Salim Karim | Mahira Khan’s Husband Biography, Age, Family & Other Facts

Dive into the world of Salim Karim, a notable figure in the Pakistani business landscape and the CEO of SimPaisa. Beyond the boardroom, Salim has recently made headlines for his private union with the beloved actress Mahira Khan. In this article, we embark on a comprehensive exploration of Salim Karim’s life, delving into his age, educational background, family roots, impressive net worth, and the intricacies of his successful professional journey. Join us as we unravel the layers of the man behind SimPaisa, providing an in-depth look at his life and achievements.

Salim Karim | Mahira Khan’s Husband Biography

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Education Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Western Ontario (2005)
Age Estimated to be between 40 to 50 years old (as of 2023)
Family – Resides in Karachi with family
– Limited information available about family and siblings
First Wife and Children No information available about previous marital status or children
Net Worth Exact net worth undisclosed; known to be wealthy due to the success of SimPaisa
Professional Career – Worked at ENI (Italian company) for approximately nine years
– Assistant Brand Manager at GSK for two and a half years
– Founded SimPaisa in 2016, focusing on providing financial assistance to the public
– Co-founder of Tapmad TV, showcasing entrepreneurial spirit and innovation
Relationship with Gained media attention after Mahira Khan publicly revealed their relationship in 2020
Mahira Khan Recently married Mahira Khan in a private ceremony on October 1st, 2023

Salim Karim completed his bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Western Ontario in 2005.


As of 2023, he appears to be between the ages of 40 to 50 years old.


Salim Karim is quite secretive about his personal life, and little information is available about his family and siblings. However, he currently resides in Karachi with his family.

First Wife and Children

Salim Karim has not revealed any information regarding his previous marital status or children.

Salim Karim’s Net Worth

Salim Karim’s exact net worth is not publicly available, but it is well-known that his company, SimPaisa, is thriving, making him one of Pakistan’s wealthiest and most intelligent businessmen.

Professional Career

Salim Karim has a diverse professional background. He worked at the Italian company ENI for approximately nine years before serving as an assistant brand manager at GSK for two and a half years. In 2016, he founded SimPaisa, which aims to provide financial assistance to the public. Additionally, he is a co-founder of Tapmad TV, highlighting his entrepreneurial spirit and innovation.

Salim Karim’s Relationship with Mahira Khan

Salim Karim gained significant media attention after Mahira Khan publicly revealed their relationship in 2020. They recently got married in a private ceremony held on 1st October 2023, making Salim Karim her second husband.


In the tapestry of success and personal milestones, Salim Karim stands as a testament to ambition, entrepreneurship, and a flourishing personal life. From steering SimPaisa to the private ceremony that marked the union with Mahira Khan, Salim’s journey is one of determination and achievement. As we conclude this exploration, it becomes evident that Salim Karim is not just a successful businessman but a figure who seamlessly blends professional prowess with a rich and fulfilling personal life. The chapters of his life continue to unfold, promising an inspiring narrative for those who seek success in both career and companionship.

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