Port Grand Karachi Ticket Price Address, Timing, and Contact Information

Karachi residents now have the opportunity to experience a quality atmosphere for refreshment at Port Grand. The entry fee provides a unique voucher system, making it an affordable and inclusive destination for people of all classes. This article explores the Port Grand Karachi ticket prices for 2023, highlighting the consistent pricing despite economic changes.

Port Grand stands out by offering visitors a voucher at the time of entry, ensuring that a portion of the entry fee is redeemable during the visit. This inclusive option allows individuals from all walks of life to enjoy the facilities without a significant financial burden.

Despite the rising prices in various aspects of life, the Port Grand ticket price has remained the same for many years. This consistency in pricing makes it accessible to people of every class, contributing to its popularity as a family outing destination.

Port Grand Karachi Ticket Price 2023

As of now, the Port Grand Karachi ticket price for 2023 varies on concert days, with a charge of 300 Rupees for normal-day entry. On concert days, the presence of performing artists impacts the ticket price, which can go up to 5,500 Rupees. Additionally, visitors receive a voucher of 200 Rupees, which can be utilized for food or other activities within the area.

Port Grand Karachi Entry Fee 2023

The primary Port Grand Karachi entry fee for 2023 is set at Hundred Rupees. However, visitors are required to pay 300 Rupees at the time of entry, with 200 Rupees being refundable for shopping from stalls. For concert days, the payable amount ranges from 1,000 to 6,000 Rupees.

Affordable Family Outings

Port Grand provides an affordable and enjoyable destination for family outings. The voucher system, consistent pricing, and diverse attractions make it an ideal place for people of all ages to spend quality time together.

Port Grand Karachi Details: Address, Timing, and Contact Information


The location of Port Grand Karachi is easily accessible, situated on the road opposite the PNSC Building. To reach this vibrant destination, set the spot location on your map and follow the provided instructions.


The typical Port Grand Karachi timing starts at 4:00 PM and extends until 12:00 AM. However, it’s important to note that officials reserve the right to change the timing. For an ideal experience, consider planning your visit between 7:30 PM and 10:30 PM when the atmosphere is at its best.

Contact Information

For any inquiries or information related to Port Grand Karachi, you can contact them at the following number: 0348 8311111. This contact number serves as a resource for addressing any questions or concerns you may have about the venue.

Planning Your Visit

If you’re planning a visit to Port Grand Karachi, it’s advisable to check their ongoing packages. The venue frequently offers attractive deals to encourage visitors. By scheduling your visit during these promotional periods, you may avail yourself of handsome discounts. Additionally, rest assured about the entry fee and Port Grand Karachi ticket price for 2023, as they remain reasonable and sensible.

In conclusion, with its convenient address, flexible timing, and contact number for inquiries, Port Grand Karachi provides a user-friendly experience for visitors. Stay informed about ongoing offers to make the most of your visit to this dynamic and enjoyable destination.

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