Muqaddar Ka Sitara Drama: Cast, Story, Timing & Other Facts

Muqaddar Ka Sitara, a captivating Pakistani drama, graced the screens of ARY Digital in 2022, earning accolades for its compelling storyline and exceptional portrayal of romance. The commendable acting, particularly by the lead actors and actresses, further contributed to the drama’s success. This article provides an in-depth exploration of the drama’s cast, including their names, images, and a brief insight into the captivating storyline.

Muqaddar Ka Sitara Drama Cast and Characters

Muqaddar Ka Sitara stands out as a remarkable drama, showcasing a well-crafted storyline, stellar cast performances, and exceptional direction. The inaugural episode of the drama aired on December 19, 2022, setting the stage for a gripping narrative skillfully executed by the cast.

Fatima Effendi as Hadia

In the drama serial, Fatima Effendi, a highly skilled Pakistani drama actress and model, flawlessly embodies the character of Hadia, starring alongside Arez Ahmed. Recognized for her outstanding performances in numerous hit dramas, her recent notable work includes the acclaimed “Betiyaan.” Commencing her journey in showbiz in 2001, Fatima has consistently delivered compelling lead roles, establishing herself as a prominent figure in the industry. Beyond her professional success, she embraced marital bliss in 2012, and the couple is blessed with two adorable sons.

Arez Ahmed as Faizan

Arez Ahmed takes on the role of Faizan opposite Fatima Effendi in this compelling serial. The versatile actor, known for his ability to seamlessly navigate positive and negative roles, entered the industry in 2017 with “Bholi Banno.” His wedding with the renowned drama actress Hiba Bukhari in 2022 added a fairy-tale touch to his personal narrative.

Inayat Khan as Raazi

In the drama “Muqaddir Ka Sitara,” Inayat Khan portrays the character of Razi, introducing viewers to a captivating love triangle involving Fatima Effendi, Inayat Khan, and Arez Ahmed. With his debut in “Dil Lagi” alongside Humayun Saeed, Inayat Khan brings a distinctive charm to his role. Married and residing in Karachi, he adds depth to the unfolding narrative.

Laiba Khan as Fizza

Laiba Khan, portraying the younger sister of Fatima Effendi named Fizza, injects vibrancy into her character. With recent roles in “Zindagi Aik Paheli” and “Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi” in 2022, Laiba, who initiated her acting career in 2018, proves to be a promising talent in the industry.

Tania Hussain as Ramsha

Tania Hussain, a rising star in the Pakistan drama industry, graces the screen as Ramsha opposite Arez Ahmed. With recent hits like “Betiyaan” and “Badshah Begum” in 2022, Tania, daughter of Pakistani model Natasha Hussain, entered the showbiz arena in 2019, swiftly making her mark with lead and supporting roles.

Babar Ali as Faizan’s Father

Babar Ali, a revered Pakistani drama actor renowned for his exceptional performances, takes on the role of Faizan’s father in this serial. With a notable career dating back to “Shee Jee” in 1994, his recent work includes “Weham” alongside Kinza Hashmi and Saweera Nadeem.

Nadia Hussain as Faizan’s Mother

Nadia Hussain, a versatile Pakistani drama actress, model, and makeup artist, brings her artistry to the role of the mother of Arez Ahmed in this serial. With a repertoire of hit dramas showcasing her remarkable acting skills, Nadia continues to captivate audiences.

Khawaja Shajeer Uddin as Hadia’s Father

Pari Hashmi as Farwa (Raazi’s Sister)

Shaista Jabeen


Rimha Ahmed, a young and talented Pakistani drama actress, assumes the role of Natasha, the younger sister of Arez Ahmed. As the daughter of drama actress Rashida Tabassum, Rimha embarked on her acting journey in childhood, bringing a refreshing presence to the screen.

Afzal Ali

Shazia Qaiser

Farah Nadeem

Zohaib Mirza

Usama Chaudhry

Hassan Khattak

Asad Butt

Rameez Alam

Ayaz Ali

Akhyar Khalid

Muqaddar Ka Sitara Drama Details:

Genre: Drama
Channel: ARY Digital
Total Episodes: 38
Release Date: December 19, 2022
Directed By: Saqib Zafar
Written By: Sadia Akhtar
Produced By: Abdullah Seja
Production Company: iDream Entertainment

Muqaddar Ka Sitara Drama Story

Muqaddar Ka Sitara follows the journey of Hadia, portrayed by Fatima Effendi. Sacrificing her love for her father’s wishes in marriage, Hadia undergoes a transformative experience post-wedding, discovering the challenges of her new life.

Muqaddar Ka Sitara Drama Timing:

Airing every day at 7:00 pm on ARY Digital, Muqaddar Ka Sitara promises daily doses of suspense and entertainment for viewers.

Behind the Scenes Exclusive:

This exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse offers a peek into the making of Muqaddar Ka Sitara, showcasing the dedication and collaboration of the cast and crew. From the first day of rehearsals to the closing night performance, these behind-the-scenes pictures capture the essence of creating a remarkable show.

Conclusion: Share Your Thoughts!

Have you tuned in to Muqaddar Ka Sitara? Share your thoughts on the drama, its characters, and performances in the comments below. Your insights contribute to the vibrant discourse surrounding this compelling addition to ARY Digital’s drama lineup.

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