Zong Non Stop Package | Subscription Code, Price & Details

Zong Non Stop Package Details

Unlimited Free On-Net Minutes
10pm – 7pm
1 Day Validity
Rs. 10 Excluding Taxes.

To subscribe to the Non Stop Package, dial *777#.
To unsubscribe, send “Unsub” to 7141.

Zong Non Stop Package Description

Zong Non Stop Package is a convenient offering for customers who require uninterrupted on-net calling throughout the day. This package allows you to make unlimited on-net calls without any restrictions during the specified time period.

The Non Stop Package is valid from 10 PM to 7 PM the next day, providing you with ample time to connect with your friends, family, and colleagues without worrying about call limits. With unlimited on-net minutes, you can talk for as long as you want, making it an ideal choice for individuals who have extensive communication needs.

It’s important to note that the Non Stop Package does not include any additional resources such as SMS or internet data. It is solely focused on providing unlimited on-net calling benefits at an affordable price.

To subscribe to the Non Stop Package, simply dial *777# from your Zong mobile number. Once subscribed, you will have access to unlimited on-net minutes for the designated time period. The package is available at a cost of Rs. 10 per day, excluding taxes.

If you wish to unsubscribe from the package, you can send the keyword “Unsub” to 7141.

Terms and Conditions

  • The offer will automatically renew if the customer has enough balance.
  • A call setup fee of Rs 0.15, including tax, will be charged for each call.
  • Recharge/bill transactions are subject to a 14% withholding tax.
  • Usage in Punjab, KPK, and Baluchistan is subject to a 19.5% Sales Tax, while Sindh applies a 19% Sales Tax. The rest of Pakistan and AJK are subject to an 18.5% FED.
  • Data services are exempt from taxation in Punjab, Federal, AJK, and Sindh if the speed is up to 4 mbps. However, data services with speeds greater than 4 mbps are taxable in Sindh, as well as in KPK and Baluchistan, based on the applicable rates.
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