Deep Poetry in Urdu | Best Deep Shayari with Images

Urdu poetry is full of deep poems and meaningful line. Deep poetry in urdu has been written by many poets including the old era Ghalib style poetry but also the younger lot such as Wasi shah and the ilk.

Moreover, deep shayari in urdu is quite popular in youngsters. They find it a proper milieu to express and convey their feeling to the beloved ones.

However, in doing so, they can either adopt the melancholic road or on the other hand the more optimistic approach. This, totally depends upon your approach.

Without further ado let’s checkout some of the beautiful Deep poetry in urdu


tuj mai koye raho mai muj mai koya rahe to

khud ko dhond lee ge phir kabhi

Let us get lost in each others. I shall find myself later but so now it is just you and me.


kia khabr ak nazar he parh jaye

hum tumhare liye he sawarte he

My sole reason to get all dressed up and look fancy is you.

Moreover, I get dressed up, wear cologne, suit up just so you can have a glance at me. And maybe consider me for a moment.

But thus far I have no luck in drawing your attention.

3. deep poetry in urdu

khud ko ba wazu kiya tere tasweer se be pehle

mai ne es darja tere ishq ko pakeza rakha


deep poetry in urdu

na tumhe hosh rahe or na mujhe hosh rahe

es qadar toot k chaho mujhe pagal kar do.

(deep poetry in urdu text)


gar sako chaeye es lamha moujood mai be

awo es lamha moujood se bahr nikhle


tum par utri he nahe hijar ki andhe raate

tum ne dekha he nahe chand ka kala hona

Indeed amazing! How would you know the pain and grief of separation if you haven’t been through it. Besides, you have only experience joy in your life not the misery of being neglected.

Yes, I am not exaggerating this issue.

You see, you get away with everything. For example, you have the luxury to pick and choose between what is good for you.

On the contrary, I have just one goal and that is you. So, since you have turned me down, I no longer cherish life. (deep urdu shayari)

But how would you know about it, because you have never experienced this.



mang lo tuj se tujhe ko ke sabhhe kuch mil jaye

so sawalo se yahe ak sawal acha he


na jee bhar ke dekha na kuch bat ki

bari arzo te mulkat ki

Ironically, every time we meet it is very short and precise. I don’t even have time to check you out in detail.

Furthermore, I want to know how you look, how you talk, I mean do you move your hand while you talk?

God knows. My wish you meet you properly will never come true.


deep poetry in urdu copy paste

zindage kis tarah basar hoge

dil nahe lag raha muhabbat mai

“Life without love is meaningless”

best deep poetry in urdu


deep poetry in urdu copy paste

ishq par zoor nahe ye wo atish ghalib

kai lagaye na lage or bujhaye na bane

Thus, Either way you are doomed Ghalib reiterates.

11.deep poetry in urdu copy paste

dil darakne ka sabab yad aya

wo teri yaad te ab yad aya

Makes you wanna listen to Noor Jahan. She sang it exquistely. However, urdu poetry love romantic ……


mai ne din raat khuda se ye duwa mangi te

koi ahaat na ho dar par mare jb tou aye


ujale apni yadoo kai hamare sath rehne do

na jane kis gali mai zindage ki sham ho jaye

Sweetheart, please let me keep your sublime memories with me.

Perhaps I will take them to my grave when I leave this materialistic world.


deep poetry in urdu copy paste

a dost hum ne tarke muhabbat kai bawajood

mehsoos kai he teri zarurat kabhi kabhi


deep urdu poetry in english

muhabbato mai dikhawe ki dosti na mila

agar gale nahe milta tou hath b na mila

Hence proved. All your affection and affinity towards me was just a show off.

Besides, you wanted to get to someone else, so you just use me a tool.

Very disappointed in you.

deep sad poetry in urdu


deep urdu poetry in english

pir koh na jaye hum kahe dunya ki bheer mai

milti he pas ane ki muhlat kabhi kabhi


gilla be tuj se bohut he magar mu

wo baat apni jaga bht hai ye baat apni jaga


mai chaho be tou alfaz na likh pawoo

jis mai bayah ho jaye kai kitni muhabbat he tum se

I have no word to express my love.

Perhaps, some other time…..


deep urdu poetry in english

aj dekha he tuj ko dair kai bad

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aj ka din guzar nahe jaye kahe

Of course, time seizes when I see you. Everything else seems banal when you are around.

So, know your worth but don’t be proud you will suffer.

20.deep poetry in urdu about life

deep poetry in urdu about life

romantic poetry in urdu for lovers sms

kia kaha ishq jawodani he

akhri bar mil rahe ho kia


ishq nazaq mizaj he be had

aqal ka boj utha nahe sakhta


deep poetry in urdu about life

tumhare shehr ka musam bara suhana lage

mai ak sham chura lo tumhe bura na lage

The aura of your town is matchless. Can I have some? Maybe


urdu poetry love romantic

hum be kuch khush nahe wafa kar kai

tum ne acha kia nibah na kia

Urdu poetry love romantic in this case expresses a unique style of dialogue.

Interestingly, it applies to real life too.

For example, if you are losing your love battle with her. You are down and vulnerable.

But, do not muster your weakness. Instead, show the position of strength. Show her that you are fine and not losing it.

Thus, rather adopting a defensive approach you should take a offensive approach.


deep poetry in urdu

aik muddat se tari yaad bhe aye na hame

or hum bhool gaye ho tujhe aisa be nahe

You must think I forgot you. On the contrary, I have not. Therefore, do not listen to rumors in the town and keep in tact to me.


aise tarekiya ankooh mai basi he kai faraz. (Urdu poetry love romantic )

raat to raat he hum din ko jalate he charagh


deep poetry in urdu

poetry in urdu love romantic

en ki mehfil mai naseer un ki tabassum ki kasm

dekhte reh gaye hum hath se jana dil ka


urdu poetry love romantic

hashar mai kon gawahe meri dai ga saghar

sab tumhare he tarfdar nazar ate he

Indeed a dilemma! I am dead sure if it comes to jury and judge, they will take your side. Clearly that’s misrepresentation of facts.

A jury and judge should be unbiased and impartial but obviously they are not when it comes to you.

deep poetry in urdu

Either you have bribed them you they are stunned by your charm. Anyways, that’s unjust.


ye jo dewane se do char nazar ate he

en mai kuch sahib-e israr nazar ate he

Am not mad, am just hurt 🙁


deep poetry in urdu

ye samj lo kai mar gaya ho mai

pir jo mehsoos ho batawo mujhe

I will only be missed when am not around.


bohut jalaye ga horo ko dagh jannat mai

baghal mai os ki waha hind ki pari ho ge


asa nahe kai en se muhabbat nahe rahe

jazbat mai wo pehli se shiddat nahe rahe

Urdu poetry love romantic

People hurry in making opinions. Besides, they are quick to judge you too. But what they don’t do is to access the situation.

Listen to me people, she adores me but yes I admit the intensity has decreased. Yet it is certain that she long me. So stop the rumors mill and move on.


deep shayari urdu

aaj ase fikhar ke kia log kahe ge mohsin

kal jo kehta ta mujhe rasam wo riwayat se kia

33.deep shayari urdu

poetry in urdu love romantic

umer to sari kati ishq bata mai momin

akhri waqt mai kia khaq musalma ho ge

Nonetheless, it is too late to become pious again. Undoubtedtly, it won’t work now, so I am going to try again.


deep shayari urdu

log kehte te faqat ak he pagal he faraz

ase ase he muhabbat mai griftar ke bs


akhri baat mujhe yad he os ki anwar

roog os ka na mai dil se lagawo apne

Obviously, she broke my heart. But it will not let me down


hum to kuch dair hans be laite he

dil hamesha udaas rehta he

Despite the fact I have a smile on face, I am still sad from inside.


heart touching romantic poetry in urdu

gham he na ab khushi he na umeed he na yaas

sab se nijat paye zamane guzar gaye


kar raha ta gham jaha ka hisab

aj tum yaad be hisab aye

39. deep urdu shayari in english

deep shayari urdu

sulag raha ho kahe din se apne he andar mai

ab jo lab kolo ga tou bohut tamasha ho ga

However so….


zakhme ashq ki taab na la sakhe hum

hum ne jaa ginwa di jange muhabbat mai

Clearly, I have lost the battle of love and romance. Thus, my enemies can have a free hand now am no longer in the game.


deep shayari urdu
deep urdu shayari in english

teri ankhon ki qasam zindagi samjha hai tujay

Tuj ko kuch souch kay sanson may sharkat di

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I swear upon your mesmerizing eyes, undoubtedly, I consider you my life. After cogitating for days and months I concluded that you are special to me.

However, I don’t think so you feel the same way


deep shayari on life in urdu

Kisi manoos lamhay may kisi manoos cehray say

Muhabbat ki nahi jati muhabbat ho jati hai


Tuut sa gia meri chahaton ka wajood

Ab koi acha bhi lagay to may izhar nahi karta

Nonetheless am desponded with love and affection. People ask me why do you not get into a relationship. My reply is that I am heartbroken I don’t want any of it anymore.


rukhe yar likh aisa kalam aye dil e nalan

jisko bhi sunaun wo teray didar ko tarsay


deep shayari urdu

Mehsoos kr mujay to khud may kahin pay

hai teri dadkan jahan may hun wahi pay

so wah


Itna be khubsurat na hova kar ay mosam

Ab har kissi k pas mehboob nahi hota

اتنا بھی خوبصورت نہ ہوا کر اے موسم

اب ہر کسی کے پاس محبوب نہیں ہوتا


Dobahar pareshan karna gawara na hova mujh ko

Wo shaks khush itna tha bechar kar mujh say


Ais nikab may chuppa leya ha cehra tum nay

jee cahta ha ye nekab he jala dalun


Koi tho bat ha dil may itni gehri ha

Teri hansi teri ankhon tak nahi ponchti

کوئی تو بات ہے دل میں اور اتنی گہری ہے

تیری ہنسی تیری آنکھوں تک نہیں پہنچتی


Mujhay aatay hn mubahat k tamam wezafay

May chahn tho tumhay pagal kar dun

deep ishq poetry in urdu


Love poetry, Love shayari

Muhabat tho wo ha jo haat thamay

Tuu jannat tak lay jai


Wo ragbat kay kissay or wo ulfat ke batian

Magar pir be muhabbat ka bharosa kuch nahi

وہ رغبت کے قصّے اور یہ الفت کی باتیں

مگر پھر بھی محبّت کا بھروسہ کچھ نہیں

Obviously, we were so close that people would quote us as best couples.

Yet, despite that, we parted ways which is quite disappointing but it’s no one’s fault. Somethings are meant to be like that.


deep shayari urdu

Manna kay muhabat ha khudda or khudda ha muhabbat

Lakin wafa aaj kal zamma say ruth se gai ha


deep urdu shayari in hindi

Kash kay mil jai mujhay mukadar ke seyahi or qalam

Lamhay lamhay ke kushi likh dun tumhari zindigi kay leyay


Dekhay hn bhat hm nay hangamay muhabat kay

Aghaz be ruswai anjam be ruswai

دیکھے ہیں بہت ہم نے، ہنگامے محبت کے

آغاز بھی رسوائی، انجام بھی رسوائی


deep meaning poetry in urdu

deep meaning poetry in urdu

Tumhay kuch ilm ha keti ha dunya

Mujhay tum say muhabbat ho gai ha


Lall rang may malboos ha wo shaks

Lall rang ke kismat sanwar gai ha


Ehd rafaqat teek ha lekin mujh ko aisa lagta ha

tum meray sat raho ge may tanha reh jaon ga

عہد رفاقت ٹھیک ہے لیکن مجھ کو ایسا لگتا ہے

تم تو میرے ساتھ رہو گی میں تنہا رہ جاؤں گا


Aik tum ho jo sab ke nazar may ho

Aik may jis ke nazar tum ho


Mout barhaq ha magar marey guzarish ye ha

Zinda insano ka janza na uthaya jai


Tum ko paanay ke tamanna may guzri hotey

Aik jaan or be hotey tho tumhari hotey

تم کو پانے کی تمنا میں گزری ہوتی

ایک جان اور بھی ہوتی تو تمہاری ہوتی


Hazaro cehro may aik tum par mar betay hum

Warna na cahaat ke kami te na chanay walo ke


deep love poetry in urdu

Channd kay husan pay har shaks ka haq ha mansoor

May aisay kesay kahaun raat ko nikala na karay


Nahi koi insan mohabat say khali

Har aik rooh peyasi har aik dil sawali

نہیں کوئی انسان محبت سے خالی

ہر اِک رُوح پیاسی ہر اِک دل سوالی


deep urdu shayari in hindi

Kuch dair say sahi magar samaj geya ha

Sunno deya tumhari yaad ka be ab bujh gya ha

65. deep poetry in urdu

Sitaray kuch batay hn natija kuch nikalta ha

Barri hairat may ha marey hatili deknay wala

Look at your eyes, they’re full of tear. Stop that!


Nathni say upar, palko say nechay gunghat rakh

Mujh ko adha chand baht he pyara laghta ha

نتھنی سے اوپر، پلکوں سے نیچے گھونگھٹ رکھ

مجھ کو آدھا چاند بہت ہی پیارا لگتا ہے


Tumhay yad karna be aik ehsas ha

Aisa laghta ha kay jaisay har par meray saat ha


Apni hati he say ho joo kuch hp

Aghai gar nai ghaflat he sahi

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Tum ibtada tou kar muhabbat ke

Hum intha na kar day ishq ke tou kahin

تم ا بتدا تو کرو محبت کی

ہم انتہا نہ کر دے عشق کی تو کہن


Kambakht dil manta he nahi ussay bhulla daina

May haat jorthey hn wo paon par jata ha


urdu deep shayari

urdu deep shayari

Teray siwa zindagi may nahi aa sakta koi

Yak mout he ha jis ka wadda nahi kartay


Loog ehsas ke rondey hovey galion may

Pehnak detay hn taluk ko puranna kar k

لوگ احساس کی روندی ہوئی گلیوں میں
پھینک دیتے ہیں تعلق کو پرانا کر کے


Tum jab be milla karo nazary utha kar milla karo

Mujhay pasand ha tumharey ankhon may apna chera


Keya he ghan ta zalim dil ko teray becharnay ka

Yaddon ko terae yad kar khoob rotay rahay shab bhar


Jo teray dil ko lubha lay wo adda mujh may nahi

Q na tuh ko koi tarey adda pesh karun

جو تیرے دل کو لُبھا لے وہ ادا مجھ میں نہیں

کیوں نہ تجھ کو کوئی تیری ادا پیش کرو


Muhabaat tho wo ha jo hat thamay

Tu jannat tak lay jai


Wo saray janahn ke kushian

Wo uska mujhay jee jaan kehna


urdu deep shayari
deep poetry in urdu

Wo phool ley kar aingay

Hai wo dundhngy qabar marey

وہ پھول لے کر آئیں گے

ہائے! وہ ڈھونڈیں گے قبر میری


Mehsoos kar tu mujhay khud may kahin pay

Ha tarey darkan jana may hn wahin pay


Tujhay kenchay ga kai bahano say

Aik jadu jo marey zaat may ha


urdu poetry deep

Kissi or ke jgha baqi nahi ha mujh may

May tum say shuru ho kar tum pay he khattam hota hn

کسی اور کی جگہ باقی نہیں ہے مجھ میں میں

تم سے شروع ہو کر تم پہ ہی ختم ہوتا ہوں


Tumharay husan ka hata ha jab be tazkira

Misalian jhoomtey hn istaray raqs kartay hn


Lab pay ha kekhay kissi nakam zabt kay

Dil mar barra hova ha qayamat ka aik mallal


Rukh yar pay likh aisa kallam ay dill-i-nadan

Jis ko be sunau wo teray dedar ko tarsay

رخ یار پر لکھ ایسا کلام اے دلے ناداں

جسکو بھی سناؤں وہ تیرے دیدار کو ترسے


Aishq nazak mizaj ha bay had

Aqal ka bojh utha nahi sakta


Deep Poetry lines

Us kay honto ka lams aye haye

Aisa lagta ha sehad ho jaisay


Kya kaha meray leye sawartey ho

Kya may is qadar tumhara hn

کیا کہا میرے لیے سنورتی ہو

کیا میں اس قدر تمہارا ہوں


urdu poetry deep

Kahan samjtay hn wo marey baat

Mujhay ankian dekhana parthey hn


Deep Poetry in Urdu 2 Lines

Apnay dil say kehda kissi or ke mubahat ka na sochay

Aik may he kafi hn Tughay sari umar cahnay kay ley


Arzo yahi ha teray saat dekhon

Dunya ke naimatian or jannat ke rehmatain

آرزو یہی ہے تیرے ساتھ دیکھوں

دنیا کی نعمتیں اور جنت کی رحمتیں


Deep Poetry in Urdu 2 Lines

Teray nazdeek honay lagey hn

Khud ba Khud teek honay lagi hn


deep poetry in urdu

Bas chand he ratian mareay janun ke kathan han

Jaisay k ye raat, har raat weghara

A few nights in my life are tough. By ” a few ” I mean every night.


Us nay rakhi he nahi mujh say banna kar

Warna us say wo ishq karta zammana yad rakta


Dosron kay andhar say keray nikalnay walon ko

Khud kay andhar saanp q nahi nazar atay


Rang guhssay ka alag or alag pyarr ka rang

Koi dekhay tho sahi aakay meray yar ka rang


Kabhi jab may nahi honga

Tumhay wo sab yaad ayega


Wo mulakat pay pehlay be kahan razi tha

Khair say aab tho corona ka bahana be ha

Ya the funny one lol

Now that it’s the pandemic you have reasonable excuse not to meet me. But for the record it is pertinent to mention that before the pandemic you ignored me all the time. So, don’t fake it.



Meri awaz ko tarsaygi samat teri

Umar bhr tujh ko meri call nahi ayegi


Mayus hogia dil is zindagi kay safar say

Maqsad ki muhabatain hn aur matblb ki yarian

مایوس ہو گیا دل اس زندگی کے سفر سے

مقصد کی محبتیں ہیں اور مطلب کی یاریاں۔


deep poetry in urdu

deep poetry in urdu

Jis bhi fn ka sahkar ho tm

Os nay sadyon yumhain soucha hoga

جس بھی فن کار کا شہکار ہو تم

اس نے صدیوں تمہیں سوچا ہوگا




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