Abdullah Kadwani | Biography, Age, Family & Other Facts

Abdullah Kadwani, a veteran presence in the Pakistani entertainment landscape, stands tall with an illustrious career that spans over 25 years. His multifaceted talents as an actor, producer, and director have collectively left an indelible mark on the Pakistani drama industry. Renowned for his contributions, Abdullah Kadwani’s journey is a testament to his enduring impact and commitment to the growth and excellence of Pakistani television dramas.

Abdullah Kadwani | Biography, Age, Family & Other Facts

Aspect Details
Full Name Abdullah Kadwani
Date of Birth August 8, 1968
Birthplace Karachi, Pakistan
Career Start 1990s as a model, 1994 as an actor
Notable Dramas Chand Grehan, Hawain, Adam Hawwa Aur Shaitan
Production Company 7th Sky Entertainment (Founded in 2004)
Hit Dramas Produced Khaani, Rang Mahal, Tere Bin, and more
Marriage Married to Warda Kadwani
Children Three sons: Shahveer Kadwani, Rayyan Kadwani, Haroon Kadwani; One daughter: Muskan Kadwani
Net Worth (Estimated) 60 million Pakistani rupees (as of 2023)
Social Media Presence Instagram: @abdullah.kadwani

Abdullah Kadwani was born on 8th August 1968 in Karachi, Pakistan. He completed his early education in his hometown and later embarked on a successful career in the entertainment industry.

Career Highlights

Abdullah Kadwani started his showbiz career in the 1990s as a top model in the country, quickly rising to fame due to his talent and charisma. He went on to make his acting debut in 1994 and subsequently appeared in many popular TV dramas, such as Chand Grehan, Hawain, and Adam Hawwa Aur Shaitan.

In 2004, Abdullah founded his production company, 7th Sky Entertainment, which went on to produce several hit dramas, including Khaani, Rang Mahal, and Tere Bin.

Personal Life

Abdullah Kadwani is married to Warda Kadwani, who is also a prominent figure in the Pakistani entertainment industry. The couple has four children, including three sons named Shahveer Kadwani, Rayyan Kadwani, and Haroon Kadwani, and a daughter named Muskan Kadwani.

Net Worth

It is estimated that Abdullah Kadwani’s net worth will be 60 million Pakistani rupees by 2023.

Social Media Presence

Abdullah Kadwani is active on social media and shares glimpses of his personal and professional life with his followers on Instagram. His handle is @abdullah.kadwani.


Abdullah Kadwani’s multifaceted career reflects a deep commitment to the artistic landscape of Pakistan. As an actor, producer, and director, his impact resonates across the industry, shaping the narrative and contributing to the rich tapestry of Pakistani entertainment. Abdullah Kadwani’s enduring presence serves as an inspiration, and his legacy continues to influence and uplift the standards of the industry for generations to come.

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