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In the vibrant tapestry of the Pakistani drama industry, Anoosheh Rania Khan emerges as one of its most prominent child stars. Hailing from a Muslim family, Anoosheh embarked on her journey in the entertainment world at the tender age of 12. Her debut performance in the drama serial “Maa Sadqey” showcased her exceptional acting skills, swiftly winning the hearts of audiences. Currently, she continues to captivate viewers with her role as Dua in the ongoing drama serial “Badnaseeb.”

Anoosheh Rania Khan’s – Biography, Facts & Life Story

Anoosheh Rania Khan, a talented Pakistani child artist, originates from a Pathan family residing in the culturally rich city of Peshawar, Pakistan. Delving into Urdu dramas and television commercials, Anoosheh stepped into the limelight as a child star in 2018 and has since graced the screen in seven distinct dramas.

Field Information
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth 2006
Real Name Anoosheh Rania Khan
Profession Actress, Model
Weight 42 kg
Birthplace Peshawar
Religion Islam
Nickname Anoosheh
Hometown Peshawar
Age in 2022 16 Years Old
Height 5 feet 3 inches

Insights into Anoosheh Rania Khan’s Personal Life:

Age: Anoosheh Rania Khan was born in 2006 in Peshawar, Pakistan, into a family with a military background.

Height: The young artist stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches.

Weight: Anoosheh Rania maintains a weight of 42 kg.

Education: Currently, she is pursuing her education at Beaconhouse School in Peshawar, balancing her budding career with academic pursuits.

Anoosheh Rania Khan’s Family:

Residing in Peshawar, Pakistan, Anoosheh Rania Khan shares her life with her family, creating a supportive environment for her endeavors in the entertainment industry.

In the subsequent sections, we delve deeper into the details of Anoosheh Rania Khan’s biography, providing a comprehensive exploration of her family dynamics, career achievements, and the nuances that shape her journey in the realm of Pakistani drama and modeling.

Anoosheh Rania Khan: A Glimpse into Her Family and Career Milestones

Father: Aftab Khan – The Army Officer

An integral part of Anoosheh Rania Khan’s life is her father, Aftab Khan, who serves as an Army Officer. His dedication to the armed forces adds a layer of honor and discipline to the family’s background.


Complementing the military backdrop is Anoosheh Rania’s mother, a dedicated housewife whose nurturing presence contributes to the warmth of their family life. Together, Aftab Khan and his wife create a supportive environment for their daughter to pursue her dreams in the entertainment industry.

Drama Repertoire: Anoosheh Rania’s Artistic Journey

Anoosheh Rania Khan has left an indelible mark on the Pakistani drama landscape with her versatile performances. Here’s a comprehensive list of the dramas that showcase her acting prowess:

  1. Maa Sadqey (2018) – Hum TV
  2. Log Kya Kahenge (2020) – ARY Digital
  3. Chalawa (2020) – Hum TV
  4. Dhoop Ki Deewar (2021) – Zee5 (Web Series)
  5. Aik Hai Nigar (2021) – ARY Digital (Telefilm)
  6. Badnaseeb (2021) – Hum TV
  7. Hum Tum (2022) – Hum TV

Social Media Presence: Connecting with Fans

Anoosheh Rania Khan shares her journey and interacts with her audience through her Instagram handle, @AnooshehRania_Official. This platform serves as a window into her life, allowing fans to stay updated on her latest projects and behind-the-scenes moments.

Final Thoughts

If you possess valuable insights or additional information about Anoosheh Rania Khan’s biography, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Your feedback is crucial in creating a comprehensive narrative about this young talent. Moreover, if you enjoyed the article, spread the word by sharing it with your friends on various social media platforms.

The journey of Anoosheh Rania Khan continues to unfold, with each role and project contributing to her growth as a prominent figure in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

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