New Asia Auto Rickshaw Models and Prices in Pakistan

Rev up your curiosity as we dive into the world of convenient commuting with the latest offerings from New Asia in the realm of auto-rickshaws. This blog post is your ticket to exploring the innovative and efficient New Asia Auto Rickshaw Models and Prices in Pakistan. Whether you’re a driver looking to upgrade your ride or someone intrigued by the evolution of auto-rickshaw technology, join us on this journey as we unveil the new models and their corresponding prices. Let’s navigate the streets of Pakistan in style and affordability with the latest from New Asia Auto Rickshaws.

New Asia Auto Rickshaw Models and Prices in Pakistan

  1. 3 Seater Auto Rickshaw
    • Engine: 200cc CNG
    • Price: Rs.270,000
  2. 6 Seater Auto Rickshaw
    • Engine: 200cc CNG/Petrol
    • Price: Rs.325,000

Key Features of Asia Model Rickshaw

The Asia Model Rickshaw, designed for the city of Karachi, offers versatility with 3-seater and 6-seater variants, catering to both personal and commercial needs.

  • 4-stroke engine for enhanced performance and fuel efficiency
  • Front engine design for a smoother ride
  • 200cc engine for maximum power output
  • Self-start system for easy startup
  • High-visibility headlight for safety at night

Benefits of Asia Model Rickshaw

The Asia Model Rickshaw brings several benefits for both commercial and personal users. For businesses, it offers a reliable and efficient mode of transport, facilitating quick and safe goods transportation. Personal users enjoy a smooth ride with enhanced safety features, making it ideal for any time of day.

Buying and Warranty Information

For those ready to experience the Asia Model Rickshaw, the process is seamless. Visit the official website to place an order, benefit from competitive prices, and enjoy fast delivery. Worried about your investment? Rest easy with a full warranty on all Asia Model Rickshaws, ensuring coverage for any unforeseen issues.

Fuel Efficiency Data and Stylish Features

New Asia Factory shares intriguing data on the fuel efficiency of their rickshaws, catering to different needs.

  • Loader Rickshaw: Impressive average mileage of 22 to 23 kilometers per liter.
  • 6-Seater and 3-Seater CNG Auto Rickshaws: Respectable mileage, offering an economical choice for short-distance public transportation.

Asia Model 6-Seater Rickshaw

The Asia Model 6-Seater Rickshaw is a reliable and stylish transportation mode designed for those seeking comfort and style.


  • Self-start, 200cc engine
  • Water cold CDI
  • Disk brake system for maximum safety
  • Plenty of storage space for belongings
  • Comfortable seating for up to six people

Final Thoughts

Despite challenges, the demand for New Asia Rickshaws and Loaders remains high in the Pakistani market. The vehicles’ utility, fuel efficiency, and durability contribute to their popularity. With innovative solutions, competitive pricing, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, the New Asia Group of Companies stands as a reliable source of transportation in Pakistan.

  • The new Asia Rickshaw prices in Pakistan are reasonable, providing a cost-efficient transportation solution.
  • Increased production of Asia Rickshaws contributes to urban development and enhanced mobility.
  • These innovative rickshaws offer faster access, cost savings, and improved designs for urban riders.

The Asia Model Rickshaws are poised to revolutionize transportation in Pakistan’s cities, meeting the evolving needs of riders and contributing to the nation’s urban development.

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