Badnaseeb Drama: Cast, Story, Timing & Other Facts

“Badnaseeb” emerges as a compelling addition to Hum TV’s lineup, offering viewers a riveting narrative steeped in family problems, love, jealousy, and the complexities that arise within a household. This drama, penned by Jahanzeb Qamar, directed by Haseeb Ali, and produced by Momina Duraid, brings together a talented ensemble cast to breathe life into the intricate storyline.

The Family Dynamics:

At the core of “Badnaseeb” is the family of Saeed, portrayed by the seasoned actor Kamran Jilani. The family structure revolves around Saeed’s relationships with his son, two daughters, and the memory of his deceased wife. While Saeed showers his son with affection and care, he seems indifferent and often angered by his daughters.

The drama weaves a tale of familial intricacies, portraying the struggles, conflicts, and emotional bonds that define the dynamics within Saeed’s household.

Meet the “Badnaseeb” Cast:

The “Badnaseeb” drama cast, a blend of seasoned actors and emerging talents, brings authenticity to the characters, enhancing the viewing experience. Let’s delve into the details of the main cast members:

Kamran Jilani as Saeed:

Kamran Jilani, born on August 5, 1982, in Lahore, Pakistan, takes on the pivotal role of Saeed. With an extensive portfolio in Pakistani dramas and television commercials, Kamran brings depth to the character, steering the narrative through the family’s ups and downs.

Dania Anwar as Mahrukh:

Dania Anwar steps into the character of Mahrukh, portraying the role of a stepmother navigating the complexities of familial relationships. Born on January 11, 1979, in Karachi, Dania infuses authenticity into her performance, contributing to the emotional resonance of “Badnaseeb.”

Maria Malik as Dua:

Maria Malik graces the screen as Dua, adding a layer of brilliance to her character. A talented actress and model, Maria debuted in the drama scene with “Khubsurat” in 2016.

Anoosheh Rania as Dua [Child Role]:

Anoosheh Rania, a rising child artist, captures hearts as the younger version of Dua in “Badnaseeb.” Hailing from a Pathan family in Peshawar, Anoosheh brings youthful charm to the storyline.

The ensemble cast also features remarkable talents like Ayesha Sohail, Daniyal Khan, Falak Shahzad, Sana Nadir Shah, Khushi Maheen, Atabik Mohsin, Hareem Sohail, Komail Anam, Ahmed Rafique, Afraz Rasool, Agha Talal, Sharmeen Ali, and the seasoned Samina Ahmed.

Release, Timing, and Teasers:

“Badnaseeb” graces Hum TV screens, unfolding its narrative every week. The drama captivates audiences with its intriguing storyline, exploring the highs and lows of familial bonds.

Teasers and promotional content for “Badnaseeb” are available on Hum TV’s official channels, offering glimpses into the emotional rollercoaster that awaits viewers.

As the drama continues to unfold, audiences are sure to be drawn into the intricate web of relationships, unveiling the layers of storytelling crafted by the talented team behind “Badnaseeb.” Stay tuned for the twists and turns that lie ahead in this family saga on Hum TV.

Exploring the Diverse Ensemble of “Badnaseeb” Drama Cast on Hum TV

Diving into the intricacies of family dynamics, “Badnaseeb” unfolds a captivating narrative on Hum TV, offering viewers a glimpse into the world of familial complexities, love, and strife. The drama, written by Jahanzeb Qamar, directed by Haseeb Ali, and produced by Momina Duraid, boasts a talented cast that breathes life into the diverse characters.

Introducing the Remaining “Badnaseeb” Cast:

Ayesha Sohail as Maham:

Ayesha Sohail, a fresh face in Pakistan’s entertainment arena, steps into the role of Maham in “Badnaseeb.” This marks her debut in the drama scene, adding a new dimension to the cast. Prior to her acting venture, Ayesha showcased her modeling prowess in a poster for Zong Telecom.

Daniyal Khan as Shani:

Daniyal Khan, recognized for his role as Zeeshan in the drama “Bewafa,” takes on the character of Shani in “Badnaseeb.” Emerging as a talented Pakistani actor and model, Daniyal brings a fresh perspective to his roles.

Falak Shahzad as Shani [Child Role]:

As a child actor and model, Falak Shahzad steps into the shoes of Shani’s childhood in “Badnaseeb.” With numerous appearances in dramas and TV commercials, Falak adds youthful charm to the narrative.

Sana Nadir Shah as Silah:

Sana Nadir Shah graces the screen as Silah, contributing to the visual appeal of “Badnaseeb.” Hailing from a family rooted in the entertainment industry, Sana brings both beauty and talent to her role.

Khushi Maheen as Silah [Child Role]:

Khushi Maheen takes on the responsibility of portraying Silah’s childhood in “Badnaseeb.” A talented child artist, Khushi has already left an impact with her role in the drama serial “Beti Hi To Hai.”

Atabik Mohsin as Asjad:

Atabik Mohsin steps into the shoes of Asjad in “Badnaseeb,” adding depth to the ensemble cast. His portrayal of Asjad contributes to the multifaceted storyline.

Hareem Sohail as Ramsha:

Hareem Sohail, a star in “Badnaseeb,” essays the role of Ramsha. Her presence in the drama, coupled with her appearance in “Baddua,” showcases her versatility as an actress.

Komail Anam as Zaviyar:

In the character of Zaviyar Khan, Komail Anam graces the screen in “Badnaseeb.” Known for his role as Wali Muhammad in “Sinf-e-Aahan,” Komail brings his acting prowess to this family drama.

Ahmed Rafique as Shahzad:

Ahmed Rafique, a rising actor and model from Karachi, portrays Shahzad opposite Dua in “Badnseeb.” His inclusion in the cast adds depth to the character dynamics.

Afraz Rasool as Farhan:

Afraz Rasool, an actor, model, and former VJ, takes on the role of Farhan in “Badnaseeb,” contributing his skills to the narrative.

Agha Talal as Amjad:

Making his mark in “Badnaseeb,” Agha Talal stars as Amjad. A versatile actor and model, Agha Talal debuted with Hum TV drama “Yaqeen Ka Safar.”

Sharmeen Ali as Asmat:

Sharmeen Ali portrays the character of Asmat in “Badnaseeb.” Her role adds depth and nuance to the storyline, showcasing her talent as an actress and model.

Samina Ahmed [Saeed’s Mother]:

A stalwart in Pakistani entertainment, Samina Ahmed takes on the pivotal role of Saeed’s mother in “Badnaseeb.” Born on March 20, 1947, in Lahore, Pakistan, Samina brings her wealth of experience to the drama.

The Continuing Saga:

As “Badnaseeb” unfolds its intricate narrative, the ensemble cast, both seasoned and emerging, contributes to the emotional depth and authenticity of the storyline. Viewers can anticipate more twists, turns, and riveting performances as the drama progresses.

Feel free to share your thoughts on meeting the remaining members of the “Badnaseeb” cast in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more insights into Pakistani drama casts and showbiz news on our website, Instagram, and Facebook. Thanks!

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