Lahore to Islamabad/Rawalpindi Train Ticket Price List 2023

Embark on a scenic journey connecting the historic charm of Lahore to the modern vibrancy of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. This blog post serves as your guide to understanding the intricacies of Lahore to Islamabad/Rawalpindi Train Ticket Prices. Whether you’re a frequent traveler planning your route or someone curious about the costs associated with this picturesque railway journey, join us as we navigate through the pricing details that pave the way for a memorable train ride across Pakistan. Let’s explore the options, classes, and affordability factors that make the Lahore to Islamabad/Rawalpindi train journey an accessible and delightful experience for all.

Lahore to Islamabad/Rawalpindi Train Ticket Price List

Train Names Economy Seat Economy Berth A.C Business A.C Standard A.C Sleeper
Islamabad Express Rs.950/- Rs.1000/- Rs.1700/- Rs.1500/- Rs.1950/- (Parlor)
Awam Express Rs.950/- Rs.1000/- N/A Rs.1500/- N/A
Green Line Rs.1850/- Rs.1900/- Rs.3600/- Rs.2950/- N/A
Jaffar Express Rs.1900/- Rs.1950/- Rs.2000/- Rs.1700/- N/A
Khyber Mail Rs.950/- Rs.1000/- Rs.1700/- Rs.1500/- Rs.2100/-
Rawal Express Rs.950/- Rs.1000/- Rs.1700/- Rs.1500/- Rs.1950/- (Parlor)
Subak Kharram Rs.950/- Rs.1000/- Rs.1700/- Rs.1500/- Rs.1950/- (Parlor)
Subak Raftar Rs.950/- Rs.1000/- Rs.1700/- Rs.1500/- Rs.1950/- (Parlor)
Tezgam Express Rs.950/- Rs.1000/- Rs.2000/- Rs.1500/- Rs.2100/-

Lahore To Islamabad/Rawalpindi Trains Timings Schedule

Train Names Departure Arrival
Islamabad Express 6:00 PM 10:30 PM
Awam Express 6:25 AM 12:25 PM
Tezgam 1:10 PM 6:55 PM
Subak Raftar 7:00 AM 11:45 AM
Subak Kharam 4:30 PM 9:15 PM
Rawal Express 12:30 AM 4:45 AM
Khyber Mail 7:45 PM 1:20 AM
Jaffar Express 8:25 AM 2:00 PM
Islamabad Express 6:00 PM 10:20 PM
Green Line 2:45 PM 7:20 PM

The train journey covers a distance of approximately 290 kilometers (180 miles) and takes around 4-5 hours. This scenic route allows passengers to enjoy the journey, with amenities such as AC cabins, recliners, food stalls, WiFi access, and an onboard shop for souvenirs. Numerous stops along the way provide opportunities for exploration before reaching the final destination.

Train Class Types in Pakistan: Choosing Your Comfort

Pakistan Railways offers seven classes, each catering to different preferences. Here’s a detailed exploration of some prominent classes:

1. AC Sleeper – ACSL 

AC Sleeper, designated as ACSL, represents the epitome of luxury in Pakistan trains. While the ticket price is on the higher side, passengers are treated to top-notch facilities and an exclusive travel experience. The class features private compartments, each shared with a select group of 1 to 3 passengers.

Class Features

  • Luxurious Privacy: AC Sleeper ensures a high level of privacy, allowing passengers to enjoy their journey without intrusion.
  • Private Compartments: The class is equipped with private compartments for an exclusive and comfortable travel experience.
  • Food Service: Train food management staff serve meals to passengers, enhancing the overall journey experience.

2. AC Business – ACLZ 

AC Business, denoted as ACLZ, mirrors the facilities available in AC Sleeper class. However, in AC Business, one compartment is designed with six berths, fostering a shared yet comfortable atmosphere among passengers.

Class Features

  • Shared Compartments: The class features compartments with six berths, promoting a communal travel experience.
  • Facility Parity: Facilities in AC Business align with those in AC Sleeper class, ensuring a high standard of comfort.

3. AC Parlour – PC

AC Parlour, known as PC, stands as a comfortable and leisurely travel class with seating arrangements resembling those found in buses. This class strikes a balance between affordability and a delightful journey experience.

Class Features

  • Bus-Like Seating: AC Parlour class offers chairs akin to those found in buses, providing a cozy and relaxed travel setting.
  • Affordability: Despite its comfortable features, AC Parlour remains an affordable option for passengers seeking an enjoyable journey.

4. AC Standard – ACL 

AC Standard, also known as the “Lower class” of Pakistan trains, caters to passengers seeking budget-friendly travel options. This class offers seats for short journeys and sleeping bunks for longer routes, providing an economical yet comfortable travel experience.

Class Features

  • Seating and Sleeping: For short journeys, AC Standard provides seating arrangements, while for longer routes, each compartment is equipped with 6 sleeping bunks.
  • Affordability: Recognized for its cost-effectiveness, AC Standard offers a reasonable travel option for passengers.

5. Economy Class – EC 

Economy Class stands out as an economical choice for train travel, offering sitting seats for passengers. While sleeping seats (berths) are not available, the low ticket price makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers.

Class Features

  • Seating Arrangements: Economy Class provides sitting seats for passengers, ideal for short to medium-distance journeys.
  • Affordability: With a very low ticket price compared to other classes, Economy Class is a preferred choice for those prioritizing budget-friendly travel.

6. First Class Sleeper – ISL 

First Class Sleeper, denoted as ISL features an open compartment arrangement where each compartment is equipped with six open bunks. While AC facilities might not be universally available in this class, it offers a distinctive travel experience.

Class Features

  • Open Compartment: The layout includes an open compartment arrangement with six open bunks for passengers.
  • AC Facility: The availability of AC facilities varies among trains in this class.

7. Second Class – SEC 

Second Class, denoted as SEC, primarily provides seating arrangements for passengers. In situations where seats are unavailable, some passengers might resort to sleeping on the floors, making it a less recommended choice for long journeys.

Class Features

  • Seating Arrangements: Second Class offers seating options for passengers.
  • Challenges for Long Journeys: Not recommended for extended travel, as some passengers might have to resort to sleeping on floors in the absence of available seats.

Best Train for Lahore to Islamabad/Rawalpindi: Islamabad Express

The Islamabad Express stands out as the optimal choice for travelers journeying between Lahore and Rawalpindi/Islamabad. This train not only assures a comfortable voyage but also offers reasonable fares, making it a preferred option for various passengers.

Key Features of Islamabad Express

  • Departure and Arrival: The train departs from Lahore Junction at 6:00 PM and reaches Islamabad at 10:30 PM, making it a convenient choice for those planning an evening journey.
  • Duration: The journey takes approximately 4 hours and 15 minutes, ensuring a swift yet comfortable commute.
  • Classes Offered: Islamabad Express caters to a diverse range of passengers with its classes, including Economy class and the more luxurious First Class AC Sleeper.

Fare Details for Different Classes

  • Economy Class: The most affordable option with a fare of Rs. 800.
  • AC Lower/Standard Class: Priced at Rs. 1250, providing a balance between affordability and comfort.
  • AC Business Class: Offering a higher level of comfort at a fare of Rs. 1350.
  • Parlor Car: The most luxurious option with a fare of Rs. 1600.

Advantages of Choosing Islamabad Express

  • Comfortable Seating: Passengers can enjoy a comfortable ride regardless of the chosen class.
  • Scenic Views: The journey offers picturesque scenery along the route, enhancing the overall travel experience.
  • Flexible Options: With a variety of classes, the train caters to different preferences and budgets.

Final Thoughts

Our journey through the pricing details of Lahore to Islamabad/Rawalpindi Train Tickets sheds light on the accessible and varied options available for travelers. Whether you seek the comfort of Business Class or the affordability of Economy Class, this railway connection seamlessly links the historical city of Lahore to the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

As you plan your next adventure, may the insights gained from this guide contribute to a well-informed and enjoyable train travel experience. Here’s to safe, scenic, and budget-friendly journeys on the tracks that connect these dynamic cities, offering a glimpse into the diverse landscapes of Pakistan.

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