Top 10 Educational Websites in Pakistan

In the digital age, access to educational resources has become easier than ever before. Pakistan, with its vibrant educational landscape, is home to a plethora of educational websites catering to the needs of students and teachers alike. These websites offer a wide range of resources, including notes, textbooks, guidebooks, literature recommendations, educational tips, and career counseling. In this blog post, we have curated a list of the top 10 educational websites in Pakistan, ranked based on their quality and usefulness. Whether you are a student looking for study materials or a teacher seeking innovative teaching resources, these websites provide a wealth of information and opportunities for learning. With the power of the internet, education has become accessible to anyone, anywhere, allowing individuals to study and enhance their knowledge from the comfort of their own homes. Join us as we explore these Top 10 Educational Websites in Pakistan that are transforming the way we learn and shape our future.

List of Top 10 Educational Websites in Pakistan


Sabaq is an esteemed online education platform that caters to the educational needs of students across Pakistan. It offers a wide range of free video lessons for students from grades 1 to 12, covering subjects such as science, mathematics, English, and social studies. The platform’s main objective is to facilitate student learning by presenting complex concepts through engaging animated video lessons, interactive quizzes, and other interactive tools. Sabaq’s mission is to make high-quality education accessible to all students, regardless of their geographical location or financial circumstances. It serves as a valuable resource for students seeking to enhance their understanding of various subjects and for teachers seeking additional instructional materials to support their lessons.


Ilmkidunya is a reputable educational website in Pakistan that offers a plethora of information and resources for students, teachers, and professionals. It covers a wide range of subjects, including science, mathematics, humanities, and arts. The website provides online courses, video lectures, past papers, and other educational materials to facilitate learning. In addition, Ilmkidunya offers a platform for students to connect with teachers and resources for job seekers, making it a comprehensive hub for educational and career-related needs. With its commitment to providing accessible and comprehensive educational resources, Ilmkidunya caters to the diverse learning requirements of individuals in Pakistan and beyond.


Coursera is a renowned online learning platform that offers a vast array of high-quality courses from top universities and organizations worldwide. It provides access to a wide range of subjects, including computer science, business, and medicine. Many prestigious institutions, such as Princeton University, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and the University of London, offer popular courses on Coursera. However, it is important to note that while some courses on the platform are available for free, others may require payment to access certain materials, such as graded assignments and certifications. Coursera is widely recognized for its commitment to providing learners with opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills from leading experts in their respective fields.


CSSForum is a website that serves as a platform for individuals preparing for competitive exams in Pakistan, specifically the Central Superior Services (CSS) exams. The website provides a wealth of resources, including study materials, past papers, discussion forums, and guidance for various subjects and topics covered in the CSS exams. It aims to facilitate and enhance the learning experience for aspiring candidates, enabling them to access valuable information and engage in discussions with fellow students and experienced professionals. CSSForum.com.pk plays a vital role in helping individuals prepare effectively for these highly competitive exams and pursue successful careers in the civil services of Pakistan.


Udemy is a diverse online learning platform that offers a wide variety of courses covering numerous subjects, including business, technology, and personal development. While Udemy provides access to a vast selection of courses, it is important to acknowledge that the quality of courses can vary. Learners should exercise caution and conduct thorough research, reading reviews, and ratings, before enrolling in a specific course. Udemy offers both free and paid courses, allowing individuals to choose courses that align with their interests and learning goals. With its extensive course offerings, Udemy serves as a platform that caters to the diverse educational needs of learners, enabling them to acquire new skills and knowledge at their own pace.

Khan Academy:

Khan Academy is a renowned online learning platform that offers a wide range of free, high-quality educational resources. As a non-profit organization, Khan Academy’s mission is to provide accessible education to all. The platform offers a diverse range of resources, including video lectures, practice exercises, and quizzes. While its resources primarily focus on primary and secondary education, with an emphasis on mathematics and science, Khan Academy also offers resources in economics, history, and computer science. Students can benefit from the interactive and engaging learning materials provided by Khan Academy to enhance their understanding and academic performance.


Eduvision is a highly regarded and well-established educational website in Pakistan. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive content, Eduvision offers a wide range of educational resources and information for students, teachers, and anyone interested in learning. The website covers various subjects, including math, science, history, and more, through articles, videos, and interactive tutorials. Eduvision also keeps users updated on the latest advancements in the field of education and provides resources for teacher training and professional development. By focusing on high-quality, relevant, and accessible content, Eduvision has gained recognition as a top educational website in Pakistan.


GoTest is a prominent online education platform in Pakistan that caters to students’ needs by offering practice tests, mock exams, and other educational resources. The platform aims to help students improve their knowledge and skills in various subjects. With its user-friendly interface and extensive range of resources, GoTest provides students with valuable tools to prepare for exams and achieve their academic goals. By focusing on providing high-quality educational resources, GoTest has gained popularity and established itself as a trusted resource for students and educators throughout Pakistan.


Hamariweb.com is a prominent Pakistani website that offers live streaming of various news channels and sports events, making it a go-to platform for users seeking up-to-date information and entertainment. With a wide range of categories, including food, sports, religion, education, news, and entertainment, Hamariweb.com serves as a comprehensive portal of information. Users can explore diverse topics and access engaging content that caters to their interests and preferences.


ilm.com.pk stands as a distinguished educational platform in Pakistan, offering an extensive array of information and resources tailored for students, educators, and professionals alike. Encompassing a broad spectrum of subjects such as science, mathematics, humanities, and arts, this website serves as a valuable repository of knowledge. Boasting a repertoire of online courses, video lectures, past papers, and various educational materials, ilm.com.pk is dedicated to facilitating an enriched learning experience.

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