How to Get Amazon Prime Video in Pakistan in 2023

Amazon Prime Video, previously known as Amazon Unbox in the United States, is a popular on-demand subscription-based TV service offering a vast array of streaming and rental options. It’s accessible as a standalone service or bundled with an Amazon Prime membership. The platform boasts Amazon Studios’ original films and television shows, as well as MGM content licensed to Amazon. In addition to content from various sources, the service includes add-ons, live sports events, and rental and purchase services, positioning itself as a direct competitor to Netflix. Situated in Seattle, Washington, Amazon Prime Video is a leading OTT streaming platform. Here’s how you can access it in Pakistan.

Benefits of Amazon Prime Membership:

  1. Multi-Device Streaming: Enjoy streaming on up to three devices simultaneously, whether it’s your computer, smartphone, tablet, or select Smart TVs.
  2. Offline Viewing: Download your favorite content on your Prime Video app, available on iPhone, iPad, Android devices, or tablets, and watch offline at your convenience.
  3. Data Control: Have complete control over your data usage while streaming or downloading films on selected phones or tablets.

Subscription Process for Amazon Prime in Pakistan:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Go to the official Amazon Prime Video website to initiate the registration process. Navigate to Amazon Video (Amazon Prime Video) to start.
  2. Email Verification: After signing up, you’ll receive an email containing a verification link. Click on the link to finalize your registration.
  3. Subscription Purchase: To access the services, you’ll need to subscribe. Follow the prompts to make the necessary purchase.

How to Subscribe to Amazon Prime Video: A Simple Guide

Subscribing to Amazon Prime Video is a straightforward process that ensures uninterrupted access to a world of entertainment. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up your subscription:

1. Account Creation:

Begin by logging into your newly created Amazon account, and providing essential details for your profile.

2. Start Your Free Trial:

Once logged in, navigate to the homepage where you’ll find the enticing “Start your Free Trial” option. Click on it to initiate the process.

3. Payment Information:

You’ll be prompted to enter your payment details. Have your credit or debit card handy for this step.

4. Payment Details:

Fill in your complete name as it appears on your card. Enter your card number and select the expiry date from the back of your card. Click ‘add card’ to confirm.

5. Seven-Day Free Trial:

After adding and confirming your card, your seven-day free trial period will commence. During this time, you can explore the extensive library without any charges.

6. Subscription Renewal:

Note that after the seven-day trial, a monthly subscription fee of $5.99 will be automatically deducted from your bank account. There’s only one subscription plan available at this price.

7. Easy Cancellation:

You have the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any moment without incurring additional fees. Even if you cancel before the trial period ends, there won’t be any charges.

8. Access Across Devices:

Amazon Prime Video offers seamless compatibility across all your devices. Whether it’s your Smart TV or your mobile device, you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming. Download the official app from your device’s app store or play store for convenience.

9. Effortless Navigation:

Using the service is incredibly intuitive. On the homepage, you’ll find top-rated and trending movies displayed prominently. Simply select the movie or series you wish to watch and hit the play button. If you’re searching for a specific title, utilize the search box at the top for quick access.

With these straightforward steps, you can dive into the world of Amazon Prime Video, exploring a vast array of movies, series, and original content at your fingertips. Enjoy an immersive entertainment experience with the convenience of subscription management and content access tailored to your preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions About Amazon Prime Video in Pakistan

Can I Access Amazon Prime in Pakistan?

Absolutely, both Amazon Prime and Netflix introduced their services to Pakistan in 2016, granting viewers in the country access to a wide array of entertainment options.

Is Amazon Prime Video Free in Pakistan?

Amazon Prime Video offers a single package priced at $5.99 or approximately Rs 950. Unlike Netflix, which provides three subscription plans, Amazon Prime Video features a seven-day free trial period. Netflix, on the other hand, offers a 30-day free trial for users to explore their offerings.

How Much Does Amazon Prime Video Cost in Pakistan?

For viewers in Pakistan, the best option is the Rs 1,499 Amazon Prime Yearly Subscription Plan, providing a comprehensive and cost-effective choice for uninterrupted streaming.

Is Amazon Prime Better Than Netflix?

The comparison between Amazon Prime Video and Netflix largely depends on individual preferences. Amazon Prime Video boasts a larger library of titles, catering to diverse tastes. Meanwhile, Netflix is renowned for its exceptional original programming, including critically acclaimed series and movies. Both platforms have received recognition for their unique content offerings, making them popular choices among viewers worldwide. Ultimately, the choice between the two platforms depends on your specific entertainment preferences.

What is the Monthly Cost for Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video offers a consistent monthly subscription fee of $5.99 worldwide. In Pakistan, the subscription fee is automatically adjusted based on the prevailing exchange rate during the monthly renewal.

Is Amazon Prime Video Complimentary in Pakistan?

Yes, Amazon Prime Video extends a complimentary seven-day trial period to all users. During this trial, you can explore the platform’s content without any charges. After the trial ends, the subscription fee of $5.99 per month applies. If you opt to cancel your subscription before the trial concludes, you will not incur any charges. This trial period allows users to experience the service before committing to the monthly subscription.

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