Gold leaf and Capstian Price in Pakistan

In response to the increase in Federal Excise Duty (FED) and General Sales Tax (GST) on the sale of cigarettes, renowned cigarette brands like Gold Leaf, Dunhill, and Capstan have raised their prices in Pakistan. The recent regulatory changes have significantly impacted the prices of Gold Leaf and Capstan, leading to nearly double the rates compared to the previous costs.

Gold Leaf Price in Pakistan:

As a result of the FED and GST hike, the price of Gold Leaf in Pakistan has surged to Rs. 500, which is almost twice the previous rate for the same cigarette brand. This substantial increase has prompted concerns among consumers and tobacco enthusiasts, as they now face higher costs for their preferred choice of cigarettes.

Capstan Price in Pakistan:

Similarly, the price of Capstan in Pakistan has also undergone a steep rise, now standing at Rs. 220, nearly double the previous rate. The hike in FED and GST has directly impacted the production and distribution costs, leading to the significant price adjustment for Capstan cigarettes.

Other Cigarette Prices:

The impact of the FED and GST increase extends to other cigarette brands as well. Notably, brands like Dunhill and Capstan have also witnessed a notable increase in their prices, although specific figures for these brands have not been provided in the report.

The hike in FED and GST on cigarettes is part of the government’s efforts to generate additional revenue and regulate tobacco consumption in the country. However, the significant price surge has raised concerns among consumers, especially regular smokers, as it directly affects their purchasing power and consumption choices.

The increase in cigarette prices may also have implications for public health, as higher costs may deter some individuals from purchasing cigarettes, potentially leading to a decline in smoking prevalence. On the other hand, there could be adverse effects, such as a rise in the consumption of illicit or counterfeit cigarettes, as individuals seek cheaper alternatives.

Furthermore, the tobacco industry may experience shifts in consumer behavior, with some individuals considering alternatives like smokeless tobacco products or electronic cigarettes to mitigate the impact of the price increase. Such shifts could have wider implications for public health and government revenue.

The government’s decision to increase FED and GST on cigarettes has multifaceted implications, and stakeholders must carefully assess the overall impact on public health, government revenue, and consumer behavior. Additionally, monitoring the tobacco market for any potential illicit trade and addressing the challenges associated with tobacco use remains essential for a comprehensive and effective tobacco control strategy in Pakistan.

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