Zong Apna Shehr Punjab Offer | Subscription Code, Price & Details

Zong Apna Shehr Punjab Offer Details

Price: Rs. 230 (Including Taxes)
On-Net Minutes: 150
Internet Data: 6 GB
Validity: 7 Days

Subscription Code: *2222#

Zong Apna Shehr Punjab Offer Description

Stay connected with Zong’s Punjab Offer designed specifically for customers in Punjab. This package offers great value with 150 free on-net minutes (including other networks) and 6 GB of free internet data, allowing you to stay connected and enjoy seamless communication and online browsing.

With the Punjab Offer, you’ll get 150 minutes that can be used to make calls to any network within Punjab. Stay in touch with your friends, family, and colleagues without worrying about excessive call charges.

In addition, you’ll receive a generous allocation of 6 GB of free internet data. This allows you to browse the internet, stream videos, use social media, and access your favorite online content throughout the week.

The Punjab Offer is valid for 7 days and comes at a price of Rs. 230, including taxes.

To subscribe to this offer, Punjab customers can simply dial *2222# from their Zong SIM.

Stay connected with Zong’s reliable network and enjoy the benefits of the Punjab Offer. For more information, you can visit Zong’s official website or contact their customer support.

Terms and Conditions

The offers mentioned have the following conditions:

  • Location-based Offers: The availability and terms of these offers may change without prior notice.
  • Standard Tariff: Internet, calls, and SMS made from outside the offer boundary will be charged according to the standard tariff.
  • Non-Auto Recursive: These offers do not automatically renew after expiry.
  • No Call Set-Up Charges: There are no charges for setting up calls.
  • Applicable Taxes/Charges: The following taxes/charges apply:
    • Advance Income Tax (AIT): A rate of 12.5% is applied on every recharge.
    • Sales Tax (GST): GST of 19.5% is imposed on usage.
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