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Mayor Murtaza Wahab Inaugurates Karachi’s First Zipline at Safari Park

Mayor Karachi, Murtaza Wahab, marked a significant milestone for the city by inaugurating Karachi’s first zipline at Safari Park on Sunday. The mayor, joined by Deputy Mayor Salman Murad, experienced the exhilarating ride firsthand, emphasizing the zipline as a distinctive and exciting attraction for the residents of Karachi.

The inauguration of the zipline aligns with Mayor Wahab’s vision to enhance recreational options for the city’s residents, even in the face of financial constraints. The zipline, set amidst the picturesque backdrop of Safari Park, is anticipated to offer a unique and thrilling experience, contributing to the diversification of recreational offerings in Karachi.

Deputy Mayor Salman Murad, speaking at the event, shed light on the ongoing development initiatives across all seven districts of Karachi. He underscored the commitment to enhancing the city’s infrastructure and recreational spaces, showcasing the city’s dedication to creating a more vibrant and engaging environment for its residents.

In addition to the zipline, Deputy Mayor Murad announced plans to introduce horse riding at Dino Safari Park, further expanding the array of recreational activities for Karachiites.

The zipline project had been previously mentioned in August, coinciding with the inauguration of the dinosaur park within Safari Park. This development is part of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation’s broader strategy to create attractive and accessible spaces for citizens to enjoy.

It’s worth noting that the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation had earlier announced plans for a zipline at Bagh Ibne Qasim; however, as of now, the installation has not taken place at that location.

As the zipline at Safari Park becomes operational, it is expected to draw locals and tourists alike, adding a new dimension to the city’s recreational landscape. The initiative not only reflects the commitment of city officials to enhance public spaces but also showcases a collaborative effort to bring innovative and thrilling experiences to the diverse community of Karachi.

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