Top 10 Best Swimming Pools in Lahore

Escape the summer heat in Lahore by heading to the nearby swimming pools in Lahore. This guide presents the best options, catering to all preferences and budgets. Whether you seek a relaxing swim or a fun-filled day with loved ones, these aquatic havens have something for everyone. Dive into crystal-clear waters, bask in the warm sunshine, and create cherished memories this summer. From affordable options to luxurious facilities, embrace the joy of swimming in Lahore’s finest pools. Enjoy the cool respite, beat the scorching sun, and make the most of the summer season with family and friends.

List of Top 10 Best Swimming Pools in Lahore

Greenland Swimming Pool:

Greenland Swimming Pool is widely recognized as one of the best and most popular swimming pools in Lahore. Situated in the heart of the city, this outdoor pool offers a serene and peaceful environment for swimmers. Surrounded by lush green fields, guests can enjoy a refreshing and tranquil experience while swimming.

In addition to being a top-notch swimming facility, Greenland also provides the perfect venue for outdoor gatherings such as birthdays, musical nights, and even weddings. The pool offers a convenient website where visitors can make pre-bookings or inquire about any necessary information.

Operating from 7 am to 7 pm, Greenland Swimming Pool is an ideal hangout spot for friends and family to spend quality time together. The ticket price for access to the pool is PKR 300 per person, ensuring an affordable and enjoyable experience for all.

Contact Number: 0304 4785543

Address: Off Sagian Wala Bypass Road, Lahore.

Gold Spa and Fitness Club:

Gold Spa and Fitness Club is a premier fitness facility in Lahore that offers a wide range of amenities all under one roof. Conveniently located at a prime spot, the club provides luxurious facilities for both members and guests.

One of the standout features of Gold Spa and Fitness Club is its indoor swimming pool. The pool is designed to perfection, offering a serene and comfortable environment for swimmers. With temperature control, guests can enjoy a refreshing swim regardless of the weather outside. The pool is open from 10 am to 7 pm, providing the perfect opportunity to unwind after a long day.

In addition to the swimming pool, Gold Spa and Fitness Club offers various fitness facilities such as gymnasiums, sauna rooms, game centers, virtual spin and yoga classes, and aerobics classes. Whether you’re looking for fun or focused fitness, this club has it all.

For more information and inquiries, you can reach out to them at the contact number provided below. Don’t miss the chance to experience the ultimate in relaxation and fitness at Gold Spa and Fitness Club.

Contact Number: (042) 111111980 Address: 3rd Floor, Mall Of Lahore, Aziz Bhatti Road, Cantt, Lahore.

Samanabad Sports Arena:

Samanabad Sports Arena is a multifunctional sports facility located in Lahore that offers a range of recreational activities for sports enthusiasts. This arena is open to both members and guests, providing a fun-filled environment for people of all ages.

Among the facilities available at Samanabad Sports Arena, the swimming pool stands out as a popular choice. With a length of 25 meters and a depth of 8 feet, the pool offers ample space for swimmers to enjoy their time in the water. Safety is a top priority, as professional trainers and lifeguards are always present to assist and ensure the well-being of swimmers. All necessary safety measures are in place to provide a secure swimming experience.

Samanabad Sports Arena operates seven days a week from 6 am to 10 pm, making it a convenient option for residents of Samanabad, Lahore. Whether you’re looking to improve your swimming skills or simply enjoy a refreshing swim, this arena is a great choice.

Contact Number: (042) 37550000 Address: Ghazali Rd, Samanabad Town, Lahore.

Lahore Gymkhana Club:

Lahore Gymkhana Club is a well-established sporting facility in Lahore that has been serving its members and guests for many years. Renowned for its excellent amenities and privileges, the club offers a wide range of facilities for sports, dining, and residential comfort.

The club boasts two swimming pools, each measuring 25 meters in length and 8 feet in depth. With separate timings for men and women, swimmers can enjoy their sessions in a comfortable and private environment. Safety is a top priority, with three lifeguards present to ensure the well-being of swimmers. Amateurs can also benefit from the presence of a coach who provides swimming lessons.

Both swimming pools at Lahore Gymkhana Club are maintained at optimal conditions throughout the year, thanks to temperature control and efficient cleaning and filtration systems. Guests can enjoy swimming in a clean and hygienic environment.

Aside from the swimming facilities, Lahore Gymkhana Club offers a range of other amenities, making it a preferred choice for recreational activities. The club operates from 6 am to 9:30 pm, providing ample time for members and guests to enjoy the facilities.

Contact Number: (042) 35789417 Address: Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Gulberg V, Lahore.

Shapes Active Lifestyle:

Shapes Active Lifestyle is a renowned fitness facility with multiple branches across five major cities in Pakistan. With its mission to cater to the fitness needs of individuals, Shapes Active Lifestyle has become a leading brand in the health and fitness industry.

One of the standout features of Shapes Active Lifestyle in Lahore is its range of indoor swimming pools. The pools vary in length, from 25 meters to 30 meters, and have a maximum depth of 7.5 feet. The safety of swimmers is prioritized, with separate pools available for children. Hygiene is maintained at the highest standards, as the pools are equipped with efficient water treatment systems.

Shapes Active Lifestyle offers separate timings for men and women, respecting privacy and comfort. Professional coaches are available to provide swimming lessons for beginners, ensuring that swimmers of all levels can benefit from their expertise. With temperature-controlled pools, guests can enjoy swimming throughout the year.

For more information and to explore the fitness and swimming facilities offered by Shapes Active Lifestyle, reach out to them using the contact number provided below.

Contact Number: (042) 111742737 Address: Gulberg III, Lahore.

5th Generation Leisure, Sports & Fitness Complex:

Located in DHA Lahore, the 5th Generation Leisure, Sports & Fitness Complex is a state-of-the-art fitness facility that offers an array of amenities for individuals looking to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The complex boasts top-notch indoor fields, swimming pools, and a sauna, making it a one-stop destination for all your fitness needs.

When it comes to swimming, 5th Generation takes pride in its international standard swimming pools. These pools are meticulously maintained and feature temperature control to ensure optimal comfort for swimmers. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced swimmer, the complex offers professional coaches who can provide training and guidance. Lifeguards are also present to prioritize the safety of every individual.

In addition to swimming, 5th Generation offers a variety of other sports facilities. With indoor and outdoor fields for futsal, cricket, and basketball, sports enthusiasts can engage in their favorite activities and enjoy a competitive environment. The complex also houses a well-equipped gymnasium with high-quality machinery, catering to individuals looking to engage in strength training and cardio exercises.

To learn more about the facilities and services offered by 5th Generation Leisure, Sports & Fitness Complex, you can contact them using the provided phone number.

Contact Number: 0333 0001333 Address: Sector Y DHA Phase 8, Lahore.

DHA Sports Complex:

DHA Sports Complex is a popular choice among residents of DHA Lahore, offering a range of facilities for sports and recreation. The complex provides membership options for both residents and non-residents, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of amenities at affordable prices.

When it comes to swimming, DHA Sports Complex boasts a 35-meter pool with a depth range of 3 feet to 11 feet, catering to individuals of all ages and swimming abilities. Special care is taken to maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards, ensuring a safe and enjoyable swimming experience. For children, there is a separate pool designed to meet their specific requirements.

The complex also organizes regular summer camps, providing an opportunity for individuals to enhance their swimming skills and participate in various activities. It’s important to note that the swimming facility at DHA Sports Complex is closed during the winter season.

Whether you’re looking to swim, engage in other sports activities, or simply unwind in a recreational setting, DHA Sports Complex has something to offer for everyone.

Contact Number: (042) 111342547 Address: Sector A, Phase VI DHA, Lahore.

Punjab International Swimming Complex:


Punjab International Swimming Complex is a budget-friendly facility that caters to various activities. Known for hosting national and international sports competitions, the complex offers state-of-the-art infrastructure and fitness facilities for its members and guests. With a focus on promoting swimming as a sport, the complex aims to produce talented swimmers who can compete at both national and international levels.

The complex boasts two pools of different lengths. The 50-meter competition pool is equipped with the latest machinery and systems to host high-level competitions. Professional coaches and trainers are available to guide and train swimmers for optimal performance. Additionally, there is a 25-meter amateur pool, designed for day-to-day swimming and enjoyment for swimmers of all ages.

The 50-meter Open Air Swimming Pool at Punjab International Swimming Complex offers advanced training facilities for competitive swimmers. It adheres to international dimensions, featuring eight lanes, temperature control, sensor touchpads, starting blocks, a bright LED electronic scoreboard, and a seating capacity of approximately 2,000+ spectators.

The 25-meter Swimming Pool is perfect for casual swimming, pool parties, celebrations, and lap swimming. It maintains international dimensions, eight lanes, temperature control, a covered pool, sensor touchpads, and a seating capacity of approximately 200+ spectators.

The Punjab International Swimming Complex is open year-round, and regular users can conveniently fill out the membership form online to avail themselves of services at an affordable price.

Contact Number: (042) 99232532

Address: Block E-2 Gulberg III, Lahore.

Samanabad Sports Complex:

Samanabad Sports Complex, situated at Ghazali Road in Lahore, is a multifunctional sports arena that offers a range of facilities for sports enthusiasts. Owned by the Parks and Horticulture Authority, this sprawling complex spans over 5 acres of land, providing ample space for various activities.

One of the highlights of Samanabad Sports Complex is its swimming pool. Measuring 25 meters in length and with a maximum depth of 8 feet, this pool is an excellent choice for individuals seeking an affordable and enjoyable swimming experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced swimmer, the complex offers swimming lessons taught by highly skilled and qualified staff members. This allows individuals to learn and improve their swimming skills without breaking the bank.

Address: Garhi Shahu, Lahore, Punjab 54000 Contact: (042) 36366366

Avari Hotel Lahore:


If you’re seeking a luxurious swimming experience in Lahore, look no further than the Avari Hotel. Renowned for its spacious halls and fine dining options, the hotel also boasts state-of-the-art swimming pools that provide a truly indulgent experience.

The Avari Hotel’s swimming pool is designed to perfection, with temperature control ensuring a comfortable environment for swimmers. The water is crystal clear, adding to the overall ambiance. What sets this pool apart is its scenic surroundings, with lush greenery creating a serene atmosphere that enhances your swimming experience.

Measuring 23 meters in length and 12 meters in width, the pool offers ample space for various activities. Whether you want to enjoy a refreshing swim or engage in poolside aerobics, this pool is perfectly suited to meet your needs. It is also an excellent venue for hosting pool parties and social gatherings.

What makes the Avari Hotel even more attractive is that you don’t need a membership to enjoy its swimming pool. Day passes are available, allowing you to access the pool and all its amenities at an affordable price. So, whether you’re a hotel guest or a visitor looking for a luxurious swimming experience, the Avari Hotel is the ideal choice.

Address: Garhi Shahu, Lahore, Punjab 54000 Contact: (042) 36366366

Final Thoughts 10 Best Swimming Pools in Lahore

Lahore’s swimming pools offer the perfect retreat from the sweltering summer days, providing a refreshing oasis for locals and visitors alike. Whether you prefer a serene and laid-back atmosphere or a lively poolside scene, the diverse selection of pools caters to every individual’s needs and desires. Embrace the joy of swimming, create cherished memories with loved ones, and revel in the delights of summer. Whether you opt for an affordable option or indulge in luxurious amenities, these swimming pools in Lahore promise a memorable and enjoyable experience. So, make the most of the season, dive in, and let the summer fun begin!

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