Exclusive Jazz Choose & Book Number Service Guide

In the realm of telecom services in Pakistan, Jazz takes a step further with its innovative “Choose & Book Number” service, setting itself apart as the exclusive provider of this unique feature. With Jazz Choose & Book Number, customers have the exciting opportunity to personalize their SIM number based on their lucky digits, creating a connection that goes beyond the ordinary.

How Jazz Choose & Book Number Service Works 

Both prepaid and postpaid Jazz customers can embark on this personalized journey, selecting a number that resonates with their preferences. The process is simple: choose your number online, and the page will automatically reveal the price associated with the selected digits. While this service may come at a slightly higher cost than traditional digit SIM cards, the chance to align your mobile number with your favored digits is undoubtedly worth it.

Jazz Choose Number Types

Jazz has ingeniously categorized the available SIM numbers into seven distinct types, each catering to different preferences and tastes. These categories, along with their associated price ranges, provide a diverse spectrum for users to choose from:

  1. PENTA (PKR 50,000): The pinnacle of exclusivity for those seeking a truly unique number.
  2. Platinum (PKR 40,000): A category that combines sophistication and style, perfect for those with discerning tastes.
  3. Platinum Plus (PKR 20,000): A balance of elegance and affordability, providing a premium experience.
  4. Special Premium (PKR 20,000): Tailored for those who desire a touch of exclusivity without compromising on budget.
  5. Golden (PKR 1,000): A budget-friendly option for users who want a special number without breaking the bank.
  6. Exchangeable (PKR 300): Offering flexibility at an affordable price, allowing users to find their perfect match.
  7. Jazz Normal (PKR 200): A straightforward option for those who appreciate simplicity in their number selection.

Jazz has introduced an online platform where users can effortlessly browse through the array of prepaid and postpaid numbers in their chosen category. The platform displays each number along with its corresponding price, simplifying the process of finding the perfect Jazz SIM number. This initiative provides customers with a golden chance to own a number of their choice, transforming a mobile connection into a personalized experience. Explore the possibilities and make your mark with Jazz Choose & Book Number.

Jazz Choose Number Criteria 

In Jazz Choose & Book Number, a fascinating additional feature awaits users – the “Criteria” option. Positioned conveniently on the front page of the select SIM digits interface, this option opens up a world of possibilities for those who seek a more hands-on approach to number selection. By clicking on the “Criteria” option, users are presented with three distinct choices, allowing them to manually generate the suffix and prefix of their desired number.

  1. Navigate to the Official Website: Begin your personalized number journey by accessing the official Jazz website.
  2. Click on “Search Criteria”: Once on the front page, locate and click on the “Search Criteria” option.
  3. Select “Prefix” (e.g., 0300, 0301, etc.): Choose the prefix that aligns with your preference from the available options.
  4. Select “Criteria” (Remain 7 Digits): Define the specific criteria for the remaining seven digits, tailoring the number to your liking.
  5. Click on “Search” and Get the Number: Initiate the search process to see the availability of the generated number. Unavailable numbers will be indicated with a notification stating “Your number is not available.”
  6. Price Information Along with the Number: For transparency, the platform will display the price alongside the available numbers, ensuring a clear understanding of the associated costs.

Create Your Own Number

The Jazz Choose & Book Number service goes beyond traditional number selection. With the ability to create their own digits, users can sculpt a combination that not only serves as a SIM number but becomes a unique representation of their personality. This personalized touch extends beyond the digital realm, with many individuals using their chosen number for various aspects of their lives, including vehicles, communication devices, and more.

How to Buy Your Chosen Number:

While the Jazz Choose Number service operates online for selection, the actual acquisition of the chosen number and payment method is currently a physical process. To make your selected number officially yours, visit the nearest Jazz franchise, retailer, or experience center.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Number Pricing Range: Numbers are priced starting from 200 rupees, with manual designs potentially costing 50,000 and above.
  2. Visit Jazz Franchise: To secure your chosen number, a visit to a Jazz franchise is necessary.
  3. Online Reservation Not Available: Unfortunately, online reservation or booking of selected numbers is not currently offered. The system operates on a “first come, first reserve” basis.

For further information and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), please visit the official Jazz webpage. Craft your distinctive number and make it an integral part of your identity with Jazz Choose & Book Number.

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