How to check your Telenor number

How to check your Telenor number in 2022 [Latest Methods]


Since we’ll go so cozy with smartphones, where you can find everything you need from checking time to calendar, making call or doing transactions, you get it all. In the midst of it, you might forget simple and easy things such as your phone number. (How to check Telenor number)

As a result you, if by any mean you need to know your own Telenor number and you don’t know it, you panic. But do not worry, we are here to teach you how to check Telenor number real easy.

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So, without further ado, let us check the options available to check your Telenor number (telenor number check code).

Through call:

If you don’t have anyone around to call and check your number, and on top of that if you are also out of balance even then you can find your number.

Simple call 7421 from your Telenor sim and you will soon get a message from 7421 with your Telenor number.

The message is computer generated.

Through SMS:

  • Go to your text messages section on your phone.
  • Send an empty sms to 7421
  • Wait for the automatic reply
  • you will get your telenor number

Through Telenor App: (how to check telenor number)

The next method to look for your Telenor number is via installing Telenor app.

  • Go to google Play Store , find My Telenor App
  • Install the App
  • open and tap on start button
  • your telenor number will be displayed on the screen

Through Telenor Representative:

Another method to find out your Telenor number is to call the service provider.

  • You will need your CNIC
  • Your name
  • and IMSI number which is printed on back of the sim.

So Dial 345 from your telenor number and call to the representative and get your telenor number .

Through Telenor Website:

You can also know  how to check telenor number via telenor official website.

  • Go to telenor website
  • Click on Telenor Customer Care which is located in the right bottom corner of the website.
  • After that you will be connected with the telenor representative who will ask your name, CNIC and IMSU number printed at the back of your sim.
  • After getting this information the representative will provide you with your number.

We hope you have already find out your Telenor number. If you still have any problem, leave a comment below, we’ll help you out.




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