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Meet Rabeeca Khan, born on September 27, 2004, in Karachi, Pakistan. At just 18, she’s a Social Media Celebrity, TikTok Star, YouTuber, and Instagram Influencer. With a lively online presence, Rabeeca charms audiences with entertaining content. Whether on TikTok with her funny dances or on YouTube sharing more about her life, she’s gained fans globally. Rabeeca’s down-to-earth style and relatable charm set her apart. In this glimpse into her life, we’ll explore how Rabeeca Khan, a rising star in Pakistan’s social media scene, is leaving her mark and inspiring others in the digital world.

Biography of Rabeeca Khan:

Field Information
Name Rabeeca Khan
Date of Birth September 27, 1999
Age 23
Birthplace Karachi, Pakistan
Father Kashif Khan (Actor and Comedian)
Siblings Khurraim Khan, Jareer Khan, Ouzaim Khan
Religion Islam
Career TikTok, Singing, YouTube, Social Media Influencing
TikTok Followers Over 6 million
Instagram @rabeecakhan
YouTube Rabeeca Khan VLOGS
TikTok Username @rabeecak
Net Worth Approximately $500,000
Relationship Status Single (Rumored to be dating Hussain Tareen)
Notable Achievements Bol channel Game Show participant, “Nazar-e-Karam” song on Bol Beats
Contact Number Not available to the public

Born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, Rabeeca Khan completed her primary education in her hometown. Belonging to a showbiz family, her father, Kashif Khan, is a well-known actor and comedian in the entertainment industry. Rabeeca is the sibling of Khurraim Khan, Jareer Khan, and Ouzaim Khan. With a devout commitment to Islam, Rabeeca embraces the religion in her daily life.

Career and Achievements:

Rabeeca Khan is a multifaceted personality excelling in various domains such as TikTok, singing, YouTube, and social media influencing. Her infectious charm and talent have led to her amassing over 6 million followers on TikTok. Rabeeca, often known as Rabeeka Khan, is recognized for her engaging vlogs and entertaining prank videos.

Rabeeca Khan’s Age and Personal Life:

As of 2023, Rabeeca Khan is 19 years old, having been born on September 27, 1999. Known for her openness and candor, Rabeeca remains single, with no current information about her marital status. Despite her popularity, her contact number is not available to the public.

Family Background:

Hailing from a showbiz family in Karachi, Rabeeca Khan’s father, Kashif Khan, has made a mark in the entertainment industry with his comedic talents.

Social Media Presence:

Rabeeca Khan actively engages with her audience on various platforms. Her Instagram account, @rabeecakhan, provides a glimpse into her life, while her YouTube channel, Rabeeca Khan VLOGS, showcases her vlogs. On TikTok, she can be found under the username @rabeecak.

Rabeeca Khan in the Entertainment Scene:

Rabeeca’s talent extends beyond social media platforms. She participated in the popular Bol channel Game Show and gained recognition for her song “Nazar-e-Karam” on Bol Beats. Known for her impeccable fashion sense, Rabeeca Khan’s dresses are widely appreciated by her followers.

Rabeeca Khan’s Net Worth:

As of the latest estimates, Rabeeca Khan’s net worth is approximately $491,831, primarily attributed to her success on YouTube.

Relationship Rumors:

Rabeeca Khan has been rumored to be dating fellow TikTok Star Hussain Tareen, adding a touch of intrigue to her personal life.


Rabeeca Khan, at the age of 20, stands as a prominent figure in the Pakistani social media landscape. From her entertaining content to her rumored relationships, she continues to capture the attention and admiration of her diverse audience. As she navigates the realms of TikTok, YouTube, and singing, Rabeeca Khan’s journey promises to unfold with even more surprises and achievements.

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