Top 10 Best Sulphate Free Shampoo In Pakistan

In recent years, sulfate-free shampoos have witnessed a significant surge in popularity. It’s evident by the expanding aisles of sulfate-free shampoos in local stores.

To delve deeper into the topic, sulfates, such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Ether Sulfate (SLES), are commonly used in shampoos to create a foamy lather and bubbly texture. These surfactants effectively cleanse the hair and scalp by removing oil and dirt.

However, there are concerns associated with sulfates. Surfactants have molecules with water-loving and oil-loving ends, and while the oil-soluble end removes oils, grease, and grime, it can also cause irritation and dryness on the scalp. Moreover, these molecules can strip the hair of essential oils, leading to brittle, fragile, and damaged hair.

In this article, we will explore the ten best sulfate-free shampoos available in Pakistan.

List of 10 Best Sulphate Free Shampoo In Pakistan

L’oreal Paris:

L’oreal Paris offers an extensive collection of sulfate-free hair care products, including shampoos and conditioners, specifically designed to be free from sulfates, harsh surfactants, and salts. Their Ever Strong Thickening Shampoo stands out as a widely used and easily accessible option. This particular shampoo is particularly beneficial for color-treated hair, as it effectively fortifies fragile and thin hair, promoting a thicker and more voluminous appearance.

You can purchase a 250 ml bottle of L’oreal Paris sulfate-free shampoo at a price of PKR 1,700, making it a reliable choice for those seeking sulfate-free hair care solutions.


OGX is a renowned brand known for its exceptional hair care products infused with exotic ingredients. The brand prides itself on using only natural components such as coconut oil, argan oil, eucalyptus, and more, while completely avoiding sulfates and harsh chemicals. With a diverse range of products catering to every hair need and type, OGX has earned a reputation for delivering effective results.

Among their popular offerings, the Argan Oil of Morocco shampoo stands out as a precious formula designed to restore and strengthen hair. The luxurious blend of ingredients leaves hair feeling nourished and revitalized. Despite its premium quality, the product is available at a price of PKR 2,500 for a 385 ml bottle, making it a preferred choice among hair enthusiasts.

XHC: Xpel Hair Care (XHC)

is a fantastic option for individuals with dry and damaged hair. Their specially formulated rehydrating shampoos and conditioners work wonders in reviving hair health. What sets XHC apart is its commitment to being sulfate and paraben-free, ensuring a gentle and nurturing cleansing experience.

One of their star products, the XHC Green Tea Shampoo, enriched with green tea extracts, provides a soft and silky smooth touch to the hair. This nourishing formula enhances hair shine and smoothness, leaving it looking healthy and well-nourished. Priced at PKR 545 for a 400 ml bottle, XHC offers excellent value for those seeking quality hair care at an affordable price.


Hailing from the United States, Palmers is a prominent company that harnesses the power of real natural ingredients to craft high-quality shampoos. The brand has an extensive range of shampoos, each tailored to address specific hair concerns, including moisture, smoothing, repair, color protection, styling, and scalp soothing. An added bonus is that all their shampoos are free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, and gluten.

Palmers shampoos are available in five enticing variants: Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Olive Oil, and Shea Butter. Each of these variants caters to unique hair needs, ensuring users find the perfect match for their hair care routine. Prices for a 400 ml bottle range from PKR 1,495, making it a popular choice among those seeking premium hair care without compromising on ingredients.


Conatural is a go-to brand for organic and natural hair care enthusiasts. Their sulfate-free shampoos are carefully crafted to suit all hair types while maintaining a commitment to being free from silicones and parabens. The brand offers three distinct shampoos: Hair Repair, Hair Growth, and Hair Volume, each formulated to tackle specific hair concerns effectively.

Conatural’s dedication to using natural ingredients and avoiding harmful chemicals ensures a gentle yet effective cleansing experience for your hair. Priced at PKR 1,615 for a 275 ml bottle, Conatural’s sulfate-free shampoos are an excellent investment for those looking to maintain healthy and beautiful hair.

Coco Curls:

Coco Curls introduces a curl-specific sulfate-free shampoo that is gentle, mild, and deeply hydrating. Unlike traditional shampoos, this formulation is carefully crafted to cleanse the hair without stripping away its natural oils, thereby maintaining essential moisture levels. It gently removes impurities, leaving the hair moisturized and manageable. Furthermore, this sulfate-free shampoo is free from gluten, silicones, parabens, and surfactants, making it a wholesome and nourishing choice for curls.

You can enjoy the benefits of Coco Curls sulfate-free shampoo by purchasing a 350 ml bottle at a price of PKR 1,450, providing excellent value for those with curly hair seeking gentle and effective care.


For those with unruly and frizzy hair, Kerastase offers its best-selling Kerastase Discipline Sulfate-Free Shampoo. This ultra-gentle formula is thoughtfully designed to manage hair effectively, making it an ideal choice for color-treated, sensitive, and damaged hair. With its powerful anti-frizz properties, this shampoo acts as a protective shield against frizz-inducing factors, helping to maintain smooth and manageable hair.

To experience the benefits of Kerastase sulfate-free shampoo, you can acquire a 250 ml bottle at a price of PKR 7,850, providing a premium solution for taming and caring for frizzy hair.

Maui Moisture:

Maui Moisture presents an exquisite range of hair products catered to the curly squad, embracing waves, curls, and coils. Their sulfate-free shampoos are thoughtfully formulated without silicones, parabens, and sulfated surfactants, ensuring a wholesome and vegan-friendly hair care experience. Infused with a unique blend of aloe vera and pure coconut water, each variant offers specific benefits for different hair needs, such as Sea Minerals, Coconut Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Flaxseed, Shea Butter, Hibiscus Water, Vanilla Bean, Bamboo Fiber, and Volcanic Ash.

You can indulge in the luxury of Maui Moisture sulfate-free shampoos by purchasing a 385 ml bottle at a price of PKR 3,395, providing an array of options to nourish and embrace your curls.

Nirvana Botanics:

Nirvana Botanics introduces their Organic Shampoo – Stops Hair Fall, a sulfate-free solution meticulously crafted to prevent hair fall while offering gentle care for both the hair and scalp. This revitalizing shampoo is perfect for restoring dry and damaged hair, with noticeable results visible after just five uses. Harnessing the power of natural ingredients like honey, dates, and coconut, this shampoo promotes stronger and healthier hair.

To experience the benefits of Nirvana Botanics sulfate-free shampoo, you can purchase a 100 ml bottle at a price of PKR 1,650, providing an effective and natural solution for addressing hair fall concerns.

Living Proof:

Living Proof, an iconic brand renowned for its hair care products, presents the No Frizz Shampoo, featuring an innovative sulfate-free formula fortified with anti-frizz technology. This exceptional shampoo effectively blocks humidity, resulting in silky smooth and frizz-free hair. Designed for all hair types, this sulfate-free shampoo offers a practical and reliable solution for managing frizz and maintaining sleek and manageable hair.

You can avail the advantages of Living Proof sulfate-free shampoo by acquiring a 236 ml bottle at a price of PKR 8,900, ensuring an effortless and effective way to combat humidity-induced frizz.

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