Kaala Doriya Drama: Cast, Story, Timing & Other Facts

The 2022 Hum TV drama “Kaala Doriya” boasts a cast led by Sana and Osman in the main roles. This captivating love story and romantic drama, written by author Samina Chaudhary, unfolds with a stellar ensemble. The cast of “Kaala Doriya” includes renowned Pakistani performers. Sana Javed, known for her roles in dramas like “Aye Musht E-Khaak,” “Ruswai,” and “Dunk,” takes on the lead role. Sharing the spotlight is Osman Khalid Butt, a versatile actor recognized for his work in the popular drama series “Chupke Chupke.” Alongside them is the talented Adla Khan, an emerging actor previously featured in the serial drama “Daraar.” Adding to the ensemble is Shahzad Noor, celebrated for his contributions to drama series like “Zakham.” The cast, comprising accomplished and promising actors, contributes to the allure of “Kaala Doriya.”

Kaala Doriya Drama Cast and Crew:

Sana Javed:

Sana Javed, portraying the character of Mahnoor (Mano), is a renowned Pakistani model and actress. She has previously gained popularity for her roles in dramas like “A ye Musht E-Khaak,” “Ruswai,” and “Dunk.”

Osman Khalid Butt:

Osman Khalid Butt, playing the role of Asfand (Asfi), is a versatile actor known for his charismatic personality and humorous roles. He has been part of popular dramas like “Chupke Chupke.”

Adla Khan:

Adla Khan, in the character of Nida, is an accomplished actor with notable roles in dramas like “Daraar” and “Fitrat.”

Shahzad Noor:

Shahzad Noor, portraying Faraz, is a sought-after Pakistani model who has garnered acclaim for his work in both the modeling and drama industry.

Shahzad Noor

Tamkenat Mansoor:

Tamkenat Mansoor, in the role of Bitto, is a medical doctor and content creator making her debut in the drama industry with “Kaala Doriya.”

Lead Cast:

  • Sana Javed as Mahnoor (Mano)
  • Osman Khalid Butt as Asfand (Asfi)
  • Adla Khan as Nida
  • Shahzad Noor as Faraz
  • Tamkenat Mansoor as Bitto

Other Cast Members:

  • Samina Ahmed
  • Ali Safina
  • Farhan Ally Agha
  • Khaled Anam
  • Nadia Afgan
  • Zainab Qayyum
  • Ahmed Bashir
  • Saife Hasan
  • Shareef Baloch
  • Sohail Sameer
  • Taimoor Akbar

Drama Details:

  • Genre: Drama
  • Channel: Hum TV
  • Release Date: September 16, 2022
  • Timing: Every Friday at 8:30 p.m.
  • Directed By: Danish Nawaz
  • Written By: Saima Akram Chaudhary
  • Produced By: Momina Duraid
  • Production Company: MD Productions

Drama Story:

“Kaala Doriya” revolves around the love story of Mahnoor (Mano) and Asfand (Asfi). Despite their families’ disapproval and frequent conflicts, Mahnoor and Asfand, who attend the same school, find themselves entangled in a fascinating relationship. The drama explores the complexities of their love and the challenges they face, creating an intriguing narrative. Fans have drawn comparisons to the drama’s plot with elements from “Hum Tum” and “Chupke Chupke.”

Drama Timing:

“Hum TV broadcasts “Kaala Doriya” every Friday at 8:30 p.m.


“Kaala Doriya” promises to be a compelling love story with a talented cast and an engaging narrative. As Mahnoor and Asfand navigate the complexities of their relationship, viewers can anticipate a blend of romance and drama. The inclusion of experienced actors and promising newcomers adds to the overall appeal of the show. For fans of Pakistani dramas, “Kaala Doriya” presents an exciting Friday night watch.

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