Kuch Ankahi Drama: Cast, Story, Timing & Other Facts

“Kuch Ankahi” made its debut on ARY Digital in January 2023, swiftly garnering acclaim for its compelling storyline and commendable performances. This drama, helmed by the talented director Nadeem Baig, has left a lasting impression on audiences. Let’s delve into the ensemble cast, the storyline, and the captivating drama that unfolds in “Kuch Ankahi.”

Kuch Ankahi Drama Cast and Characters:

“Kuch Ankahi” boasts a stellar cast, each contributing to the narrative with nuanced performances. Here’s a glimpse of the actors and their respective roles:

Sajal Aly as Aliya:

In the drama serial “Kuch Ankahi,” the exceptionally talented Sajal Aly takes on the role of Aliya Agha, delivering a phenomenal performance. Renowned for her prowess in both Pakistani dramas and films, Sajal has been a lead in numerous super-hit dramas, with “Yakeen Ka Safar” and “O Rangreza” showcasing her acting brilliance. At 29, Sajal Aly, hailing from Karachi, commands a massive fan following, and her fans eagerly anticipate her outstanding performances in Urdu dramas.

Bilal Abbas Khan as Salman:

Portraying the character of Salman in “Kuch Ankahi,” Bilal Abbas adds charm and excellence to the drama. A wonderful and dashing Pakistani drama and film actor, Bilal has witnessed success in recent super-hit dramas like “Dobara.” Born into a Pashtun family in Karachi, Bilal joined showbiz in 2026 and has been a part of hit dramas.

Mira Sethi as Samiya:

Playing the role of Samia, Aliya’s elder sister, in “Kuch Ankahi,” Mira Sethi, daughter of famous Pakistani journalist Najam Sethi and sister of singer Ali Sethi, brings her amazing acting and hosting skills to the drama. Her recent hit dramas include “Chupke Chupke” and “Parisatan.”

Qudsia Ali as Tania:

Qudsia Ali, essaying the character of Tania, Aliya’s youngest sister in “Kuch Ankahi,” showcases her amazing talent. Known for performing unique and different roles, her debut drama was “Aulaad.”

Mohammad Ahmed as Agha Jan:

Muhammad Ahmed delivers a heartwarming performance as Agha Jan, father to Sajal Aly’s character. With recent hit dramas like “Betiyaan” alongside Fatima Effendi, he continues to win hearts with his incredible acting skills.

Annie Zaidi as Almas:

Annie Zaidi, performing the role of Almas, Bilal Abbas’s mother, brings her seasoned acting skills to “Kuch Ankahi.” At 59 years old, she started her acting career in 1984 and has been part of many hit dramas, with her recent famous drama being “Taqdeer” with Alizeh Shah in 2022.

Additional Cast Members:

Irsa Ghazal

Irsa Ghazal appears as Shammo in “Kuch Ankahi,” showcasing her phenomenal acting skills. “Habs” and “Chaudhry and Sons” are her latest super-hit dramas.

Janice Tessa

Shehreyar Munawar

Shehreyar Munawar, portraying Asfar in “Kuch Ankahi,” stands out as one of the most handsome and talented Pakistani actors. His presence in super-hit Pakistani movies and dramas, including “Parey Hut Love,” has solidified his position in the industry.

Adnan Samad Khan

Adnan Samad Khan, known for his role in “Ehd e Wafa,” performs the character of Shakeel in “Kuch Ankahi.” Viewers appreciate his brilliant acting in this serial, with his recent drama being “Weham” with Kinza Hashmi Hashmi and Saweera Nadeem in 2022.

Babar Ali

Babar Ali plays the role of Agha Jan’s (Muhammad Ahmed) friend in the drama “Kuch Ankahi.” Having appeared in many hit dramas in lead and supporting roles, his recent hit drama was “Weham.”

Vaneeza Ahmed

Veena Ahmed, portraying Sofia Agha, Aliya’s phupho in “Kuch Ankahi,” brings ageless grace to the drama. At 51 years old, she continues to captivate audiences with her amazing on-screen chemistry with talented actor Babar Ali.

Asma Abbas

Asma Abbas, a legendary actress in the Pakistani drama industry, embodies the role of Zareena, the mother of Ali Safina, in “Kuch Ankahi.”

Ali Safina

Eman Khan

Emaan Khan, a rising star in the Pakistan drama industry, portrays Neha, Mina’s daughter in “Kuch Ankahi.” Known as the sister of the famous Pakistani drama actress Laiba Khan, Emaan’s recent drama is “Pinjra.”

Falak Shahzad

Zafar Abbas

Alina Abbas

In the role of Sehrish, Asfar’s step-sister, Alina Abbas captivates viewers with her outstanding acting and strong character portrayal in “Kuch Ankahi.”

Uroosa Siddiqui

Moona Shah

In the character of Aliya’s maid Meena, Moona Shah showcases her talent in “Kuch Ankahi.” Having joined the showbiz industry in 2023, her debut drama was “Maan K Moti.”

Zuhaib Asif

Saqib Sumeer

Musaddiq Malik

Musaddiq Malik, a Pakistani director and actor, takes on the role of Rafiq in “Kuch Ankahi.” Known for appearing in many hit dramas in lead roles, his recent drama was “Habs.”

Hammad Farooq

Abdullah Abid Malik

Yousuf Bashir Qureshi  

Yousuf Bashir Qureshi, a senior Pakistani drama actor, performs the role of Asfar’s father, adding a senior presence to the drama “Kuch Ankahi.”

Muhammad Ehteshamuddin


Drama Details:

  • Drama Title: Kuch Ankahi
  • Genre: Drama
  • Channel: ARY Digital
  • Total Episodes: TBA
  • Release Date: January 7, 2023
  • Directed By: Nadeem Baig
  • Written By: Syed Mohammad Ahmed
  • Produced By: Humayun Saeed, Shahzad Nasib
  • Production Company: Six Sigma Plus

Drama Story:

“Kuch Ankahi” delves into the lives of Agha G and his three daughters—Aliya, Tania, and Samia. Aliya, the eldest daughter, assumes the role of a caregiver, aiding her father in navigating financial challenges. The narrative unfolds with a blend of familial bonds, unspoken emotions, and unexpected twists that promise to keep viewers engaged.

Drama Timing:

Catch “Kuch Ankahi” every Saturday at 8:00 PM on ARY Digital, as the story unravels the unspoken facets of family relationships.


“Kuch Ankahi” stands as a testament to the prowess of Pakistani television, offering a captivating narrative brought to life by a talented ensemble cast. As the drama unfolds, audiences are taken on a journey that explores the intricacies of familial ties, making it a must-watch for drama enthusiasts. Feel free to share your thoughts on the recent episodes and the standout performances in the comments below.

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