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Explore the dynamic persona of Waqar Zaka, born on July 17, 1986, in Sargodha, Pakistan. Renowned as a Pakistani television host, former radio jockey, social media influencer, and tech influencer, Waqar has etched his name in the entertainment industry.

Having started from a non-artist background, Waqar Zaka’s journey has been marked by resilience and a determination to break barriers. Despite facing criticism, his popularity has continued to soar, making him a maverick figure in Pakistani entertainment.

Join us in unraveling the story of Waqar Zaka, a multifaceted individual whose influence extends across various media platforms, leaving an indelible impact on the entertainment landscape.

Biography of Waqar Zaka

Field Information
Name Waqar Zaka
Date of Birth July 17, 1993
Age 31 (as of 2024)
Birthplace Tehran, Iran
Residence Karachi, Pakistan
Education Civil Engineering from NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi
Family Father: Zaka-Ud-Din; Mother: Samia Yaseen; Sisters: Three sisters (names undisclosed)
Career Tech Entrepreneur, Cryptocurrency Trader, and Mentor, Social Media Influencer, Host, Film Producer
Net Worth Exact details undisclosed; Considered a Crypto Millionaire
Real Estate Owner of a 4800 square yards plaza in Saddar, Karachi (worth 14 Million USD in 2023)
Educational Pursuits Pursuing studies at Stanford University (Political Economics, Metaverse, Cryptocurrency)
Cryptocurrency Ventures Founder of TenUp, launched crypto tokens (LUDO LOVE, TenUp Analyzer), owns Crypto Mining farms
Film Production Produced the film ‘Babylicious’ in 2023
Humanitarian Efforts Active in humanitarian work, addressing issues like acid attacks, false accusations, and more
Social Media Presence Instagram: @waqarzaka, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Official Website
Personal Life Single (as of the latest information)

Waqar Zaka, born on July 17, 1993, in Tehran, Iran, is a well-known figure in the Pakistani media landscape. Renowned as a Tech Entrepreneur, Cryptocurrency Leverage Trader, Cryptocurrency Mentor, Social Media Influencer, Host, and Film Producer, Zaka has made significant contributions to various domains.

Biography of Waqar Zaka

At the age of 31, Waqar Zaka hails from a family with a strong background in the entertainment and business sectors. Born in Tehran, Iran, he currently resides in Karachi, Pakistan, showcasing his diverse cultural roots. Zaka’s educational journey includes completing Civil Engineering from NED University of Engineering and Technology in Karachi.

Family Background and Upbringing

Waqar Zaka’s father, Zaka-Ud-Din, who previously worked for the United Nations, and his mother, Samia Yaseen, have played crucial roles in his upbringing. While Zaka has three sisters, their names remain undisclosed. His family’s frequent travels during his upbringing, given his father’s profession, enriched Zaka’s experiences and perspectives.

Career Highlights

Zaka’s career journey encompasses diverse roles, from being the CEO at “National Intercom Industries” in 2005, a telecom goods manufacturing company owned by his father, to creating and hosting various reality shows like “Living On the Edge,” “Over the Edge,” “BOL Champions,” and “XPOSED” on ARY MUSIK.

He ventured into blockchain technology, founding the startup TenUp, a blockchain Game Fi company. Zaka’s involvement in the blockchain and crypto space extends to launching crypto tokens, such as the LUDO LOVE game and TenUp Analyzer game. In 2020, he initiated a Blockchain and Crypto educational online university.

As a film producer, Zaka released the film ‘Babylicious’ in 2023. Additionally, he owns a significant real estate asset, a 4800 square yards plaza in Saddar, Karachi, worth 14 Million USD in 2023.

Waqar Zaka’s Net Worth

While Zaka’s exact net worth remains unconfirmed, his diverse endeavors, from being a highly-paid television host to becoming a Crypto Millionaire and a property owner, contribute significantly to his financial standing. Zaka, being the only son of his parents, belongs to a prosperous family.

Educational Pursuits

Apart from his achievements in the media and business realms, Zaka continues his educational journey at Stanford University, focusing on Political Economics, Metaverse, and Cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency and Activism

Waqar Zaka is a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency space, known for his role as a cryptocurrency trainer and influencer. He has been instrumental in educating people about cryptocurrency since 2014 and owns several Crypto Mining farms globally.

His activism extends to humanitarian efforts, including personal visits to war-torn areas in Burma and Syria, addressing issues like acid attacks and false accusations. He has received awards for his social and humanitarian work.

Social Media Presence

Zaka’s social media presence is strong, with active accounts on Instagram (@waqarzaka), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/waqarzaka), Twitter (https://twitter.com/ZakaWaqar), and YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNc2cFy7_fRlcD0x-ddMFlQ). His official website (https://waqarzaka.net/) serves as a hub for his charity and social activism.

Personal Life and Relationships

Waqar Zaka, as of the latest information, remains single and has not been involved in any publicly known relationships.

In Conclusion 

Waqar Zaka’s journey from television to blockchain and cryptocurrency, coupled with his activism and humanitarian efforts, paints a picture of a dynamic individual making substantial contributions to various fields. His commitment to education, innovation, and social causes positions him as a multifaceted influencer with a lasting impact on the Pakistani and global stage.

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