Hamid Mir | Biography, Age, Family & Other Facts

Hamid Mir, born on July 12, 1966, in Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan, is an eminent Pakistani journalist with a career spanning decades. At the age of 58, he has made significant contributions to journalism and has become a household name in Pakistan.

Hamid Mir | Biography, Age, Family & Other Facts

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Full Name Hamid Mir
Date of Birth July 12, 1966
Birthplace Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan
Age 58 years old
Family Father: Mohammad Waris Mir, Wife: Naheed Hamid, Children: Arafat Mir (one child)
Education Master of Arts (M.A.) in Mass Communications from the University of Punjab
Career Pakistani Journalist
Notable Awards Hilal-i-Imtiaz, Free Press Award, Lifetime Achievement Award
Media Presence Hosts a political talk show on Geo News; Columns in Daily Jang (Urdu) and The Indian Express (English)
Social Media Twitter: @HamidMirPAK
Net Worth Estimated net worth reflects significant success in journalism
Marital Status Married to Naheed Hamid

Hamid Mir hails from a family deeply rooted in journalism. His father, the late Mohammad Waris Mir, was a renowned journalist and writer, imparting a journalistic legacy to Hamid.

Career Achievements:

Hamid Mir has conducted interviews with prominent figures, including Osama bin Laden, Shah Rukh Khan, Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell, Shimon Peres, John Kerry, Tony Blair, and Nelson Mandela. In 2012, he was honored with the Hilal-i-Imtiaz, the second-highest civilian award in Pakistan. In 2016, he received the Free Press Award for the “Most Resilient Journalist.” The following year, he was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award by former Prime Minister Zafarullah Khan Jamali.

Columns and Writings:

Hamid Mir is a prolific columnist, contributing to both Urdu and English publications. His Urdu columns can be found in Daily Jang, while his English columns are featured in The Indian Express.

Salary and Net Worth:

Hosting a political and topical talk show on Geo News, Hamid Mir commands a substantial monthly salary, estimated at 4.6 million. His success as a journalist is also reflected in his impressive net worth.


Hamid Mir is a well-educated journalist. He completed his secondary education at University Laboratory School New Campus and Government. He holds a Master of Arts degree and an M.A. in mass communications from the University of Punjab.

Personal Life:

Hamid Mir is married to Naheed Hamid, who is also associated with the television industry in Pakistan. The couple has two children, one of whom is named Arafat Mir.

Social Media Presence:

Stay updated with Hamid Mir’s insights and views by following his official Twitter account: @HamidMirPAK.


Hamid Mir stands as a trailblazer in Pakistani journalism, weaving together an illustrious career marked by insightful interviews and impactful writings. His commitment to the truth, resilience, and significant contributions to the field have solidified his status as one of Pakistan’s most respected journalists. As he continues to shape the landscape of journalism, Hamid Mir remains an influential figure inspiring generations to come.

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