Phoenix Bicycle Price Range in Pakistan 2023

Bicycle riding is gaining immense popularity in Pakistan due to its dual benefits of providing excellent exercise and being environmentally friendly. For those considering joining the cycling trend and opting for a reliable and affordable bicycle, the Phoenix brand has emerged as a noteworthy choice. This post aims to guide prospective buyers through the diverse range of Phoenix bicycles available in Pakistan, shedding light on the various types and their respective pricing.

Discover the rising trend of bicycle riding in Pakistan and explore the reasons behind its popularity, encompassing health benefits and environmental consciousness.

Phoenix Bicycle Price Range in Pakistan

The pricing of Phoenix bicycles in Pakistan spans a broad spectrum, ranging from Rs. 4400 to Rs. 50,000. This extensive price range caters to the diverse preferences and budgets of consumers. Phoenix offers a variety of models, ensuring customers have options that align with their financial considerations and intended usage. Whether it’s mountain bikes or hybrid versions, Phoenix provides choices in sizes, frame materials, wheel sizes, and gear sets. The higher-end range caters to recreational use and touring adventures, featuring lighter frames, durable components, and precise shifters.

Affordability and Variety

Explore the affordability and variety offered by Phoenix bicycles, ensuring there’s a suitable option for every individual’s budget and style preferences.

Highlighted Phoenix Bicycle Models in Pakistan

1. Phoenix Cycle 875 Model

The Phoenix Cycle 875 Model stands out as the top-tier choice among Phoenix bicycles in Pakistan. Crafted with high-quality materials, this bike guarantees a smooth riding experience for both adults and children. Available in two sizes (20″ and 26″), it accommodates riders of all ages and sizes. Priced at an attractive Rs. 15,500, it strikes an excellent balance between quality and affordability.

2. Phoenix New Cycle

Positioned as the premier choice for cycling enthusiasts in Pakistan, the Phoenix New Cycle boasts 24-inch wheels, providing stability and balance. Constructed from high-grade aluminum alloy, the frame undergoes rigorous durability testing. With a comfortable seat, smooth gears, and reliable brakes, this bike ensures a pleasant riding experience. Priced at 45,900 rupees, it offers unparalleled quality for the cost.

3. Phoenix 28 Traditional Bicycle

The Phoenix 28 Traditional Bicycle SPB15 Black Bike caters to those seeking long-term use and adventurous rides. With a robust steel fork and rim construction, it accommodates heavier riders and tackles tougher terrains effortlessly. Equipped with single-speed gears, fork suspension, a soft-tail frame, and double V brakes, this bicycle guarantees comfort and stopping power. With a load capacity of 120kg, it stands as a reliable and durable choice, available at an attractive price of Rs. 35,900.


Phoenix bicycles present an excellent investment opportunity, combining durability, performance, and competitive pricing. With a commitment to quality and a diverse range, Phoenix bicycles are poised to meet the varied needs of cyclists in Pakistan. If you are in the market for a new bicycle, exploring the offerings from Phoenix is a worthwhile endeavor.

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