Qalandar Drama: Cast, Story, Timing & Other Facts

The recently premiered Pakistani drama, “Qalandar,” made its debut on Geo TV on October 10, 2022, garnering attention for its compelling narrative and authentic portrayal of Pakistani society. The show has received acclaim for its exceptional writing, and the performances of the cast, particularly the main actors, have been widely praised. Explore more details about the cast of “Qalandar,” including the names, photos, and a glimpse into the plot.

Qalandar Drama Cast

The cast of “Qalandar” boasts some of Pakistan’s most renowned actors and actresses. Leading the pack is Komal Meer, known for her notable work in the serial drama “Wehshi.” Joining her is Muneeb Butt, who takes on a prominent role and was previously seen in the serial drama “Yeh Na Thi Hamari Qismat.” The lineup also includes Ali Abbas, a well-established Pakistani actor with a significant career, who has previously appeared in drama series such as “Guddu” and “Angna.” Hiba Aziz, a promising actor, is also part of the Qalandar ensemble, playing a vital role as Sumbul Aziz in the drama. The combination of these talented individuals adds depth and richness to the unfolding narrative of “Qalandar.”

Lead Cast:

The lead role in “Qalandar” is skillfully portrayed by the following renowned actors:

Muneeb Butt:

Muneeb Butt, a seasoned actor, model, and content creator, made his debut in 2012 with the film “Humnasheen.” His career reached new heights when he married the popular model Aiman Khan in 2018, forming one of the industry’s beloved power couples. Currently, Muneeb Butt is captivating the audience with his portrayal of Tabraz in the drama “Qalandar,” showcasing his versatility and enduring appeal.

Komal Meer:

Komal Meer, a celebrated Pakistani model and actress, gained recognition for her notable role as Dur-e-Adan in the drama “Qalandar.” Widely known as “Miss Veet,” Komal Meer commenced her showbiz journey in 2017 and has since made a mark for herself in the industry with her talent and captivating performances.

Ali Abbas:

Ali Abbas, a versatile actor, is playing the character Irfan in the drama. Known for his lead roles in dramas like “Guddu” and “Angna,” Ali Abbas is the son of the renowned actor Waseem Abbas. His presence in the cast adds depth and a layer of authenticity to the storyline, showcasing his skills and experience in the acting realm.

Hiba Aziz:

Hiba Aziz takes on the antagonistic role of Sumbul in the drama. Gaining popularity with shows like “Badshah Begum,” Hiba Aziz made her debut in “Babul Ka Angna” in 2016. Her portrayal of Sumbul adds a compelling dynamic to the narrative, demonstrating her ability to portray diverse characters.

Supporting Cast:

The drama also features notable actors in key roles:

Fajar Khan:

fajar khan

Emerging talent in the Pakistani acting industry.

Portraying Juhi, the daughter of Muneeb Butt and Ali Abbas.

Kashif Mehmood:

A well-known actor contributing to the drama’s excellence.

Noor ul Hassan:

Noor ul Hassan, a distinguished veteran in the Pakistani showbiz industry, brings a wealth of experience and talent to the cast. Graduating from the esteemed National College of Arts Lahore (NCA), he has established himself as a versatile and accomplished figure in the entertainment realm. Noor ul Hassan’s prominent place in the cast adds a layer of credibility and excellence to the overall production, showcasing his enduring contributions to the industry.

Drama Details:

  • Genre: Drama
  • Channel: Geo TV
  • Release Date: October 14, 2022
  • Timing: Every Friday & Saturday at 8:15 p.m.
  • Directed By: Saima Waseem
  • Written By: Samra Bukhari
  • Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi
  • Production Company: 7th Sky Entertainment

Qalandar Drama Story:

“Qalandar” unfolds a tale of love, emotional suspense, and romance. Viewers witness the engaging storyline revolving around faith, resilience, and prayers for a brighter future. The drama introduces the captivating on-screen couple, Komal Meer and Muneeb Butt, offering a unique blend of entertainment and romance.

As the drama continues to captivate audiences, the exceptional performances of the cast contribute to its success. Stay tuned for more updates on “Qalandar” and explore the intriguing narrative of this Geo TV drama.

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