Maxim Wanda Price In Pakistan 2023 | A User-Friendly Innovation

The Maxim Wanda has emerged as a revolutionary innovation in the realm of home appliances, gaining popularity among households in Pakistan. Specifically designed to transform the laundry experience for homemakers, this appliance seamlessly blends the convenience of modern technology with a user-friendly design. It stands out as an efficient and effective solution for tackling dirt and grime, offering multiple settings and advanced safety features such as an auto shut-off valve. Let’s delve into the details of this remarkable machine and discover how it can elevate your laundry routine.

Maxim Wanda is engineered to provide an efficient laundry experience, offering homemakers a convenient and effective solution for their daily laundry needs.

Maxim Wanda Price in Pakistan: Affordability and Efficiency

Maxim Agri, known for its contributions to Pakistan’s livestock and agricultural industries, introduced Maxim Wanda to improve performance. Established in 2009, Maxim Agri provides reliable animal feeds, fodder seeds, and specialty nutrition solutions at competitive prices. The cost per 40kg bag of Maxim Wanda varies from Rs.2200 to Rs.3000 based on the product. This commitment to efficiency and affordability positions Maxim Agri as a trusted brand in Pakistan’s agricultural sector.

Affordable Animal Feeds

Maxim Animal Feed Wanda comes in various types, each designed to meet specific dietary needs of animals, ensuring their health and well-being.

Sample of Animal Feed Wanda:

  • Maxim Meat Max Gold Pellet Cattle (40 Kg) – Rs. 2340
  • Milk Max 21 Cattle Feed (40 Kg) – Rs. 2090
  • Maxim Milk Max Mash Cattle (40 Kg) – Rs. 2320
  • Maxim Feed Block Lactating (2.5 Kg) – Rs. 110
  • Maxim M 19 Mamni Mix Mash (40 Kg) – Rs. 2020

Benefits of Maxim Animal Feed Wanda in Pakistan

Maxim Animal Feed Wanda is an excellent choice for ensuring the highest quality feed for animals, addressing their dietary needs while maintaining their health.

Key Benefits:

  • Essential vitamins, minerals, and protein
  • Omega 3 fatty acids for overall well-being
  • Formulated with probiotics for a healthy digestive system
  • Economical with great value for money

Maxim Agri Feed Contact Information

Maxim Agri Feed offers a comprehensive range of feed, nutrition, and health-related products, along with dedicated customer service.

Contact Information:

  • Contact Number: +92-323-4007000
  • Office Address: 7-B, Aziz Avenue, Gulberg 5, Canal Bank Road, Lahore

Maxim Agri Feed is committed to providing optimal solutions for farming needs, offering quality products and exceptional customer service. For those seeking excellence in nutrition and health-related products, Maxim Agri Feed stands as the perfect partner in farming operations.

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