Top 100+ Killer Eyes Poetry in Urdu – Ankhen shayari

Eyes poetry in Urdu brings attention to beautiful eyes in Urdu poetry. In fact, eyes are one of the most prominent organs of human body. You communicate through eyes in different manners.

Whereas, eyes can easily be called a gateway to a person’s soul. If you want to understand what a person is up to you can tell it from his eyes which is thoroughly talked about in eyes poetry in Urdu.

Moreover, her eyes can give you multifarious signals e. sad eyes, happy eyes, amazed eyes, shocked eyes and so on. Thus, ankhen shayari or eyes poetry in Urdu educates and informs you about the beauty as well as other aspects of eyes.



killer eyes meaning in urdu

killer eyes poetry

Un ras bari ankooh mai haya khel rahe he

Do zeher ke piyalo mai qaza khel rahe he



Eyes poetry in urdu

sirf hathoo ko na dekho kabhi ankeeh be parho

kuch sawali bare khudar howa karte he

O my word!

Again, spare a second and checkout my eyes. They are begging for your attention which you are not giving. Further, I may not face it on your face due to my ego but my eyes tells the story, you just have read them.

3. Eyes poetry in urdu

Eyes poetry in urdu

ankooh se door sahe dil se kaha javo ge

jane wale tum hame yad bohut avo ge

(Eyes poetry in urdu)


killer eyes meaning in urdu

fursat mile to bet ke sochna

tum be mare ho ya hum tumhare he

killer eyes meaning in urdu


Eyes poetry in urdu
Ankhen shayari

talab hoti he jab tere didar ki

hum dono ankeeh band kar laite he


shaere mai jo likhe te lafz sare pekhe se te mare

shaere to darasal teri en ankooh mai te

(Eyes poetry in Urdu, Ankhen shayari, Eyes poetry)


Eyes poetry

poetry on eyes

ab tak meri yadoo se mithaye nahe mithta

bheeje howi ak sham ka manzar teri ankeeh

Some memories just get imprinted on your brain, no matter what you do you can’t get rid of them.

Remember that one night I took you on my bike? It was December a chilling night. Yet, we went to eat some ice-cream. Not only was it super tasty but the whether made it more memorable.

Indeed, I cannot forget that memory of ours among the many we have had together.

killer eyes meaning in urdu


soo soo umeede bandhe te ak ak nigah par

mujko na piyar se dekha kare koi


(Eyes poetry in urdu)

Eyes poetry in urdu

jo en ki ankooh se bayan hote he

wo lafz shaere mai kaha hote he

khubsurat aankhen poetry in urdu


khubsurat aankhen poetry in urdu

poetry on eyes in urdu

tumhari ankh se tapke tou mutabar tehre

hamari ankh se behta raha faqat pani

If you do it then there is no problem and if we do it then there’s a huge issue. Such duplicity…



Eyes poetry in urdu

qeed khane he bin salakho kai

kuch youn charche he tumhari ankooh kai

khubsurat aankhen poetry in urdu


hijar ta tara dhoob chala he dhelne lage he raat wasi

qatra qatra baras rahe he ashkoo ki barsat wasai

13. Ankhen shayari

shayari on eyes in urdu

wo bolte rahe hum sunte rahe

jawab ankooh mai ta wo zuban mai dhondte rahe


Ankhen shayari, Eyes poetry

ap ak zehmat nazar tou kare

kon be hosh ho nahe sakhta

15. khubsurat aankhen poetry in urdu

khubsurat aankhen poetry in urdu

ashaq ankooh se ye keh kar nikhla

ye tere zabth ki had he

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Eyes poetry in urdu

saqi dekh zamane ne kesi tohmat lagaye he

ankeeh tere nasheele he sharabi muje kehte he

17. Eyes poetry in Urdu

Eyes poetry in urdu

poetry on eyes in urdu 2 lines sms

ankooh se mari es liye lali nahe jate

yadoo se koi raat khali nahe jati

Although. you betrayed me and left me in the luirch. But there doesn’t go a night when I don’t think about you.

Aankhon pe shayari in urdu


Aankhon pe shayari in urdu

poetry on eyes in urdu text

ruksat karne kai adaab nibhane he te

band ankooh se es ko jata dekh liya he


Aankhon pe shayari in urdu

attitude eyes poetry in urdu

os ki ankeeh sawal karti he

or mari himmat jawab dai jate he


kabhi dekho ge kafan ki gira khol kar mera chehra

band honge ankeeh jinhe tum roz rulaya karte te

When I am gone and my eyes are close, then you will know that I was on the right. Though, it will be too late.


Eyes poetry in Urdu

muj se kehte te wo sharabi ankeeh

ao wo zehar mat piya kegeye

22. (Eyes poetry in Urdu, Ankhen shayari, Eyes poetry)

kisi ki ankh se sapne chura kar kuch nahe milta

manderoo se charagho ko bujha kar kuch nahe milta

Aankhen poetry in urdu 2 lines sms


bas ak nigah se hum khareed le enhe

jinhe naaz he kai wo bikhte nahe

Aankhen poetry in urdu 2 lines sms


Eyes poetry in Urdu

aa dekh mare ankh kai bhege howe musam

ye kis ne keh diya kai tujhe hum bhool gaye hum

Udas aankhen urdu poetry


poetry about eyes in urdu

ankooh ma chub gaye teri yadoo ki karchiya

kandhoo pe gham ki shawl he or chand raat he


Udas aankhen urdu poetry

eyes quotes in urdu

mujhe tum par or tumhari ankooh par

baroosa ta dono ne mujhe daas liya


Udas aankhen urdu poetry

kuch be ho mai tou ilzam tumhe do ga

tum masoom bohut ho magar ye tumhari ankeeh


Enjoy more beautiful poetry on

tujhe bholna nahe mumkin es ka taqaza na kya kar

ankeeh andhe be hojaye tou ansoo nahe rukha karte

Sad poetry on eyes


urdu poetry on beauty of eyes

jab be dekhta ho muj se har bar naza chura laite he

mai ne kaghaz pe be bana kai dekhe he ankeeh oski


samandar mai utarta ho tou ankeeh bheeg jati he

teri ankooh ko parhta ho to ankeeh bheeg jati he

Sad poetry on eyes


Eyes poetry in Urdu

Ankhen shayari

kya kashish te tumhari ankooh mai

tumhe dekha or tumhara hogaya

Eyes poetry in urdu sms


nazar ko nazar bar kai dekha

nazar ko nazar ki nazar lag gaye


poetry on beautiful eyes in urdu

serf hathoo ko na dekho ankeeh be parho

kuch sawali bohut khudar howa karte he



jheel acha kanool acha kai jaam acha he

teri ankooh kai liye kon sa nam acha he

Your eyes are unique. Besides, I have no means to define them.

Sometimes, I relate them with a vast occasion. An occasion so wide and mammoth that anything can fit into it.

Especially, when you wear maskara in it, they look like a dark night when it fall. A night so dark where I cannot see own hand. In sum, your eyes are unmatched.


Eyes poetry in Urdu

hazaroo musamo ki hukamrani he mare dil par

wasi mai jab be hansta ho tou ankeeh bheeg jati he


poetry for eyes in urdu

os ki nigaah mai koi jadoo zarur ta

jis par be patri os keh jigar mai utar gaye

One look from you and I gave you my heart…


Eyes poetry in Urdu

eyes poetry in urdu copy paste

dil mai jab jaga nahe bachte

dard ankooh mai pheel jata he


Ankhen shayari

tumhari yaad mai ankooh ka ruth jaga he

koi khawab naya aye tou kaise aye


har ak muflis kai mathe par alam ki daastane he

koi chehra be parhta ho to ankeeh bheeg jati he

Eyes poetry in urdu sms


dhooba howa o na nikal pawo ga mai

khubsurat muskurahat or teri ankooh se

Moreover, It was only your killer smile and killer eyes what took my heart.

Urdu poetry on beautiful eyes


Ankhen shayari

kuch tou he teri ankooh mai warna

you he dekhne wale nahe marte


ye jo ankooh mai mare pani he

ak meharaba ki mehrabani he

43. Beautiful eyes 

chak ka dekh li dunya bhar ki sharab

jo nasha teri ankooh mai ta wo kisi mai nahe

Urdu poetry on beautiful eyes


eyes romantic poetry in urdu

khilna kam kam khali se seekha he

es ki ankooh ki neem khwabi se


hum umer bhar jin ka na dai sakhe jawab

wo ak nazar mai itne sawal kar gaye

Poetry in urdu on eyes


zaruri tou nahe muhabbat lafzo mai bayan ho

kya meri ankeeh tumhe kuch be nahe kehti

Can’t you read my eyes? The amount of warmth and love for you in them. Clearly, I can’t confess it in front of you because your pressure but you have the wisdom to see it in my eyes.

47. Eyes poetry in Urdu ////// Ankhen shayari

Eyes poetry in Urdu

khawab dekhe he es qadar mai ne

ab tou ankeeh be tanz karte he

Poetry in urdu on eyes


teri ankooh kai jado se to khud nahe he waqif

ye ese be jena sekha daite he jise marne ka shoq ho

Urdu poetry on eyes facebook


go hath ko janbish nahe ankooh mai to dam he

rehne do abhe saghar wo meena mare aage

Urdu poetry on eyes facebook


teri surat ko jab se dekha he

meri ankooh pe log marte he


Ha kabhi khawab e ishq dekha ta

ab tak ankooh se khoon tapakta he

(Eyes poetry in Urdu, Eyes poetry, Ankhen shayari)

Don’t take your eyes so lightly. Forget about anything else, just think that you can see all the colors of the world though these eyes. Be thankful for it………..

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