat nibhana hai


poetry on fake friends in urdu

Dost kia khob wafaon ka sila detay hn

Har naye mod pay ik zakham naya daitay hn


Dost bn kr bhi nahi sath nibhanay wala

Wohi andaz hai zalim zamanay wala

61. (Dosti shayari, Dosti poetry)

Teray jesa yaar


Obviously, no one like you mate!


Kuch is liay bhi rakhay hn raqeebon kay number

Kay apni nasrat par tod paye in ka ghamand

Best friendship poetry in urdu


Ye duryan ro mita dun

May ik pal may magr


friendship poetry urdu

shayari on fake friends in urdu

Guzar gaye wo din mujh ko guzaray hoay

Jo thay kal meri simt aaj tumharay hoay


Meri sari doston kay naam

Youm e ilst ki baat hai

66. Friendship poetry in urdu sms

Agia johr ajab ulta jamana kia kahin

Dost wo kartay hn batain jo ado kartay nahi

67. Attitude friendship poetry in urdu

dosto ke liye shayari in urdu

Tm hastya raha karo

Tm muskuratay raha karo

تم ہنستے رہا کرو

تم مسکراتے رہا کرو


Agia johar ajab ulta zamana kia kahian

Dost wo krtay hn batain jo wada kartay nahi

آ گیا جوہرؔ عجب الٹا زمانہ کیا کہیں

دوست وہ کرتے ہیں باتیں جو عدو کرتے نہیں


dosti poetry in urdu 2 lines

Agar kisi ko chaho to es tarah chaho

Wo zinda tou rahe magar sirf tumhare liye

Nonetheless, love someone in way that you hypnotize her. She can’t see anything but you. Thus, falling in love with you.

Sad friend poetry in urdu

Friendship quotes in urdu


Jo meyassar ho teri deed rooz khawabo mai

ba khuda neend ko mai apna sahara kar lo


Faqat ak ka hone mai husne bandage he ghalib

Jo roz qibla badalte he wo be deen hote he

Hence, proved. Love is just for once not a changing phenomenon.


quotes about fake friends in urdu

Mar kai tou mitti se mitti he mil jana he

Q na hum do mitti ak dosre pe mitt jaye


En kai dekhne se jo ate he mouh pe ronaq

wo samajte he ke bemar ka hal acha he

Indeed impressive! As soon as I see her, I forget my pain ago. Though, she think that I am fine but it is not true. On the contrary it is her beauty that changes my mood and condition. However…..


Shayad wo likh he dai muje tere haq mai

tou katib e taqdeer se zara israr tou kar

With special thanks to for magnificent images. 


Dard ho dil mai tou dawa kegeye

dil he jab dard ho tou kya kegeye

If I am myself the problem then what can you do. Therefore move on….. for freindship poetry urdu images.


Be loos wafaye koi hum se sekhe

jise tooth kar chaha ese khabr na te

Friendship poetry in urdu two lines


urdu shayari – dosti ki yaad

Wo muj se bichar kar ab tak roya nahe ghalib

koi tou he hamdard jo ese rona nahe deta


missing poetry for best friend in urdu

Mai es shaks ko kaise manawo ga mohsin

jo muj se rota he meri muhabbat kai sabab


sachi dosti poetry sms

Pir esi bewafa pe marte he

pir wahe zindage hamari he


Wo jo be panah chahte te

wo ab panah chahte he


Roone se or ishq mai be baaq ho gaye

dhoo aye hum itne kai pak ho gye

82. friendship poetry in urdu sms

sachi dosti poetry

Muhabbat ki dunya mai mehboob jab la hasil ho

insan mar tou jata he magar moat nahe ate


Be khudi be sabab nahe ghalib

kuch to he jis ki parda dari he


sachi dosti poetry sms

Dil munafiq ta shabe hijar mai soya kese

or jb tuj se mila tooth kai roya kaise


friendship poetry in urdu

Moat aye to din pehre  ghalib

zindage ne tou mar dala he


Suna he tumhari ak nigah se katal hote he log

ak nazar hum ko be dekh lo kai zindage achi nahe lagte


Kab wo sunta he kahani meri

or pir wo be zubani meri


Kisi bewafa ki khatir youn dil ko na jalawo

jo tumhe bhool chuka he ose tum be bhool jawo

dost poetry


Sad Friendship Poetry

Sakoon or ishq wo be dono ak sath

rehne do ghalib koi aqal ki baat karo

Indeed, Ghalib was one of those hurt ones. Further, he reiterates that love and misery goes side by side.

Therefore, do not be surprised if you suffer in love.


Jesay dhaga ho koi tasbeh may

Aisay sanson kay darmian ho tm

Friendship poetry in urdu sms


Koi kisi ka muntazr nahi hota

Hm khud ko bewako banatay hn bs


Khud pay beti ho to rotay ho saktay ho

Wo jo hm nay kia tha wo ishq nahi tha


Alfaz ishara karain gay janay ka

Tm ankain padna aur ruk jana

Sad Friendship Poetry


Us nay rakhi hi nahi mujh say bana kr

Warna us say wo ishq karta zamana yaad rakhta

Fault was not on my part, rather it was her who was not interested. Had it been the other way around, i’d have loved her till date. Certainly, no one believes me. Therefore, leave it…


Dostron kay andar say keray nikalnay walon ko

Khud kay andr saanp kyun nahi nazar atay

دوسروں کے اندر سے کیڑے نکالنے والوں کو

خود کے اندر سانپ کیوں نہیں نظر آتے


Rang ghusay ka alag aur alag pyar ka rang

Koi daikhay to sahi aakay meray yaar ka rang

However, so friendship poetry in urdu two lines


Kabhi jb may nahi hun ga

Tumhay wo sb yaad ayega

کبھی جب میں نهیں هوں گا

تمهیں وه سب یاد آۓ گا


Meri awaz ko tarsay gi sammat teri

Umar bhar tujh ko meri call kahi ayegi

Indeed, when am gone then you will realize my absence. Surely I won’t recieve your call again,


dosti shayari in urdu

Marta nahi hai koi kisi kay bagair ye haqiqat hai zindagi ki

Lekin sirf sans lenay ko hi to jena nahi kehtay


sachi dosti poetry in urdu

Mayous hogia dil is zindagi kay safar say

Maqsad ki muhabatain hn aur matlb ki yarain


friendship poetry in urdu

Ab faqat daikhtay hi rehtay hn

Warna hm bhi to boltay thay kbhi

اب فقط دیکھتے ہی رہتے ہیں

ورنہ ہم بھی تو بولتے تھے کبھی

In sum, friendship is something that is sacred.

Besides, do not sell yourself short when it comes to friendship. Perhaps, you will not find a sincere friend again if you betray him for something material item.

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