Public Laughter Erupts at Iqra Kanwal’s Wedding Singing

Iqra Kanwal, a renowned content creator on YouTube and TikTok, is a prominent member of the popular group Sistrology. This group, comprised of sisters, provides daily vlogs offering a glimpse into their daily lives, capturing the hearts of their fans who eagerly follow their activities. Recently, the eldest sister of the Sistrology group, Iqra Kanwal, celebrated her wedding, turning it into a grand affair that unfolded over several months.

The wedding festivities commenced with a Nikkah ceremony a few months ago, followed by a series of vibrant dholkis and the festive mehendi ceremony. The culmination of the celebration occurred on the Baraat day, which took place yesterday. Throughout the elaborate events, Iqra Kanwal shared glimpses of her journey as a traditional bride, captivating her audience with images from her significant day.


Interestingly, during her wedding, Iqra Kanwal embraced the role of Mastani from the famous movie “Bajirao Mastani” by singing a song dedicated to her husband, Areeb Pervaiz. However, the public response took an unexpected turn, with some individuals making light-hearted remarks and poking fun at Iqra Kanwal’s singing performance during the wedding festivities.

Despite the playful banter, Iqra’s sincere and emotional rendition of the song on her big day added a personal touch to the celebration. Her decision to express her feelings through song demonstrated a unique and heartfelt way of commemorating the special occasion. As fans and followers continue to engage with Sistrology’s content, Iqra Kanwal’s wedding has become a memorable chapter in the group’s collective journey, further solidifying their connection with their audience. Here is the reaction to the video.

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