Areej Mohyudin | Biography, Age, Net Worth & Family

Areej Mohyudin has emerged as a rising star in the vibrant landscape of the Pakistani entertainment industry. Known for her beauty, youthful charm, and undeniable talent, she has quickly become one of the most discussed celebrities in the country. Let’s delve into the intriguing biography of Areej Mohyudin to uncover fascinating facts about her life and career.

Areej Mohyudin – Biography, Facts & Life Story

Field Information
Marital Status Single
Age 24
Zodiac Aries
Religion Islam
Famous As Actress
Net Worth Under Review
Name (Urdu) اریج محی الدین
Born March 23, 1997
Country Pakistan
Home Town Islamabad
Careers In Actress
Debut Drama Tajdeed e Wafa
Famous For Tumse Kehna Tha
Ethnicity Asian
Qualification Bachelor’s in IT
Height 5 ft 3 in (1.6m)
Weight 50kg
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Brown
Skin Complexion Fair
Favorite Foods Chinese
Favorite Colors Pink
Hobbies Travelling

Early Life and Education:

Areej Mohyudin was born on March 23, 1997, in Islamabad, Pakistan. Growing up in the capital city, she received her early education there. Areej’s journey into the world of drama began during her student years, showcasing her passion for the performing arts. Despite her blossoming career in entertainment, she remained committed to her education, eventually earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology.

Acting Career:

In 2018, Areej made a notable debut in the entertainment industry with the drama serial “Tajdeed-e-Wafa,” which aired on Hum TV. Her captivating performances quickly garnered attention, leading to roles in other popular dramas like “Qurbatain,” “Qissa Meher Bano Ka,” and “Roag.” Areej’s ability to bring characters to life on screen has contributed to her widespread popularity.

Personal Details:

Areej Mohyudin stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches, complemented by her weight of 49 kg. Beyond her physical attributes, she possesses a radiant complexion, captivating eye color, and distinctive curly hair, adding to her unique charm.

Social Media Presence:

With a growing fan base, Areej maintains an active presence on social media platforms. Her Instagram account, with over 135k followers, provides fans with a glimpse into her life and career. Additionally, she engages with her audience on platforms like YouTube, showcasing her multifaceted talents.

Age: As of now, Areej Mohyudin is 26 years old, with her birthdate falling on March 23.

Areej Mohyudin: A Glimpse into Her Life and Showbiz Career

Family Background:

Areej Mohyudin hails from a well-educated family based in Islamabad, Pakistan. Although her family resides in Islamabad, she currently lives in Karachi for her showbiz activities. Areej is the only daughter among her siblings, having four brothers.

  • Father: Areej’s father is a businessman, residing in Islamabad.
  • Mother: Her mother is a housewife, known for her lovely appearance.

Siblings: Areej Mohyudin has four brothers, forming a close-knit family.

Husband: As of now, Areej Mohyudin is not married.

Showbiz Career:

Areej Mohyudin ventured into the entertainment industry in 2018, marking her acting debut with the drama “Tajdeed-e-Wafa,” where she portrayed the captivating character of Warisha. Her journey continued with subsequent roles in various dramas and TV commercials. Through dedication and hard work, Areej has earned a prominent place in the Pakistani entertainment industry, establishing herself as one of the leading actresses.

Drama List:

Explore the diverse roles Areej Mohyudin has portrayed in the following dramas:

  1. Tajdeed-e-Wafa
  2. Jo Tu Chahay
  3. Qurbatain
  4. Tum Se Kehna Tha
  5. Ahl e Wafa
  6. Qissa Meher Bano Ka
  7. Roag
  8. Bandish Season 2
  9. Bojh

Areej Mohyudin Pics:

Exclusive pictures of Areej Mohyudin showcase her journey, including childhood photos, collage days, and glimpses into her personal life. As a popular influencer on social media, Areej’s Instagram posts continue to captivate her fans.

Note: Due to the nature of the provided content, specific details like the father’s name are not provided.

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