Mayi Ri Drama: Cast, Story, Timing & Other Facts

Embark on a journey into the heart of social consciousness with “Mayi Ri,” a powerful Pakistani drama addressing the pressing issue of child marriage. Scheduled to premiere on ARY Digital TV on August 2, 2023, the storyline revolves around Ainee, a young girl forced into matrimony due to family circumstances. Join us as we explore the ensemble cast and their compelling characters that breathe life into this impactful narrative.

Discover the intricate world of the Geo TV drama serial “Mayi Ri,” where a talented cast weaves a compelling tapestry of emotions. Uncover the real names, pictures, and details of the actors, showcasing a mix of seasoned performers and promising newcomers. Together, they bring depth and authenticity to the diverse characters that enrich the narrative of “Mayi Ri.” Join us as we navigate through this thought-provoking drama and its cast, promising a viewing experience that resonates with social relevance and heartfelt storytelling.

Mayi Ri Drama: Cast, Story, Timing & Other Facts

1. Aina Asif as Annie:

A talented 15-year-old Pakistani actress, Aina Asif portrays the character of Annie in “Mayi Ri.” With her recent notable performance in “Baby Baji,” Aina gained recognition for her outstanding acting skills. Her debut drama, “Hum Tum,” marked the beginning of a promising career.

2. Samar Jafri as Fakhir:

Samar Abbas, a 20-year-old Pakistani singer and actor, takes on the lead role of Fakhir in “Mayi Ri.” Making his debut as a lead actor, Samar’s on-screen chemistry with Aina Asif has garnered praise from viewers.

3. Maria Wasti as Samina:

Maria Wasti, a well-known Pakistani actress and host, brings depth to the character of Samina, Fakhir’s mother. At 43, Maria’s seasoned acting adds credibility to the ensemble cast.

4. Nauman Ijaz as Zaheer:

The legendary Noman Ijaz steps into the character of Zaheer, Fakir’s father. As an iconic figure in the Pakistani drama industry, Noman Ijaz lends his seasoned presence to “Mayi Ri.”

5. Maya Khan as Ayesha:

Maya Khan takes on the role of Ayesha, Annie’s mother. A 38-year-old renowned actress and host in real life, Maya brings her experience to the emotional portrayal of Ayesha.

6. Hiba Ali Khan as Raheela:

Hiba Ali Khan adds depth to the cast as Raheela, the stepmother of Annie. A 35-year-old actress residing in Karachi, Hiba’s performance contributes to the nuanced storytelling.

7. Saad Zameer Fareedi as Habib:

Saad Zameer Fareedi embodies the character of Habib, Annie’s father. A renowned Pakistani actor based in Karachi, Saad Zameer brings his talent to “Mayi Ri.”

8. Arshea Akbar as Kiran:

Arshea Akbar, an actress, model, and TikTok star, portrays Kiran in the drama. With a background in acting since her childhood, Arshea adds a vibrant touch to her character.

9. Sajida Syed as Annie Dadi:

A senior Pakistani drama actress, Sajida Syed, adds a seasoned presence as Annie’s Dadi in “Mayi Ri.” With a repertoire of roles in popular dramas, Sajida enriches the family dynamics in the storyline.

10. Paras Masroor as Faraz:

Pakistani actor Paras Masroor assumes the character of Faraz, contributing to the supporting roles in “Mayi Ri.” With a background in the previous drama “Mere Damad,” Paras adds depth to the ensemble.

11. Rimha Ahmed as Amna

: Rimha Ahmed, an emerging actress, plays Amna, the girlfriend of Fakhir. With her presence in several drama serials, Rimha contributes to the diverse cast of “Mayi Ri.”

12. Amna Malick as Saiqa:

Amna Malick, a stunning actress and fashion model, embodies the character of Saiqa, Phupho of Annie. With a rich background in modeling, Amna adds grace to the cast.

13. Faham Usman as Jamshed:

Faham Usman injects humor into “Mayi Ri” with his character Jamshed, showcasing his funny side. His entertaining role adds a delightful touch to the drama.

14. Diya Mughal as Fehmi:

Diya Mughal, a talented supporting actress and renowned model, portrays Fehmi in the drama. With her versatile skills, Diya enriches the character dynamics.

15. Bisma Babar as Aliya:

Bisma Babar, a stunning actress and fashion model, breathes life into the character of Aliya. With a promising career, Bisma adds her charm to the ensemble cast.

16. Usman Mazhar:

Usman Mazhar, a Pakistani actor, takes on supporting characters in various famous dramas. At 41 years old, residing in Karachi, Usman continues to make an impact with his versatile performances, yet remains unmarried.

Mayi Ri Drama Story 

Embark on a compelling journey challenging cultural norms with “Mayi Ri,” an upcoming drama on ARY Digital. This poignant narrative aims to illuminate the heart-wrenching realities of child brides, delving into a topic that demands attention and awareness. The storyline intricately follows the life of 14-year-old Aina Asif, a young girl seemingly navigating the nuances of youth and knowledge.

As the trailer unfolds, viewers can anticipate unexpected twists that promise a narrative rich in suspense and intrigue. Aina Asif’s portrayal is poised to be a highlight, captivating audiences with her stellar performance that transcends conventional storytelling. “Mayi Ri” stands as a must-watch drama, poised to air soon on ARY Digital. Prepare to be enthralled by a tale that not only entertains but also sheds light on pressing societal issues.


“Mayi Ri” promises to be a thought-provoking drama, tackling societal issues through a compelling narrative. With a diverse and talented cast, each actor contributes to the authenticity and emotional resonance of the characters. As the drama unfolds, viewers anticipate a captivating exploration of the challenges faced by Annie and those around her in the context of child marriage.

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