Sirf Tum Drama: Cast, Story, Timing & Other Facts

Sirf Tum is the latest Pakistani drama series airing on Geo TV. The storyline delves into the challenges faced by a woman who harbors doubts about her life partner, leading to confusion and miscommunication in their relationship. The inaugural episode of the drama was broadcast on June 19, 2023. Now, let’s explore the ensemble cast of Sirf Tum and gain insights into their respective characters.

Plot Synopsis:

“Sirf Tum” delves into the intricacies of relationships, highlighting the paramount role of trust. The narrative revolves around a married couple deeply in love, navigating challenges fueled by the interference of those around them, ultimately leading to their separation.

The storyline follows the trajectory of Hanan and Abeer’s relationship. Before their marriage, Hanan’s affections were directed toward Sara (played by Hiba Aziz). Unfortunately, circumstances prevented their union. Meanwhile, Abeer faces challenges with her cousin Hamza, who, despite his initial interest, seeks relations before marriage, leading to a refusal from Abeer.

In an unexpected turn of events, Abeer and Hanan, both cousins, find themselves entering into an arranged marriage. Despite the initial nature of their union, love blossoms between them. However, Hamza’s jealousy and manipulative nature become catalysts for misunderstandings, creating turmoil in the otherwise blossoming relationship between Abeer and Hanan.

As “Sirf Tum” unfolds, it weaves a tale of love, complexities, and the enduring power of trust in the face of external pressures.

Sirf Tum Drama Cast List

1. Anmol Baloch as Abeer:

Anmol Baloch, known for her versatility as a Pakistani actress and model, assumes the lead role of Abeer in Sirf Tum. With a remarkable ability to portray characters with depth, she has garnered acclaim for her performances in roles that span the spectrum from positive to negative. Anmol Baloch brings a unique blend of talent and adaptability to her portrayal of Abeer, contributing significantly to the overall appeal of Sirf Tum.

2. Hamza Sohail as Hannan:

Hamza Sohail, the son of the renowned actor and comedian Sohail Ahmed, brings his charismatic presence to the character of Hannan in Sirf Tum. Recognized for his dashing demeanor, Hamza adds depth to the drama through his compelling performance. His portrayal of Hannan contributes to the intricacies of the storyline, making his character an integral part of the story.

3. Hiba Aziz as Sara:

Hiba Aziz, a stunning Pakistani actress, embodies the character of Sara in Sirf Tum. With a notable presence in dramas like Fareb and Badshah Begum, Hiba brings a touch of grace and elegance to the cast. Her performances enhance the overall narrative, making Sara a character that resonates with the audience.

4. Mohsin Abbas Haider as Hamza:

Mohsin Abbas Haider, a versatile artist known for his skills in acting, singing, and hosting, takes on the role of Hamza in Sirf Tum. His recent success in the drama Siyani showcases his talent alongside Anmol Baloch, adding depth and chemistry to the storyline. Mohsin Abbas Haider’s contribution to the character of Hamza enriches the overall viewing experience.

5. Erum Akhtar as Mahrukh:

Erum Akhtar, an accomplished Pakistani drama actress, steps into the role of Mahrukh, the mother of Anmol Baloch in Sirf Tum. With a wealth of experience in the industry, Erum Akhtar brings depth to her character, contributing to the emotional nuances of the storyline. Her presence enriches the cast, adding layers to the familial relationships portrayed in the drama.

6. Sukaina Khan as Amal:

Sukaina Khan, a prominent figure known for her impactful supporting roles, brings depth to the storyline of Sirf Tum through her portrayal of Amal. Her ability to delve into the complexities of a negative character has garnered widespread appreciation from viewers. Sukaina Khan’s nuanced performance adds a layer of intrigue and dimension to the narrative, showcasing her versatility and skill as an actress.

7. Ayesha Gul as Amna:

Ayesha Gul, a highly regarded actress known for her exceptional performances in Urdu dramas, takes on the role of Amna in Sirf Tum. As the mother of Mohsin Abbas Haider’s character, her talent serves to enhance the overall narrative. Ayesha Gul’s contribution to the drama ensures a compelling portrayal of familial relationships and adds a touch of authenticity to the storyline.

9. Sabiha Hashmi as Zubaida:

Sabiha Hashmi, a seasoned Pakistani drama actress with a career marked by numerous super-hit dramas, embodies the character of Zubaida in Sirf Tum. As the grandmother of Anmol Baloch and Hamza Sohail, her presence enriches the cast with experience and talent. Sabiha Hashmi’s portrayal of Zubaida adds a familial and nostalgic element to the storyline, contributing to the overall depth and authenticity of the drama.

FAQs About Drama Sirf Tum:

1. Who is the most popular character in the Pakistani drama Sirf Tum?

Abeer (Anmol Baloch) is the most famous character in the 2023 drama Sirf Tum.

2. Anmol Baloch’s previous famous serial in 2023?

Her recent famous drama was Siyani on Geo Entertainment.

3. Hamza Sohail’s latest drama in 2023?

Hamza Sohail’s recent drama in 2023 is Fairy Tail Season 2 with actress Sehar Khan.

4. Which was the first drama of Anmol Baloch?

Anmol Baloch’s debut drama is “Jalti Barish”.

5. Who is the father of Hamza Sohail?

Famous Pakistani comedian Sohail Ahmed is the father of actor Hamza Sohail.

6. How many episodes of Sirf Tum Pakistani drama are there?

The total number of episodes of Sirf Tum is 48.

The diverse cast of Sirf Tum, including Kasif Mehmood and Sabiha Hashmi, brings a mix of experience and skill to create a compelling narrative. Stay tuned for more episodes to unravel the drama’s intricate storyline!

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