Yashmeera Shabbir Jan | Biography, Age, Family & Other Facts

Step into the limelight with Yashmeera Jan, a rising star in the Pakistani entertainment industry, whose talent has shone brightly, marking her presence as a notable actress. As the daughter of renowned Pakistani actors Shabbir Jan and Fareeda Shabbir, Yashmeera inherits a legacy of excellence. Making her debut in 2023 with the drama serial “Kahain Kis Se” on Hum TV, where she portrayed the character of Farwa, Yashmeera has quickly become a name to watch. In this article, we will delve into the various facets of Yashmeera’s life, exploring her age, height, family dynamics, and her burgeoning drama career.

Yashmeera Shabbir Jan | Biography, Age, Family & Other Facts

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Date of Birth December 31, 2002
Age 20 years (as of 2023)
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 46 kilograms
Instagram Handle @yashmeera.jan
Family – Father: Shabbir Jan (Pakistani actor)
– Mother: Fareeda Shabbir (Pakistani actress)
– Younger Brother
Debut Drama Serial “Kahain Kis Se” (Hum TV, 2023)
Upcoming Project “Hona Tha Pyar” (Anticipated)

Yashmeera Shabbir Jan was born on December 31, 2002, in Karachi, Pakistan. As of 2023, she is 20 years old and has a height of 5 feet 6 inches with a weight of 46 kilograms. Yashmeera’s Instagram handle is @yashmeera.jan, where she keeps her fans up-to-date with her personal and professional life.

Family Facts of Yashmeera Shabbir Jan

Yashmeera is the daughter of two talented actors from Pakistan. Her father, Shabbir Jan, is a well-known name in the Pakistani drama industry, while her mother, Fareeda Shabbir, is also a famous TV actress. Yashmeera has a younger brother, and the family picture can be seen on the internet, displaying their bond.

Showbiz Career of Yashmeera Shabbir Jan

With acting running in her genes, Yashmeera decided to follow in her parents’ footsteps and pursue a career in the entertainment industry. She made her debut in 2023 with the drama serial Kahain Kis Se on Hum TV, and her performance was appreciated by both critics and audiences. Yashmeera’s upcoming project Hona Tha Pyar is another much-awaited drama, and we look forward to seeing her excel in her other ventures as well.


Yashmeera Jan represents a new wave of talent in the Pakistani entertainment industry, her debut marking the beginning of what promises to be a remarkable career. From her family’s legacy to her achievements, Yashmeera’s journey captivates and intrigues. As we conclude this exploration into her biography, it is clear that Yashmeera Jan’s star is on the rise, and her future endeavors are poised to contribute significantly to the evolving landscape of Pakistani drama.

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