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Adnan Raza Mir, a rising talent in the Pakistani entertainment realm, shines as a versatile actor and model. Born in Canada, he carries the legacy of his renowned family, being the younger brother of the celebrated actor Ahad Raza Mir and the son of the legendary actor Asif Raza Mir. In this article, we’ll delve into the comprehensive biography of Adnan Raza Mir, exploring facets such as his age, education, family background, physical stats, social media presence, and an overview of his notable appearances in the drama list.

Adnan Raza Mir’s Biography:

Aspect Details
Full Name Adnan Raza Mir
Date of Birth 2001
Place of Birth Canada
Residence Pakistan
Age (as of 2023) 22 years old
Debut Drama “Fairy Tale” (Hum TV, 2023)
Height 5’10
Social Media Presence Instagram: @adnanrazamir (Over 73,000 followers)
Family Background Father: Asif Raza Mir (Actor and Producer)
Mother: Samra Asif Mir (Not in the entertainment industry)
Brother: Ahad Raza Mir (Actor)
Relationship Status Unmarried
Linked to Noor Zafar Khan (Best friend; both deny romantic involvement)
Drama List “Fairy Tale” (Hum TV, 2023)

Adnan Raza Mir was born in Canada and currently resides in Pakistan. His passion for acting runs in the family, as he comes from a background of actors in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Adnan made his acting debut in 2023 in Hum TV’s Fairy Tale, alongside actress Aena Khan, where he portrayed Sameer to critical acclaim from the audience and launched his career.

Adnan Raza Mir’s Age:

Born in 2001, Adnan Raza Mir is currently 22 years old.


Although he has not disclosed details about his educational background, it is widely assumed that Adnan received quality education given his family’s background and upbringing in Canada and Pakistan.

Physical Stats:

Standing tall at 5’10, Adnan Raza Mir has an attractive, lean physique that complements his good looks.

Social Media Presence:

Adnan Raza Mir is quite active on social media and boasts a considerable following of over 73,000 people on Instagram alone.

Adnan Raza Mir’s Family:

Coming from a family of actors, Adnan’s father is the renowned actor and producer Asif Raza Mir, who has worked in Pakistan’s entertainment industry for over four decades. Adnan’s elder brother Ahad Raza Mir is also a successful actor in the industry, with successful dramas such as Yakeen Ka Safar and Ehd-e-Wafa in his repertoire. Adnan’s family has been exceptionally supportive of his career and has inspired him to pursue his dreams.

Adnan Raza Mir’s Father:

Asif Raza Mir is a well-respected actor and producer in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. While Asif has appeared in several hit dramas and films, he is also known for his captivating performances, including the ones in Samudar, Tanhaiyaan, and Ishq Gumshuda.

Adnan Raza Mir’s Mother:

Adnan Raza Mir’s mother, Samra Asif Mir, may not be working in the entertainment industry, but she has a significant role to play in her family’s success as a devoted wife and loving mother. She is known for her grace and beauty and often receives comments from fans regarding her strikingly beautiful looks.

Adnan Raza Mir’s Brother:

Ahad Raza Mir is the elder brother of Adnan Raza Mir and is a well-known actor in the industry, having worked in several successful dramas.

Adnan Raza Mir’s Relationship Status:

As of now, Adnan Raza Mir is unmarried. Although he has been linked to his best friend, actress Noor Zafar Khan, both Adnan and Noor maintain that they are just good friends.

Adnan Raza Mir’s Drama List:

Adnan Raza Mir has only appeared in one drama so far, Fairy Tale, which aired on Hum TV in 2023. However, his impressive portrayal of Sameer earned him admiration and critical acclaim from the audience.


Adnan Raza Mir’s journey in the Pakistani entertainment industry is colored with the hues of talent and legacy. As he continues to navigate the realms of acting and modeling, the audience anticipates witnessing more from this promising individual. Adnan’s presence not only adds to the family’s storied legacy but also brings a fresh and dynamic energy to the ever-evolving landscape of Pakistani showbiz.

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