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“Habs,” a fresh addition to the drama landscape of 2022, made its debut on ARY Digital, promising viewers a captivating storyline. Premiering on May 10, 2022, the drama unfolds with a narrative crafted by Aliya Makhdoom and brought to life under the directorial finesse of Musaddiq Malek. With the creative vision of Humayun Saeed and Shahzad Nasib, “Habs” is set to enthrall audiences with its unique storyline and talented cast.

Habs Drama Cast

Director Musaddiq Malek expressed high praise for the exceptional performances delivered by the Habs drama cast members, highlighting their impressive portrayal of respective roles. The collaborative efforts of the cast contribute to the overall success of the drama.

“Habs” is not only a showcase of stellar performances but also a product of creative minds. Crafted by Humayun Saeed and Shahzad Nasib, the drama promises to deliver excitement and entertainment to the audience.

The ensemble cast of “Habs” features talented actors and actresses, each contributing to the richness of the storyline. The complete cast includes real names, images, and additional information, offering viewers a glimpse into the world of “Habs.”

Key Details:

  • Drama Title: Habs
  • Genre: Drama
  • Channel: ARY Digital
  • Total Episodes: To Be Announced
  • Lead Cast:
  • Release Date: May 10, 2022
  • Timing: Every Tuesday at 8:00 PM
  • Directed By: Musaddiq Malek
  • Written By: Aliya Makhdoom
  • Produced By: Humayun Saeed, Shahzad Nasib
  • Production Company: Six Sigma Plus

Main Cast:

Ushna Shah

The versatile model and actress, Ushna Shah, takes on the character of Ayesha Saqib in Feroze Khan’s film. With an accomplished career that began in 2012, Ushna, aged 32, has been a leading figure in various hit dramas, including the recent success “Parizaad” alongside Ahmed Ali Akbar.

Feroze Khan

The charismatic and talented Feroze Khan graces the ensemble of “Habs” with his role as Basit Salman. Aged 31, Feroze initiated his acting journey in 2014 and gained recent acclaim for his stellar performance in the immensely popular series “Khuda Aur Mohabbat, Season 3.” Married to Alizeh Fatima, Feroze Khan is a proud father to a son and a daughter.

Dania Anwer

Dania Enwer impresses as Bano, Ayesha’s older sibling in the television drama “Habs.” Known for her fantastic acting, Dania’s recent projects include the drama “Badnaseeb.”

Imran Aslam

Taking on the role of Talal alongside Dania Enwer, Imran Aslam showcases his acting prowess in “Habs.” With a showbiz debut in 2010, Imran Aslam’s recent work includes the drama “Benaam.”

Hina Rizvi

Hina Rizvi contributes to the cast as Bobi Puppho, a character in the series drama “Habs.” Her recent work includes the drama “Hum Tum.”

Saba Faisal

The renowned and beautiful Pakistani actor, Saba Faisal, graces the screen as Ayesha’s mother in the drama series “Habs.”

Shazia Qaiser

In the role of Shamsa, Talal’s mother, Shazia Qaiser brings depth and authenticity to the character. A seasoned actress, Shazia Qaiser, at 50 years old, has showcased her talent in various dramas, with her recent appearance in “Haseena” leaving a lasting impression.

Irsa Ghazal

Irsa Ghazal takes on the character of Sadia in the television drama series “Habs.” Acting as Baist’s maternal grandmother, Irsa adds depth to the narrative.

Javed Sheikh

Javed Sheikh portrays the character of Basit’s father in the television serial “Habs.” The poignant storyline involves Basit’s father battling cancer, adding emotional depth to the plot.

Ayesha Omar

Renowned for her role in the hit drama “Bulbaly,” Ayesha Omar graces the cast of “Habs.” Aged 40, Ayesha Omar commenced her acting career in 2000 and has since made significant contributions to both movies and dramas. Her recent appearance includes the film “Rehbra,” co-starring with Ahsan Khan.

Musaddiq Malik

In the character of Fahad, Musaddiq Malik, aged 35, brings a compelling presence to the screen. Known for his recent performance in “Bharaas,” the actor’s portrayal of Fahad adds depth and intrigue to the unfolding drama. While details about his spouse remain undisclosed, Musaddiq’s on-screen charisma continues to captivate audiences.

Syeda Iman Zaidi

Syeda Iman Zaidi, with her role yet to be announced, remains a mystery in the upcoming drama. The actress, whose age and marital status are not known, leaves an air of anticipation with her recent involvement in “Jhooti.” Her contribution to the storyline is eagerly awaited.

Fareeda Shabbir

At 51 years old, Fareeda Shabbir adds a touch of experience to her yet-to-be-announced role. Married to Shabbir Jan, her recent appearance in “Mere Humnasheen” highlights her significant contributions to the world of Pakistani dramas. The audience awaits the revelation of her next character.

Janice Tessa

Dynamic and unmarried at 25, Janice Tessa takes on the character of Zoya, showcasing her youthful energy and acting talent. Her recent stint in “Habs” has left a mark, and her portrayal of Zoya promises to bring a fresh perspective to the unfolding narrative.

Hina Sheikh

Hina Sheikh adds an element of intrigue to the upcoming drama. With details about her age and marital status unknown, Hina’s recent participation in “Chalawa” hints at a noteworthy contribution, and viewers are eager to discover the nuances of her character.

Drama Story:

The plot of “Habs” revolves around Ayesha, a brilliant but impoverished girl, along with her sisters Bano and Zoya. Ayesha’s academic achievements bring accolades, but the story takes unpredictable turns, promising a rollercoaster of emotions.

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