Jazz MB Check Code 2023 | Check Jazz Remaining Internet Mbs

For Jazz Prepaid customers eager to monitor their remaining Internet MBs, the Jazz MB Check Code is a handy tool. Whether you have a Jazz or Warid SIM, the following method can be used to ascertain your remaining data balance post their merger. Here’s a simple guide on how to check your Jazz remaining MBs and the Jazz Free MB Check Code.

Procedure for Jazz MB Check Code:

  1. Jazz Free MB Check Code:
    • To check your remaining Jazz MBs, dial Code2#.
    • Simply append 2# to the end of your package’s code. For example, if your subscription code is *123*45#, the Jazz check MB code would be *123*45*2#.


  • If you have subscribed to a weekly Jazz internet package with a code like *123*45#, the Jazz MB Check Code becomes *123*45*2#.

Benefits of Jazz Data Packages:

  • Jazz data packages offer high-speed internet access without worrying about your account balance.
  • Stay connected and enjoy the internet seamlessly with Jazz’s reliable data services.

Jazz Balance Save Code for Internet Usage

For those keen on optimizing their internet usage while conserving balance, consider exploring the Jazz Balance Save Code. This feature can be particularly useful for ensuring a balance-friendly internet experience.

Effortless Ways to Check Jazz Weekly and Monthly Internet Package Remaining MBs

For Jazz Weekly Internet Package:

  • Jazz Weekly MB Check Code: Dial  *117*47*2#. to inquire about the remaining data in your Jazz weekly internet package.
  • Jazz Free MB Check Code: If you are on Jazz’s monthly premium internet package, dial *117*30*2# to check your remaining Jazz MBs.

For Jazz Monthly Internet Package:

  • Jazz Monthly MB Check Code: To check the remaining MBs in your Jazz monthly internet package, dial *117*30*2#.

Alternative Method: Jazz World App

For a user-friendly experience and detailed information, you can use the Jazz World app. Follow these steps:

  1. Download Jazz World App: If you don’t have it already, download the Jazz World application.
  2. Install and Fill Information: Install the app and provide the necessary information.
  3. Features of Jazz World App:
    • Manage your Jazz/Warid account effortlessly.
    • Stay updated on your balance or bill, subscribe to new packages, and recharge your account.
    • Access details of your remaining MBs, minutes, and SMS on the home screen.
    • Monitor and manage both Warid and Mobilink Jazz prepaid or postpaid numbers.
    • Download the app from the Google Play Store.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Default Internet Usage Charges: Rs. 2 per MB plus tax with a 512 KB charging pulse.
  • For additional information, contact the Jazz helpline at 111 or visit the Jazz website for general information and FAQs.

FAQs – How to Check Free Jazz MB:

How can I check my Jazz internet package?

Dial 1174*2# or use the Jazz World app to check the remaining MBs and validity of the internet bundle.

How can I check my remaining MB on Jazz Monthly?

Dial 11732*2# to check the number of remaining MBs in your Jazz monthly internet package.


Discovering your remaining Jazz MBs is a breeze with the Jazz MB Check Code and the convenient Jazz World app. Stay connected, manage your internet usage effectively, and enjoy a seamless Jazz experience. If you encounter any issues or have queries about using Jazz MB, feel free to share them in the comments.

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