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Bucky Bhai is a Pakistani content creator who has conquered the world of YouTube, Vlogging, Comedy, and online gaming. Ducky Bhai’s content is characterized by sharp roasting, clever trolling, and an infectious sense of humor that has captured the hearts of millions. In 2020, his prowess was acknowledged with the Pisa Award for Top YouTuber. Beyond entertainment, Ducky is a digital entrepreneur, sharing insights on online income generation. Join us as we unravel the dynamic journey of Saad Ur Rehman, the man behind the laughter and success of Ducky Bhai.

Biography of Saad Ur Rehman:

Field Information
Name Saad Ur Rehman (Ducky Bhai)
Date of Birth December 21, 1997
Age 27
Birthplace Lahore, Pakistan
Current Residence Karachi, Pakistan
Profession YouTuber
Education High school studies at Bahria Town School
Family Father (Japanese descent, unnamed), Mother (Details not updated), Brother Muneeb
Religion Islam
Marital Status Married to Aroob Jatoi since April 12, 2022
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 77 kg
YouTube Subscribers Main Channel: 3.5 million, Gaming Channel (Ducky Extra): 2 million
Net Worth Estimated between $225,000 and $1.35 million, sources suggest $6.42 million
Career Highlights YouTube content includes roasting, vlogging, comedy, and online gaming
Marriage Date April 12, 2022
Love Story Began on April 12, 2018
Social Media Instagram: @duckybhai
Twitter: @duckybhai
YouTube: Ducky Bhai

Saad Ur Rehman was born in Lahore on December 21, 1997, making him 27 years old by the year 2024.

Educational Background:

Saad completed his Matric Studies at Lahore Bahria Town School and pursued his FA at Punjab Group of Colleges. However, during the third or fourth semester of his computer science studies at Concepts University, he faced a setback. Saad decided to drop out due to complications, as he had frozen his first semester and couldn’t rejoin.

Family Background:

Saad and his family reside in Lahore, India. Interestingly, Saad’s early life was marked by international experiences, as his family initially moved to Japan when he was three years old. His father, Prof Dr. Zulfiqar Habib, was a Ph.D.-holding Japanese computer scientist. The family later relocated to Pakistan when Saad was eleven years old.

Family Members:

  • Father: Prof Dr. Zulfiqar Habib
  • Mother: Salma
  • Brothers: Zia Ur Rehman, Muneeb Ur Rehman
  • Sister: (Update pending)

Physical Attributes and Lifestyle:

Saad, standing at a height of 5 feet 6 inches and weighing 77 kg, maintains a significant online presence.

Saad Ur Rehman’s YouTube Journey

Initiation of YouTube Career:

In the year 2017, Saad Ur Rehman embarked on his YouTube journey, marking the inception of his digital presence. His content, particularly focused on roasting, garnered widespread attention, contributing to his immense popularity. The engagement with fellow YouTubers and the controversies surrounding his interactions with Sham Idrees and Shahmeer Abbas Shah only added to his fame.

Comedy Channel Success:

Saad’s YouTube channel, primarily focused on comedy, has garnered substantial popularity since its inception, accumulating an impressive 5.95 million subscribers. His entertaining content has resonated with audiences, contributing to the channel’s widespread appeal.

Net Worth Speculations:

Ducky Bhai’s financial success is notable, with estimates placing his net worth between $225,000 and $1.35 million from his YouTube channel. However, it’s important to note that Ducky Bhai keeps his monthly income and net worth private, creating an air of mystery around his financial standing. Despite this, sources like Forbes, Business Insider, and Wikipedia suggest a substantial net worth of $6.42 million. The exact figures are subject to confirmation.

Content Variety:

Initially, Saad’s channel featured gaming and roast videos, showcasing his diverse content creation skills. As one of Pakistan’s prominent YouTubers, he quickly gained a substantial following, surpassing the milestone of 1 million subscribers.

Subsequent Growth:

By the year 2022, Saad’s YouTube channel had experienced exponential growth, boasting over 3 million subscribers. The channel’s popularity continued to soar, establishing Saad as a prominent figure in the Pakistani YouTube community.

Net Worth Projections:

Speculations surrounding Saad’s net worth in 2020 and 2021 indicate the potential for figures exceeding $8.99 million. These estimations, however, are subject to variations and ongoing confirmation processes.

Viewership Statistics:

Saad’s channel consistently attracts a significant audience, with an average of 26.75 million views per month, equivalent to approximately 891.73 thousand views per day. Such consistent engagement highlights the enduring appeal of his content.


Saad Ur Rehman’s contribution to the digital realm did not go unnoticed, as he received the prestigious PISA Award for Best YouTuber, further solidifying his position in the online content creation sphere.

Marriage and Personal Life:

Ducky Bhai tied the knot on April 12, 2022, with Aroob Jatoi. Their love story began on April 12, 2018, marking a four-year journey from acquaintance to engagement.

Social Media Presence:

For those keen on staying updated with Ducky Bhai, his official Instagram account @duckybhai is the go-to platform. While he doesn’t have an official Facebook page, his official Twitter account @duckybhai provides a glimpse into his thoughts and updates. YouTube enthusiasts can find his content on his official YouTube channel Ducky Bhai.


Ducky Bhai found himself amidst controversy as accusations surfaced regarding inappropriate statements directed towards a prominent woman in the social media influencer sphere. The celebrity took a proactive stance in addressing the situation surrounding these allegations.

One particular incident that triggered a response from Saad was the woman wrapping a Pakistani flag around her dog’s neck to mark the 14th of August in 2020. Saad shared his perspective on this event, which seemingly led to a series of unfolding controversies.

As the PISA Youtuber of the Year, Saad Ur Rehman acknowledged his three-year journey on YouTube and seized the opportunity to advise his followers. He urged them to exercise restraint and maintain silence on contentious matters. Saad emphasized his consistent message to his fanbase, encouraging them not to propagate hatred.

In light of the charges related to the alleged misrepresentation of his YouTube channel’s location as India, Saad-ur-Rehman clarified his position. While the details of the charges were not explicitly mentioned, his response indicated a cautious approach, potentially addressing concerns and criticisms surrounding the perceived misrepresentation.


In conclusion, Saad Ur Rehman, aka Ducky Bhai, stands as a prominent figure in the Pakistani digital sphere, celebrated for his diverse content creation and intriguing persona. His journey from Lahore to Karachi, roasting controversies, and personal milestones paint a vivid picture of a content creator who continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

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