Wafa Be Mol Drama: Cast, Story, Timing & Other Facts

“Wafa Be Mol” is a captivating family drama that graced the screens in 2021, finding its home on Hum TV. The narrative intricately weaves elements of love, hatred, and familial challenges, offering viewers a rollercoaster of emotions. With Nuzhat Saman as the story’s architect and Meer Sikandar at the helm of direction, the drama has become a notable addition to the Pakistani television landscape. Let’s delve into the cast, unraveling the real-life stories of these talented actors.

Meet the Stellar Cast of Wafa Be Mol Drama

Ali Abbas as Azeer 

Ali Abbas, essaying the role of Azeer in “Wafa Be Mol,” is more than just a character in a drama; he is a scion of artistic brilliance. As the son of legendary Pakistani actor Waseem Abbas, Ali brings a wealth of experience and skill to his roles. Born into an artistic dynasty, Ali’s grandfather, Inayat Hussain Bhatti, was a renowned singer in Pakistan. This seasoned actor, aged 37, has graced many Pakistani dramas and telefilms, carving his niche in the industry. Beyond the screen, Ali is a married man, sharing his life with Hamna Ali.

Komal Meer as Hania 

Komal Meer, the talented and youthful actress portraying Hania, is making waves in the Pakistani drama scene. Starting her acting journey at the age of 19, Komal has become a prominent face on television. Born on June 17, 1998, in Islamabad, Pakistan, she is currently 23 years old. Komal is the only daughter in her family, surrounded by the love of her three younger brothers. While they reside in Islamabad, Komal has ventured to Karachi, the hub of showbiz, to pursue her passion.

Komal has left an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers with her performances in dramas like “Qurbatian,” “Ehd-e-Wafa,” “Resham Gali Ki Husna,” and “Log Kya Kahenge.” As she takes on the lead role of Hania in Wafa Be Mol, her upcoming drama “Benaam” is set to grace the TV screens soon. With 339k followers on Instagram, Komal Meer has become a social media sensation, sharing glimpses of her life off-screen.

Arez Ahmed  

Arez Ahmed, a promising young Pakistani model and actor, has graced the screen with his charm and talent. Embarking on his career journey in 2017, Arez has become a notable face in the industry. His role as Shaheer in the drama serial Wafa Be Mol showcases not only his acting prowess but also his striking good looks.

Holding a degree in Bachelor of Maritime Studies from the Institute of Business Management, University Karachi, Arez Ahmed combines intellectual acumen with his on-screen skills. A private individual, he keeps his date of birth confidential. Unmarried and with no immediate plans for marriage, Arez maintains a low profile in his personal life. With 111k followers on Instagram, he has become a social media presence.

Arez Ahmed takes on the character of Shaheer in Wafa Be Mol, contributing to the drama’s dynamic cast. His performance adds depth to the narrative, bringing Shaheer to life with authenticity and flair.

Sukaina Khan

Sukaina Khan, a graceful Pakistani actress and model, transitioned from the world of fashion to television screens. Beginning her modeling career in 2013, Sukaina worked with various brands before making her mark in the drama industry. Her portrayal of Nazneen in Wafa Be Mol reflects her versatility as an actress.

Born on June 29, 1989, in Karachi, Sukaina Khan is currently 32 years old and happily engaged. With her Instagram handle “suky_nahkhan_official” boasting 97.6k followers, Sukaina offers glimpses into her life beyond the screen.

Zain Afzal

Zain Afzal, a renowned Pakistani actor known for his comedic roles, brings his exceptional talent to Wafa Be Mol in the character of Hammad. Born on January 23, 1990, in Lahore, Pakistan, Zain, at 31, has earned acclaim for his memorable performances.

Zain Afzal’s notable work includes the 2018 Hum TV drama “Sanwari,” where he portrayed the character of Taimoor. With 14.5k followers on Instagram, Zain shares glimpses of his life and career with his dedicated audience.

Hina Javed 

Hina Javed, a promising face in the Pakistani entertainment industry, has swiftly risen to fame as an actress and model. Notably, she is the sister of the renowned Pakistani actress Sana Javed. Hina gained widespread recognition for her role as Wateera in the blockbuster drama serial “Mere Paas Tum Ho.” Currently, she graces the cast of the drama “Wafa Be Mol” in the role of Fatima, adding depth to the storyline.

With a notable presence on Instagram with 95.8k followers, Hina Javed is becoming a social media sensation. Her talent and charisma make her a valuable addition to the cast of “Wafa Be Mol.”

Abul Hasan 

Abul Hasan, a versatile Pakistani actor known for his impactful supporting roles, steps into the cast of “Wafa Be Mol” as Amir. His ability to bring depth to characters has earned him recognition in the industry. With 21.7k followers on Instagram, Abul Hasan has carved a niche for himself in the world of Pakistani drama.

Kanwal Khan 

Kanwal Khan, a multifaceted talent born on October 7, 1998, in Karachi, Pakistan, is an actress, model, and TikTok star. At the age of 23, Kanwal made a significant contribution to the cast of “Wafa Be Mol” in the role of Shehzeen. With 17.8k followers on Instagram, she shares glimpses of her life beyond the screen.

Shehzeen Rahat 

Shehzeen Rahat, a Pakistani actress known for her role in the drama serial “Khaani” on Geo TV, takes on the character of Noori in “Wafa Be Mol.” Beyond her acting career, Shehzeen garnered attention for her wedding to Shoaib Lashari on April 16, 2021.

Fazila Qazi 

Fazila Qazi stands as a multi-talented star in the Pakistani entertainment industry, contributing as an actress, producer, writer, and chef. With a career spanning since 1988, Fazila has graced numerous dramas. She is married to actor Kaiser Khan Nizamani and has 19.5k followers on Instagram.

Wafa Be Mol Drama Storyline

“Wafa Be Mol” storyline revolves around Wafa, who, after her father’s death, is left alone to deal with the family debts. Daniyal, a friend of Wafa’s father, proposes marriage to her in return for forgiving the loan. Reluctantly, Wafa agrees to marry Daniyal and starts living with him. The foundation of their marriage weakens when Saira, a previous friend of Daniyal, makes a comeback in his life. The drama explores Wafa’s sacrifices and the challenges she faces in her marriage with Daniyal. The main cast includes Babar Ali as Daniyal, Mansha Pasha as Wafa, Nausheen Shah as Saira, Wahaj Ali as Hashir, and Maryam Effendi as Maham

Final Thoughts

As “Wafa Be Mol” unfolds its captivating narrative, the diverse and talented cast, including Hina Javed, Abul Hasan, Kanwal Khan, Shehzeen Rahat, and Fazila Qazi, adds layers of drama, emotion, and authenticity to the storyline. Each actor brings a unique flair to their characters, ensuring that the viewers remain engaged in the unfolding tale of love, family, and intrigue. Stay tuned for the ongoing drama that promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

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