Pakistan Secures Vice Chair Position on UNESCO Executive Board, Defeats India in Landslide Victory

Paris, France – In a resounding victory, Pakistan has clinched the esteemed position of Vice Chair of the UNESCO Executive Board for the 2023-2025 term, triumphing over India with an overwhelming majority. The historic win was announced following elections held during the 218th Session of the UNESCO Executive Board in Paris.

Pakistan garnered an impressive 38 votes out of the total 58, while its regional counterpart, India, received 18 votes. The decisive mandate underscores the widespread support and confidence placed in Pakistan’s commitment to furthering the objectives of UNESCO.

Expressing gratitude for the overwhelming mandate, Pakistan’s Foreign Office spokesperson conveyed appreciation for the support and trust extended by the UNESCO member states. The spokesperson affirmed Pakistan’s dedication to fulfilling its duties with credibility, honest dialogue, and mutual respect, upholding the principles and values of the esteemed international organization.

Pakistan’s success in securing the Vice Chair position aligns with its steadfast support of multilateralism. The nation intends to collaborate closely with other UNESCO member states to advance common objectives, with a particular focus on global priorities such as Africa, Gender Equality, and the Small Island Developing States Operational Strategy.

This victory follows Pakistan’s re-election to the UNESCO Executive Board during the General Conference held on November 15, reaffirming the country’s commitment to actively contribute to the international community’s collective efforts in the field of education, science, and culture.

As Pakistan assumes the role of Vice Chair on the UNESCO Executive Board, the nation is poised to play a crucial role in shaping and guiding UNESCO’s policies and initiatives over the next two years. The win reflects not only Pakistan’s diplomatic prowess but also its dedication to fostering collaboration and advancing shared goals on the global stage.

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