Shaheer Khan | Biography, Age, Family & Other Facts

Shaheer Khan, an Instagram sensation and vlogger, has gained prominence for sharing captivating lifestyle and travel photos on his social media platform. With a focus on professional photography and showcasing various clothing styles, Shaheer has successfully amassed a substantial following, exceeding 1.2 million on his account, shaheer._.khan018. Known for his visually appealing content and modeling ventures, he continues to engage and inspire his followers with his posts, making him a notable figure in the realm of Instagram influencers.

Shaheer Khan Biography, Age, Family & Other Facts

Field Information
Full Name Shaheer Khan
Birthdate August 22, 2002
Birthplace Karachi, Pakistan
Profession Tiktoker, YouTuber
Education Completed education up to the intermediate level
Siblings Sisters: Fiza Khan and Amina Khan
Marital Status Married to Hafsa Khan
Age 22 years old
Zodiac Sign Leo
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 62 kg
Net Worth Undisclosed (Expected to grow with his success in digital media)

Shaheer Khan, born on August 22, 2002, in Karachi, Pakistan, has quickly risen to fame as a notable Tiktoker and YouTuber. His journey in the digital realm has garnered significant attention, making him a prominent figure among the younger generation.

Early Life and Education:

Hailing from Karachi, Shaheer Khan pursued his education up to the intermediate level. His passion for content creation emerged early in life, paving the way for his venture into the dynamic world of TikTok and YouTube.

TikTok and YouTube Career:

Shaheer Khan’s proficiency in creating engaging content on TikTok and YouTube has earned him a dedicated fan following. His creativity, combined with a charismatic on-screen presence, sets him apart in the competitive landscape of digital influencers.

Family and Siblings:

Shaheer Khan is part of a close-knit family that includes his sisters, Fiza Khan and Amina Khan. While details about his parents remain undisclosed, his bond with his siblings is evident through social media glimpses.

Marital Journey:

In a significant chapter of his life, Shaheer Khan recently tied the knot with Hafsa Khan, a renowned TikTok star and YouTuber. The couple’s nikkah ceremony captured the attention of their fans, spreading joy across social media platforms.

Age, Horoscope, and Physical Attributes:

At the age of 22, Shaheer Khan, born under the Leo zodiac sign, stands at an impressive height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighs 62 kg. His youthful energy and charismatic personality contribute to his popularity among fans.

Net Worth:

While specific details about Shaheer Khan’s net worth remain undisclosed, his success in the digital sphere and growing influence suggest a promising financial trajectory. The numbers are expected to reflect his achievements in the near future.


Shaheer Khan’s journey from being a young individual in Karachi to a recognized Tiktoker and YouTuber showcases the power of digital platforms in shaping modern fame. His marriage to Hafsa Khan marks a personal milestone, celebrated by well-wishers and fans alike. As Shaheer Khan continues to create content and connect with his audience, his influence in the world of social media is poised to grow, making him a notable figure to watch in the evolving landscape of digital entertainment.

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